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You're lying high in April, shot down in May....

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Amagi Brilliant Park, The Crappiest Place On Earth!

In celebration of the brand new live action movie, let's take a look at the TV anime adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.

Behold, the true origin of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Slice of life anime or epic fantasy adventure? PICK A GENRE!

One part Skyrim, one part "Seriously, what the hell?!"

Let's talk about censorship, free speech, and sex education for the masses!

Rumble in the Jungle! Is The Lion King really a ripoff of Kimba The White Lion?! One thing's for sure, there will be blood!

Ever wonder if there are any other foreign made live action anime adaptations other than the U.S.? Well, here is one of them! Get ready for some nice bloody and gory fun!

Every time I see one of these in anime I have to shove my palm into my face.

They're on a mission from God I guess.

An AMV I made for AX2019's AMV contest. Enjoy.

The first video game review is also the first mobile game review. Gotta catch em' all in the real world!

Looking for a cure for insomnia? How about an anime film that WILL put you to sleep?

It's more like Mediocre Sonico: The Animation if you ask me....

The American Anime Otaku celebrates Pokemon's 20th Anniversary by comparing the original Pokemon anime with the remake, Pokemon Origins. Which of the two is the better adaptation?

Harry Potter vs Phoenix Wright? Not even close!

My review of the live action remake of the classic and highly controversial anime film by Yasunomi Umetsu.

A winner is you!

Is this movie a romping, stomping good time worthy of the legendary movie monster it's named after or just a complete waste of it?

The true ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion and..... Oh, boy!

When childhood imagination becomes insanity.....

3... 2... 1... Let's jam!

Could this movie be any better than the first movie?

The most disappointing anime adaptation ever for one of the best Super Nintendo games ever. Ugh, spare me!


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