On this episode of That’s So NW, A-Dub and I use some hillbilly engineering and slide this shack to its final resting place. Next year I will have an episode of its transformation.

That’s So NW QuickToke I encountered an injured bat. Injured by me unfortunately not looking up.

That’s So NW QuickToke: I was at a clients house and opened up the door to their abandoned chicken coop shed and found this guy living it up.

That’s So NW Quick Toke Mantis’s out in full effect right now.

On this Quick Toke of That’s So NW, A-Dub plays some demo derby with a group of stumps.

On this Quick Toke of That’s So NW I pull a couple of behemoth ass logs to the fire pit. Fun fact this was one old ass tree that almost crushed me to death on my birthday about 5 years ago.

On this Quick Toke Episode of That’s So NW I give a quick update on the long term summer project. The Taj Mahal of chicken coops

A That’s So NW Quick Toke:
We spotted Crazy ass huge Pink Spotted Hawkmoth

Happy Independence Day from That’s So NW! A-Dub and I went out to do some PNW classic Huckleberry picking. Of course the only way to get there is by old school sitting in the back of a truck mobbin

On this quick vid of That’s So NW I found a new mother hiding in the pine next to the Candy Shack

On this episode of That’s So NW
I quietly observe our flying acrobats

On this episode of “That’s So Northwest” I build a super easy and quick rustic shaving cabinet for a family member client

On this episode of That’s So NW I build a swinging tool cabinet from the design in Woodsmith’s Small Shop publication.

On this episode of That’s So NW The cuz and I build a planter box bench for A-Dub’s birthday surprise present. All pieces were scrap from a project I just completed for a client.

On this episode of That’s So NW I build a rustic archway and custom sign for my father in law.

On this episode of Thats So NW I finally got around to uploading the snowboard season from the back half of the property. This season will hopefully be much better than last. These 100+ degree days make me wish the snow was coming.

On this episode of That’s So NW I use some milled up lumber to build a live edge bookshelf

On this episode I finally have my Sawmill up and running. My Internet has been total dog shit and This should have been uploaded a while ago

On this episode of “ That’s So NW” we build a custom pyramidal planter box.

On this episode of “That’s So NW” we build a redneck retaining wall and plant 35 arborvitae trees

On this episode of “That’s So NW” we get racksacked by a major wind storm. Gusts were 60mph if not more. This is starting to become a more constant phenomenon in the Eastern part of the PNW. I’ve lived here my whole life and over the past 5 years we have had the most insane windstorms ever.

On this episode of “That’s So NW” I find myself trapped in a rats nest of branches and have to cut myself out.

Today’s episode of “That’s So NW” the Cuz and I take a piece of scrap from a screen door project I did and turn it into a bookshelf. Showed Cuz how to wood burn as well.

That’s So NW! Kick ass sunset recently. When you live in the NW you take advantage of amazing color and beauty of nature.

In this episode of “That’s So NW” we build a box to hold a Glock pistol. The box was made from upcycled materials from my old haunted house cedar picket fence.


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