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In a sea of bleak news stories, a huge legal win against Monsanto is a reason to celebrate. The courts have finally acknowledged the negative impact of glyphosate on human health. Go back in time with Del to review The Highwire’s long history reporting on this dangerous chemical, and how this latest legal case could finally hold Monsanto responsible.

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POSTED: June 28, 2022

POSTED: June 28, 2022

POSTED: June 28, 2022

Diagnostic Pathologist, Dr. Clare Craig, shares shocking evidence on the measures used by health authorities to falsify Covid vaccine efficacy for children, as well as the real safety risks and what is yet to come.

CORRECTION: Dr. Craig stated the placebo children who were unblinded and vaccinated had 6 weeks of follow-up, but in fact it was 6 months.

However, the safety data presented to the FDA is based on only 6 weeks of unblinded follow-up data after the 3rd dose.

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POSTED: June 28, 2022

Public comment is needed NOW to stop the FDA from considering bypassing their already fractured process of Covid vaccine safety and efficacy testing to ‘Flu shot’ future Covid vaccines and boosters.

Make your comment before the hearing, June 27th, to stop the agency allowing plug and play updates to these mRNA shots lacking proper clinical trials.

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POSTED: June 27, 2022

Is The Vanden Bossche Warning Coming True?: U.S. Rep Slams FDA’s ‘Dystopian Experiment’; Jefferey Jaxen’s Highlights from VRBPAC; Censored Pathologist Exposes Rigged System

Guests: Dr. Clare Craig, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert

AIRDATE: June 23, 2022

Congressman Louie Gohmert discusses his recent comments at the FDA’s VRBPAC meeting demanding answers about the safety of Covid vaccines as well as legislation he’s working on to put liability back on vaccine manufacturers.

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POSTED: June 24, 2022

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Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology and author of the newly released, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, joins Del for an enthralling look at Mass Formation Psychology, the conditions that create, the threat it poses to society, and the key to breaking it.

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POSTED: June 17, 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough is under fire from the American Board of Internal Medicine (A.B.I.M.), who is threatening his medical license for “providing false and inaccurate information to patients”. Senator Ron Johnson has responded with a call for A.B.I.M. and Dr. McCullough to participate in an open hearing on Capitol Hill, and put it all on the table of public record.

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POSTED: June 17, 2022

Superstar couple, Justin and Hailey Bieber, have both suffered recent health unusual health scares for young, healthy people. Were these conditions caused by the Covid shot? Del takes a look at the evidence.

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POSTED: June 17, 2022

Justin Bieber’s ‘Mystery’ Illness; CDC Lifts Testing Requirement; Fauci’s Got Covid!; HW Exclusive: Dr. McCullough Under Attack; Breaking Mass Formation

Guests: Dr. Peter McCullough, Senator Ron Johnson, Professor Mattias Desmet

AIRDATE: June 16, 2022

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Immune Dysfunction Expert, James Neuenschwander, joins Del to talk about the critical effect lockdowns and masking has had on our immune systems, particularly those of young people. Is there a direct link between the lack of exposure to germs and viruses in recent years and the current spike in deadly outbreaks of hepatitis and RSV?

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POSTED: June 14, 2022

Investigative Journalist with a popular Substack, Igor Chudov, explains his recent discoveries comparing the dramatic difference in Covid-19 death rates in both Portugal and South Africa, and what could be the cause.

POSTED: June 13, 2022

A recent bust on a widespread fraudulent vaccine passport ring uncovered the names of celebrity and elite clients who paid big bucks to avoid the mandatory jab, including a big pharma boss.

#VaccinePassports #FakeVaccinePassports #PharmaMar

POSTED: June 13, 2022

The CDC has walked back it’s initial recommendation to mask for Monkeypox, which triggered a firestorm of criticism from the medical and scientific communities.

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POSTED: June 10, 2022

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is overwhelmed and understaffed with the amount of injury claims being filed from the Covid-19 Vaccines. The program is now on life support and is on the verge of collapse.

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POSTED: June 10, 2022

The Special Olympics dropped their COVID-19 vaccine mandate after FL Governor Ron Desantis threatened millions in fines for violating state laws with the mandatory policy.

#SpecialOlympics #RonDesantis #MedicalFreedom

POSTED: June 10, 2022

A growing number of young healthy adults are mysteriously dying. Watch Jefferey Jaxen and Del try to make sense of, what is now being called, “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS).

#SADS #HealthyAdultsDroppingDead #SIDS

POSTED: June 10, 2022

DeSantis Makes Special Olympics Withdraw Mandate; First SIDS, Now SADS; Vaccinated Portugal Vs. Unvaccinated S. Africa; Canada Unhinged; Scientists Can’t ignore The Immune Compromise

Guests: Igor Chudov, James Neuenschwander, M.D.

AIRDATE: June 9, 2022

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Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)

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POSTED: June 6, 2022

POSTED: June 3, 2022

The misplaced idea that asymptomatic Covid cases drove viral spread, was the cornerstone of public health authorities enacting draconian mandates and highly destructive lockdowns. Now, data from a new study covering 42 countries shows people with asymptomatic Covid infections are 68% less likely to pass the virus on, highlighting another failure of public health authorities.

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POSTED: June 3, 2022


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