In this video I am attempting to show how men were once portrayed compared how they are in modern sitcoms. I hope you enjoy my short analysis and feel free to comment below.
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I am doing a short analysis of the dynamics behind Gump's relationship with Jenny,. Enjoy and comment below.
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This is my short rant on how I fell for thr love bombing and then the trauma bonding from my second wife.
The Blue Pilled Man

I saw this scene my video leads with and decided to respond to it in a real world perspective. I invite comments and subscribers if you enjoy this.

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This is just some thoughts about the topic of needing men during a crisis followed by some comedic humor.

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I secretly taped my brother retelling events in which our mother set him up when he was thirteen to have sex with both her sister and her friend. My laughing is just to get him to speak more and not that I find it humorous. I apologize for my phone running out of memory and cutting off.
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Covert narcissistic mothers treat their children as property and will sabotage their children's relationships and future successes in order to serve themselves.

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Considering the current world condition, many of us are trapped living with a narcissist. This is a video where I discuss my current living condition and how I choose to handle it. I invite other's stories as well and how you handle living with a narcissist during trying times. Mine has had the cv twice now by the way.
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I find it curious how these hidden powers made yet another determination for our own good. What do you think?
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I am more and more a proponent that this CV seems to be following the 5G roll out perfectly. I have followed Mike Morales and remember his proofs of a global train. I find it odd that the Australian fires and Paradise fires follow the train route perfectly. Anyways, to me, the elite have made their move and everything is falling into place. I have included images as well.
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Instead of a trip to the local grocery, I decided to check out my local mall. With people out of work and my brother in the restaurant industry, the current situation is putting folks in a difficult situation. I thought I would document this as well as state I was the only patron at the movie theater period. I was the only customer of the day. I felt like it might be time to look for a mannequin girlfriend.

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I decided to visit a Harris Teeter in North Carolina to see if our inhabitants have caught on that their TP is useless without something to make a turd. With our global food supply already under a great deal of stress prior to the outbreak, I see this potential psyop as cover for a finacial reset and cover for the failed crops the world over. Enjoy.

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Let us explore social engineering through the media to assist us in accepting any and all degeneracy
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This is presentation of how white women are being sacrificed in the name of white guilt. Women's own emotional virtual signaling has opened their nations to large demographic changes and is that an argument for ending women's suffrage in an attempt to protect them from themselves.
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This video details promiscuity, the attack on the family unit and who seems to desire this outcome.
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Just giving my two cents into what I think about this new virus and the current climate. I do not believe the Chinese are building hospitals, but more crematoriums.

This video highlights domestic violence that men face daily. Enjoy the flic.
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A technocratic dictatorship with a push towards transhumanism inspired this short video.
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This video gives the stats of male suicides while putting male heros on display.
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With world events spiraling out of control, I ask at what point do the masks come on?
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This is just some stats to prove that feminism has not improved the standard of living of women, but has only driven them to an impoverished state.
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As I take a morning walk, my mind wandered into how society has arrived at this point. We are in a fragile state to where this dystopia in which we exists could implode with any minor fuse. The wind dies down at about 1:30 mark. Music at the end performed by ODD TV.
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A 42 year old man rampages through Bloomingdale's cosmetic section causing 100k in damages. I was just curious as to his motive and invite comments on this.
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