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I head out to the local woods to find Chantrelles and talk about how to properly forage and ID them!

A quick look at my fishing equipment I carry in my pack.

A pretty pointless video of me frying up some bacon and talking from behind the camera

Short Tutorial in waterproofing a canvas backpack. part of a continuing series Gear Check

I take a look at the Washington Post and PETA to see what "news" stories they're publishing

A video a friend and I shot while in NC for the eclipse

Short video I made on my phone during some burning practice

A spider catches and finishes off a fly.

Just a short clip of a spider.

Here is where I vent my frustrations about the encyclopedic memorization my classes require.

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Up and coming wildlife ecologist with an interest in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, blacksmithing, leather working, MYOG, games, books.