The rain and cold is here. I cut down annuals for mulch and added wood chips on top for extra mulch on most of my garden beds. the rest will be done in November.

After working All night I hit some super lemon haze and decided to do a update. 3 years from now when many of my trees and perennials fully mature I look foward to looking back how it all started and how much has changed. I will be focusing more on the soil and building hedges of flowers to border my garden beds this next season. this was all made with old rusty shears, rake and shovel. I spent very little on the project with almost all the money going to plant varity.

The golden path to good health and Happyness includes gardening. Growing your own food , eating whole foods and healthy organic meat. This is my first year trying to grow seriously. I'm inexperienced but dedicated =)
In the back where I'm testing corn crops it was all black berry bushes at the start of spring. Everything but the plants is free or repurposed material.

Transforming my small Back yard into a food forrest. This will be year 1 and it is a great learning experience 🌱👍 most everything was free and repurposed while focusing the budget on variety of edible plants.


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