I was led to each and every one of these networks. The Creator has set up witnesses as I've documented all I could before the censorship really kicked it. This short video is chock full of Watchmen,Truth Seekers, and those who stand in the face of tyranny regardless of personal sacrifice. Some you may know and be who we're sharing. You may find new places or ideas to research. More questions to answer for yourself. Many of us have paid the ultimate penalty. Many blocked and banned like ourselves, targeted, lives destroyed and lost. Why do we do it? Is there a mirror handy? Besides the one resembling a scrying mirror we all look into daily...Didn't see yours here? Nominate Your network for Tapestry of Truth in some of our newer venues in our attempt to find free speech again. all networks featured there and all credit given to The Most High We've started a Bitchute to help a friend and understand the "token" currency. Just starting out on these platforms to better serve humanity.
We can really use your support as most of these platforms need a certain number of subscribers to begin certain processes that allow us to do more. Such as become verified. So if you're led jump in! Not sure which of these will hold when SHTF mainstream social media wise or we if all tip it ourselves. Let's do it.
Red Pill Expo 2020
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This 40 chapter summary has been agreed upon, enacted upon, and we are witnessing the Matrix busting processes as The Smith's are everywhere. The UN is here, they are creating legislation contrary to what was once our Constitution. There is treason being committed, human massacres, suffering of massive proportions, wars created for money. George Orwell saw clearly before he wrote. Virginia is the last bastion for freedom in the entire world as all other countries have succumb to slumber and now the bars that surround them enclose and reveal themselves to the horrors that await those who were kept for human hunting. All those who heads are still atop their shoulders.

See testimonies that rival some of the most poignant speeches made throughout our nations history. This is the verbiage and vibration it is going to take. Virginia is standing for the ENTIRE FREE world.


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Neath Death Experience totally censored from sharing what I was shown while in death for this end time generation. Exploring new platforms that may remain opensource and for all humanity. This is new to me and as I'm usually travelling here and buffered by the adversary it's been nothing short of a miracle there are any saved files. We are using Brave Browser and LOVE it. You earn BAT very easily if you're into crypto but our reason for joining has been all the censorship and thousands of hours up in smoke instantly. Brave is a conscious collective browser and you can be a content creator there as well. If you sign up and it is FREE we get a blessing because they blessed us, and so did you. Now go get blessed with a search that isn't steered for political gain.