On this episode of “That’s So NW” we build a redneck retaining wall and plant 35 arborvitae trees

On this episode of “That’s So NW” we get racksacked by a major wind storm. Gusts were 60mph if not more. This is starting to become a more constant phenomenon in the Eastern part of the PNW. I’ve lived here my whole life and over the past 5 years we have had the most insane windstorms ever.

On this episode of “That’s So NW” I find myself trapped in a rats nest of branches and have to cut myself out.

Today’s episode of “That’s So NW” the Cuz and I take a piece of scrap from a screen door project I did and turn it into a bookshelf. Showed Cuz how to wood burn as well.

That’s So NW! Kick ass sunset recently. When you live in the NW you take advantage of amazing color and beauty of nature.

In this episode of “That’s So NW” we build a box to hold a Glock pistol. The box was made from upcycled materials from my old haunted house cedar picket fence.

On this episode of “That’s So NW” we upcycle some wood and casters from various projects to create a tool cabinet for holding a bandsaw and drill press. We also upgrade our lighting in the shop.
**Warning if you are offended by people who use “curse words” and ganja smoking don’t even bother watching this. We live in a Rec state and we are patriots who believe in Freedom of Speech.


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