The classic calypso song from my man Louis Farrakhan's pre-Nation of Islam days. It addresses the real-life story of Christine Jorgensen, the world's first superstar transsexual in a lighthearted and tropical manner.

Uploading this in light of recently rambling a bit in my last video on my guests without realizing it.

Us goys riffing on random subjects relating to current events/the movement. Bookshelf pointed out that I kept dominating the conversation a bit much without realizing it which I felt foolish for doing. I stayed up for 30 hours and took a nap for a few hours before which is why I probably didn't sound very coherent + the interrupting. He only appeared as an avatar in the video version for some odd technical reason.
Update: I found her work with another band that is actually somewhat decent. Sort of reminiscent of Garbage or Curve.

I know there's a few exceptions here. Some of what I had wasn't here with me and there are a few (ie: MORE Evola books, Yockey, Spengler, Pierce's novels, Farrakhan's work, perhaps even Duke etc.) I need to get obviously.

It's pretty hard not to like Uncle Jared but this was...interesting.

Bowden was essentially one of the pioneers for what later became the alt-right. A prolific writer and nationalist figure that even did some podcasts with Richard Spencer before he passed away at only 49.

You do great work and YouTube will eventually be the new MySpace due to it continuing to shoot themselves in the foot by removing channels and promoting the lowest common denominator (fake prank channels and cable shows) on their platform over real users. I just recommend adding a livestreaming function, an improved search engine, faster processing and perhaps removing Disqus since people can stalk your comment history. Thanks

They are obviously propaganda filled with straw man arguments for the most part, but it's still interesting to watch from the other side.

Facts don't care about Israel.

Makes you wonder if this red-pilled anyone

Unofficial anthem of Italy 1922 - 1945 and the official anthem of the Italian Social Republic 1943 - 1945

J.F being a complete weirdo as usual. He didn't get the joke that the superchat was a reference to this:

Good cop vs bad cop. hahaha

In summary, anyone who opposes our existence (ie: the 14 words) should be disassociated with immediately.

Scene from Lion of the Desert

Last one I swear. hahaha

His "Golden God" monologue is so similar to his tirade. Shoutout to Revenge of the Cis for this idea

Since this recent audio leak has put Richard back in the spotlight for the time being, here he is drunkenly singing Depeche Mode. Comedy gold

I had to make this. hahaha. Shoutout to Hard Right Turn for the idea. His description on his upload of the audio made me think to put this together.

Took some digging to find this. Ideus of course is Christopher Borsella aka Kristof Von Kanwetzburg; a man of many aliases who later partook in a bit of Show Your Dick Nationalism. Some of you may know him from writing a book on National Socialism (which is now out of print and should be reviewing soon).

A video project I just dug up from my junior year of high school. Some parts I thought I did well while others were sloppy and rushed. I recall trying to upload this to YouTube but it ended up being copy-striked instantly.

Collett’s appearance on that clown Russell Brand’s RE:Brand documentary series from 2002.
Bonus: Mark reflecting on it 17 years later at 24:20


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