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We start our look at the Spring 2017 season with an anime adaptation of a mobile game. Great. Originally posted on Youtube on Jul 22, 2017

Behold, the black sheep of the original Toonami. Something doesn't belong here....

What the **** did I just watch?! Holy Hell, was that cruel!

Since Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally here, let's take a pit the direct to video CGI sequel film up against Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and see which is superior. Reuploaded with minor fixes and additions.

The first spin-off of Sword Art Online; how will it hold up?

Here we got a promising anime cut short due to creative differences. Wow, did this anime really need the remake!

DBZ on Disney Plus? Can Anime even work on it?

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Coronavirus.

A new retelling of the original digimon anime for a new generation. How does it hold up against the original?

Greatest action anime of 2018 or just edgy attention grabbing schlock?


Is this movie worth the extra wait? Plus, why Hollywood should listen to the wants of audiences more often.

Play. Scavenge. Survive.

Anybody remember Americanization? Time to introduce you to Canadaization!

More like Girl Meets Abuse.

School is back in session. Today's lesson: everything that could happen if you sleep around with multiple women.

Anchors away, my girl. Anchors away.

Also known as Angel Beats! 2.0.

The long awaited final part of my One Piece retrospective....

Aye, tales there be a plenty in this cursed version. It's 4Kids Entertainment's version of One Piece!

Earth Day has come and gone, but still. So, is this a Sailor Moon homage or a Sailor Moon rip off?

You're lying high in April, shot down in May....

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Amagi Brilliant Park, The Crappiest Place On Earth!

In celebration of the brand new live action movie, let's take a look at the TV anime adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.


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