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Journalist and show host, Shannon Joy, made waves in 2021 when she was arrested at her child’s school board meeting in Rochester, NY for “improper masking”. Hear how she went from local activist to a freedom fighting podcast sensation in an ocean of deceptive mainstream news.

An explosive moment has laid bare the lack of science and evidence for medically transitioning children as society and governments back away from supporting the once popular procedures. Is the experiment over?

A significant FISA vote has indicated an expansion of government surveillance that may bypass constitutional protections. Meanwhile, recent actions in Scotland and Canada have raised concerns about potential restrictions on freedom of speech for citizens.

AIRDATE: April, 18, 2024

We’re told an AI takeover of humanity is inevitable. Without discussion, this technology has been foisted upon us. Is there really something more in-store for us all?

AIRDATE: April, 18, 2024

Listen to ‘The 'Highwire' theme song, an AI-generated near-hit song crafted in just seconds, boasting production quality and lyrical depth that rival professional musicians. As AI continues to advance, Del considers the broader implications: How many jobs will AI disrupt, and what existential risks does this technology pose?

Has Humanity Spawned A Digital Race with New AI Rollout?; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on New Info About Medical Transitions for Kids Who are Gender Confused, and Special Interests Are Pushing To Pass the New FISA Bill; From Anti-Masker to Firebrand Podcasts Host, Shannon Joy Finds Herself in the Hot Seat with Del; ICAN Legal Match Campaign Off to a Great Start!

Guest: Shannon Joy

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Navy veteran & founder of, Crisanna Shackelford, PhD, speaks about her early concerns over mandating the COVID vaccine for the military, and her own injury from the shingles vaccine.

#RealReactions #DrShack #MilitaryMandate #ToxicExposure

With US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s latest announcement that Ukraine will join NATO, a longtime redline has been crossed with unclear and potentially world-altering consequences. We breakdown the latest in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and what these events mean for the world.

#UkraineWar #NATO #Putin #WWIII

Editor-in-Chief of and HighWire editorial contributor, Tracy Beanz, discusses a new investigation exposing an uptick in gender reassignment surgeries funded by the US Military, and the potential threat it poses to our defense readiness.

#TracyBeanz #UncoverDC #TransInMilitary #DefenseReadiness

Many have abandoned the media’s desperate attempt to ignore why cancer rates are spiking. Now, the American Cancer Society is sounding the alarm, predicting an 80% increase in tumors by 2050. Meanwhile, independent researchers have stepped up and honed in on credible sources pointing to the mass COVID vaccine rollout in 2021 as the prime culprit.

#PandemicOfCancer #CancerRise #TurboCancer

AIRDATE: April 11, 2024

Sex Change Operations In The Military On The Rise; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on U.S. Signaling Ukraine to be brought into NATO and the potentially nuclear consequences, cancer rates continue to skyrocket, and el niño, la niña, and the role of the sun; COVID Vaccination and The Risk to our Troops and our National Security; Del Announces a New Spring $500k Match Campaign!

Guests: Tracy Beanz, Dr. Crisanna Shackelford, PhD

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All eyes are on Scotland with the passage of their new and highly restricted ‘hate speech’ law. Since its passing, thousands of complaints have been made to the police, and even JK Rowling was threatened with jail time for defending women's rights. As Ireland and Canada attempt the same legislation, Jefferey Jaxen and Del break discuss implications for citizens who are subjected to laws of this nature.

Constitutional Attorney & President of the Natural Health Products Protection Association, Shawn Buckley, LLB, warns Del of the Canadian government's war on vitamins and supplements via the introduction of extreme regulations designed to restrict access and raise the cost of natural products.

#Canada #NaturalHealthProtection #NHPPA

‘The Defiant’s recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE sparked controversy amongst fans and followers. ‘The Defiant’ Front man and former resident announcer for Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, Dicky Barrett, discusses the band’s appearance and his return to the show, where he ended a nearly 2-decade-long gig amidst the COVID pandemic.

In a recent fiery segment on "Real Time," Bill Maher unleashed a scorching critique of the oversights made by government and health officials during the COVID-19 pandemic. This viral moment offers a retrospective journey back to January 2020, highlighting how "The HighWire" was way ahead of the curve in exposing these critical misjudgments—from the debate over school closures to the undervaluation of natural immunity.

#BillMaher #RealTime #RealTimeWithBillMaher

An update to the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse sees new information come to light as we search for clearer answers to some of the most pressing questions surrounding this major event.

#KeyBridge #BaltimoreBridgeCollapse #BaltimoreBridge

With a newly signed law following in the footsteps of Utah, Florida is set to become the most restrictive state barring minors from accessing social media. Now, other states are jumping on board in an attempt to limit online harms to children’s mental health and safety. Is this the role of the government or parents?

#FloridaSocialMediaBan #DeSantis #Florida

Bill Maher Goes Scorched Earth on COVID Apologists; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on The Florida Ban on Social Media for Minors 14 and younger, Was The Key Bridge Collision and Collapse a Cyber Attack?, and is ‘Harry Potter’ Author J.K. Rowling Headed to Jail For Hate Speech?; Is Canada Going to Make Natural Products and Supplements Illegal?

Guests: Shawn Buckley, LLB, Dicky Barrett

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Dawnmarie Gaivin, co-founder of the miraculous approach to communicating with nonspeakers, the Spellers Method, announces an exciting new partnership with Golden Road Brewing to launch a new beer, created by Spellers, with all proceeds going to Spellers Freedom Foundation. She also discusses the documentary crew that has been following the Spellers as they discover their lives with communication, who are coming out with a new series called “Underestimated”, which will air on the brand new Underestimated TV platform.

#SpellingToCommunicate #SpellersMethod #S2C #GoldenRoad

Air Date: Mar 28, 2024

In the latest release of COVID-19 vaccine injury data gleaned from the 'free-text field entries' within the V-safe reporting app, Del highlights striking patterns consistent with the initial batch. These findings, drawn from tens of thousands of entries, reveal alarming consistencies between the first and second sets of data, underscored by a particularly grave outcome. Download and view the entries yourself at

Air Date: Mar 28, 2024

For Women’s History Month, we honor the women of America’s past and present who, through courage and intelligence, became leaders of their time standing up for the health and liberty of the American People.

#WomensHistoryMonth #BernadineHealy #BerniceEddy #MaryTalleyBowden

Air Date: Mar 28, 2024


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