The American Anime Otaku

The American Anime Otaku takes on the Queen of Ecchi Anime!

An ecchi fanservice anime I actually.... Like?

Join me as I take a brief look at some of the best and worst anime 2021 had to offer.

I settle the score with an anime I teased reviewing three years ago.

An anime so God awfully terrible, the Japanese government doesn't want you to see it!

The person who unleashed COVID-19 onto the world is none other than The Major from Hellsing Ultimate! #AlexJonesWasRight

Kyoto Animation proudly returns to form with the second season. But, how did the original do?

A good case study of the differences between teasing and bullying.

or: Being Sent Into Another World As a Baby.

A first episode that screams "What the Hell is going on!?"

A deleted cutaway clip gag from my review of Attack on Titan. Kind of had nowhere to put it.

or: How to Kill a Potential Franchise in Three Easy Steps.

Originally posted on Youtube on March, 13 2017. Japari Park is frightening in the dark....

How much is too much?

Ever wonder what happens in an unhealthy human body? It's not pretty....

Being turned into a spider can be tough....

In this milestone review, we're fighting giants against all odds!

My review of Attack on Titan is 90% complete and will be ready soon, but not without a few setbacks and sacrifices. What was supposed to be a milestone review full of special effects, turned into a standard review.

American Digimon fans, get ready for a disappointment on prodigious proportions!

TheMysteriousMrEnter's Angela Anaconda review:

2020 has been a tough one. Let's end this crappy year by taking a look at the best and worst anime of the year.

Can this television sequel to the original Pokemon movie fill in all the gaps and answer long left questions from the original film?

I got to admit, I gained quite a few pounds since the pandemic started. And... it broke. I was either putting it on wrong or I need to have some practice.

With one of the worst starts for an anime this season, will this anime pick up the pace?

DBZ style magic duels and cooking mishaps!

Yet another feel good slice of life anime involving witches.


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