The bloated and blind libertarian did a real hit piece on the Swedish corona-19 strategy. Guess they needed to justify Victoria's draconian lockdowns. There had been a jump in corona cases in Sweden but not a jump in deaths. So what do you expect when you carry out extensive testing? Dan Andrews is back in form reneging on an expected easing of lockdown rules. Lockdown fatigue is rife in Melbourne and people will probably just ignore his bully boy tactics. Meanwhile the tigers win another premiership in Brisbane.

Queue jumper in Cairns Central. Woman pushed in front of me while I was in the express check out line in Coles. I would have let her go ahead of me if she had had the grace to ask as she only had one item. It's dog eat dog these days and manners seem to be a thing of the past. Sad. It appears that Trump won the second debate although left wing media sees it differently. Meanwhile Elon Musk's revolutionary Starship is taking shape with nose cone and fins.

Had a rough night thanks to noisy neighbours. Talking loudly on the balcony at 03:00 and playing music between 04:00-05:00 AM. Such is life living above nocturnals. Very little the body corp can do as laws are now slanted in heavily in favor of tenants. I give my assessment of Trump's chances in the upcoming US election. Unlike I don't see a Biden landslide as a remote possibility. In fact I predict the opposite will occur with Trump sweeping the board in a crushing win. Even the corrupt US polls are now moving toward Trump.

In this walk and talk about our widening rift with China. Now it appears the CCP is holding up our coal exports at port. If Morrison had a pair he'd threaten to freeze iron ore exports there. That would make China think twice about bullying us. I front up to the polling booth and am surprised how long I have to wait to cast my vote. Apparently the line was a block long during lunch time.

I found an interesting article from Daily Mail saying that harsh lockdowns may be a shot in the arm for authoritarian regimes. New Zealand voted for labor in a landslide and will probably doom their country to economic stagnation as wokeness makes them broke. The article was written by John Hewson who once lead the liberal party to electoral disaster. I think he makes some good points as well as some crazy observations. I hope Dan doesn't get away with his transgressions but lets face it, there's no justice in this world.

Daniel Andrews has loosened the leash for most Victorians but is still giving business a hard time. What do you expect from a hard line Marxist like Andrews. Maybe businesses would get a better go if they were registered in Beijing? Private enterprise is a dirty word to Dan. He's more a collectivist preferring a comune to a corporation. Meanwhile kiwis coming to Australia overstay their welcome by sneaking off to closed states. So much for the Trans Tasman bubble. May as well be bubble gum.

I guess It's no great surprise New Zealand has supported labor. They have obviously bought the scare campaign from the media re covid 19. Shutting down their economy will cause them a lot more harm than simply the medical threat of a virus. The Swedes have acted more rationally using their heads not just their hearts. They have had a recent spike in cases and are bringing in local lockdowns. Labor in New Zealand believes it's eliminated corona. They're kidding themselves.

You wouldn't think Melbourne and Caracas would have a lot in common. However they both share empty shopping malls due to inept economic policies from the left in both countries. Will Victoria share the same fate as it's South American cousin. If lockdowns persist who knows. A certain recipe for economic disaster. One country run by an ex bus driver. Victoria ruled by a man who acts as if he's been run over by a bus. It's a race to the bottom when socialist zealots are hairy chested.

Victorians have been so under the thumb this year they're looking at a possible easing of the five kilometer travel rule as a liberation. No it's just a slackening of the stranglehold Daniel Andrews has over every Victorian's lives. Not cause for celebration. But occupants of the gulag state don't expect much in the way of freedom. Many are now conditioned comrades ready to snap to attention at Dan's call. How easily people are manipulated.

Dan Andrews has unleashed his own home grown Stasi on unmasked bike riders filming empty car parks at Victoria market. As you know Victoria market is sacred ground for the CCP and Dan and no filming shall take place. It's an insult to the great Queer Leader aka Daniel Andrews. The only thing that saved the rider was possession of the CCP approved tick tock app. Other bike riders should take note in Dan's dystopian state.

I was approached by a beggar in Cairns Central mall while sitting on a couch waiting for liquorland to open. After leaving I was then almost hit by an inconsiderate bike rider who turned right in front of me. I think ethical values have dropped quite a bit and should be taught in school instead of scaring the kids to death with catastrophic climate change predictions. Printing money is in vogue. Are we going the way of the Roman empire before collapse?

I got an early start on Tuesday last week. Had a blood test at around 07:00 AM and then headed off to the barber. I was really hanging out for a haircut after two previous aborted attempts. This time I hit pay dirt and only had to wait five minutes for a cut. Cost me twenty dollars but I was happy with the result. Walked down Lily creek a few days later and hoped a suitable property would show up in Trinity Beach where the barber lady lives. Very few listings though.

Just another day in Oz as state premiers squabble over border closures and who has the right Covid-19 strategy. I remember the good old days circa 2019 when Australia was more or less united. Not now it's a patchwork of competing states to see who can lower the bar further. WA even wants to break away! Could this have been avoided if we had a strong PM? Meanwhile Dan Andrews cruelly hints at turning back easing of restrictions putting the knife in the back of all Victorians. Well done dirty Dan.

No surprise Jeff Kennett is less than impressed with Daniel Andrews and his repressive lockdowns. Both men come from the opposite sides of the political fence. Dan the Beijing loving anti civil libertarian and Jeff the free market disciple. I feel Jeff makes some good points accusing Dan of being anti democratic. He reveals the ugly side of absolute power. Meanwhile Josh Frydenberg doesn't want Aussies leaving the nest until late 2021. Is he serious! Talk about over the top restriction of Australians ability to travel. Not on Josh!

Woke up Monday and found the place unusually quiet. The creche next door was silent so I checked online and discovered it was the queen's birthday holiday even though her real birthday is 21st of April. Go figure. I desperately wanted my hair cut so headed off for an 08:30 cut. Google and Facebook said the barber was open but as usual they were wrong. No problem I headed to Coles in Cairns Central. After supermarket shopping had to wait till 10:00 for Liquorland to open.

The federal budget was released including tax cuts and handouts to welfare recipients. A lot of money was splashed about sending the country into a huge debt well. One can only imagine how far in debt we'd be if labor was in power during corona. Bad news on overseas travel front. December 17th opening up may be delayed extending Australians imprisonship in their own country. Our passports not worth a cracker!

Dan Andrews seems to enjoy playing cat and mouse with the Victorian public. One minute he hints at a relaxation of the lockdown restrictions. Next he warns that he may need to tighten up on the lockdowns. It must be driving people crazy in the gulag state. But Dan doesn't care he seems to enjoy playing cruel mind games with the people who voted him into power. I'm hoping both he & the chief medical officer will be out on their arses soon but I'm not holding my breath.

Daniel Andrews hates it when Victorians have any fun especially on the sand in the sun. A healthy environment where the sun makes outdoor living less of a Coronavirus hazzard. Doesn't cut any ice with Prof Brett Sutton Dan's medical enforcer. So what if the people are young outdoors and low risk. Who said they could have a life outside their homes? In Dan's gulag there's no fun allowed.

My neighbour made it hard for me to sleep. They burst out laughing just before 2 AM. Then set off some electronic alarm followed by tapping on the wall. I seem to attract the looneys. They're so crazy they'd almost qualify to run an Australian state government. I don't think she was that far gone though. It takes a special brand of mediocrity to qualify to be an Aussie politician.

It's no great surprise to me that thousands of Victorians are flocking to the beaches while good weather holds up. A TV reporter freaks out as beach goers greet and kiss him. Maybe he should report from a war zone to get some perspective. The mayor of Melbourne comes up with a weird way to stimulate the CBD economy. Melbourne dollars. Move over Reserve bank Melbourne will soon have its own currency. Finally no light at the end of the travel tunnel as Morrison shows no sign of allowing average Aussies to travel overseas any time soon. Of course polies can travel when ever they like. What happened to egalitarian Australia?

I had a number of previous videos I shot with my Gopro doing walk & talks. In this one I visit the supermarket and finally remember to buy garbage bags which I'd forgotten to get on two previous occasions. My Biden moment. I also contemplated getting a haircut at Spence street barbers. I actually went there today and eight customers were ahead of me. I'll try again tomorrow morning. The price of grog is higher at BWS than liquorland where I usually go. I also pay out on Dan Andrews as his sweeping new laws were announced when I shot this video.

Elon Musk finally had his much anticipated and delayed battery day. It appears the reality didn't quite match up with the hype in many people's minds. Still I found it quite informative in a dry clinical engineering sort of way. Elon is doing amazing things to make EVs the natural choice of motorists in the coming decade. In three years we'll probably see a $25,000 Tesla hit the road possibly spelling the end of ICE (internal combustion engines) as we know them. Wonder where all that additional electricity is going to come from?

You'd think there'd be someone waiting in the wings to fill Dictator Dan's shoes. But apparently no. There's no obvious heir apparent apart from Jacinta Allan who hasn't made a move. Hopefully in time someone will come out of the woodwork and give Dan a dose of his own medicine. Polls are turning against him so anything is possible especially if he clamps down hard if there's another spike in virus cases. I hope his days are numbered for the sake of freedom loving Victorians.

The clampdown on civil liberties in Victoria has reached an absurd level with a pair of walkers prevented from holding cardboard with the inflammatory words Free Victoria scribbled on it. According to police this is an unacceptable protest. Victoria has slipped into a dystopian Orwellian state where a citizen writing freedom is seen as a threat to the state. The Stasi would be proud of the Victorian thought police. Of course Dan also wants neighbours to inform on one another like good East German comrades.

Daniel Andrews is looking for people to blame for the hotel quarantine fiasco. What better person to point the finger at than your right hand man. Ever the loyal leader Andrews is more than happy to through numerous people under the bus to avoid personal scrutiny. Trouble is he's making a number of enemies in his own party in his quest for self survival. Politics is a numbers game and the pendulum can swing very quickly when the heat is on. With any luck Dan's days are numbered and he can look forward to a retirement in Beijing.


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I love travelling to other countries and soaking up a new environment. I'm also excited by recent breakthroughs in science & technology that may finally allow humanity to become multi planetary. Politically I define myself as a libertarian and am worried about the constant erosion of individual freedoms by authoritarian forces who seem determined to control every aspect of our daily lives. I have a healthy distrust of mainstream media, government legal and educational institutions. I'm not an anarchist but believe our institutions are here to serve us not the other way around. There's nothing wrong with being a contrarian. It can take guts not to be a sheep in this world and thinking for yourself shouldn't be a crime. I'm dismayed by the lack of free expression allowed in schools and campuses these days and the ease at which students conform.

My favorite city to visit right now is HCMC Saigon. I feel safer in Vietnam than back home in Cairns, Australia. I love the people the energy and the culture over there and the food is to die for. Add to that cheap beer and moto taxis and I'm in heaven.

The kindest people I've encountered on my journies is in Southern France. Very generous locals. And no I don't speak French.

From birth I've had crappy eyesight. Nearly all the males in my family inherit a gene carried by the female members that leads to Nystagmus causing the eyes to wobble. Much worse when I was a kid. Prevents me from gaining a driver's licence but doesn't prevent me travelling OS when we're not subject to a global pandemic. Departure boards are a pain to see at many airports. Apart from that my poor vision hasn't hindered me that much. Just hard to recognise people unless they are around a little over a meter or so away. Makes me appreciate the sight I do have. I can't imagine being totally blind. There's always someone worse off than yourself.