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The world is changing people. Meet NYPDs newest member ROBO - DOG

The Devils in the details

Tolerance of one group should not damage another. The introduction of Transgenders from men to women and then allowing them to participate in women's sports is not acceptable.
Furthermore, the Government's support of America's Children being provided puberty-blocking medications is incredibly damaging to the future of America.
America will be destroyed by such policies and accepted practices.

You thought Pokemon Go was a harmless game.

Coca Cola recently had a mandatory video for all employees on 'How to be less White'. After receiving nationwide reporting of this White fragility training forced on the companies employees they deleted the training. However, we feel it is our duty for everyone to see how dangerous this type of material is. There is nothing in this training that will unite our country, In fact, it is simply brainwashing based on the most racist of ideas. It's with a heavy heart that we preserve this material as a warning to Americans and our future. This is the type of material they will be re-educating our children with if we do not stop them.

We do not agree with this material or support it. This will damage our society far more than we could ever imagine.

JOVAN debunks the latest report from the OFFICIAL ELECTION INVESTIGATION.

The last part of this monumental performance - Michiel Vos married to Nancy Pelosi's Daughter just happened to be on location collecting footage for what will most likely be the couple's new documentary. Hate doesn't fall too far from the tree.

OBEY THE OVERLORD - The Rebellion has started. Flash parties are showing up all across America as people rebel against the MASKISTS.


The conclusion - For now of the erection ooops Insurrection.

Yet more false reporting on the cause of death of Officer Sicknick. While his death is still a tragic loss the fact that the MEDIA decided to fabricate the story is criminal.

This is a prime example of why tolerance will eventually turn you into the enemy. Once I believed in tolerating this stupidity. Now I see the dangers of giving these people a voice. Its not enough for them to be allowed their own space. They seek to invade yours.

Yes there is more :)

The fight for freedom of speech is upon us.

Trumps defence team part 2

FEAR - Learning to control this emotion at this time is important. Everyone is losing control. Acting out and making mistakes. Take a deep breath. Times are changing. Don't let yourself be ruled by the fear being projected on us.

Was it real. Was it staged. I am no expert but some very interesting questions are raised in this observation of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. The only thing I will add to the narrative is that a neck wound capable of killing someone would produce far more blood than appears at the scene. Don't kill the messenger just question the facts.

Feb 1st 2021 ELON MUSK was invited to join a group chat on a new platform called 'CLUB HOUSE'. WSB had been in the news because RobinHood had prevented them from trading in the free market on Wallstreet. Vlad the stock impaler was invited by Elon Musk to join him and explain WTF was going on. This is the discussion that took place.


America we stand with you. The fires of corruption engulf us true. But nothing is left they can do. Through darkest nights you rise, Red White, and Blue.



COACH RED PILL EXPLAINS -The history of civil wars and how they start

All summer long our streets have burned for 'George Floyd' the career criminals wrongful death. Ashi Babbitt was gunned down in cold blood. Where are the outcries and protests in her name.


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