The Insanement

The Corona is Doing its damage; The UK is in Trouble and Gun rights for noobs. Condom Shortages????

Italian presidents suggest Flamethrowers to break up Parties; Walton Mayor Brown Loses his candor on Facebook; Joe Biden beats Bill Clinton to the Sexual Punch.

Chinese Propaganda machine has successfully overturn the mainstream news. as False data reporting out of China becomes the normal...England's Farage, the man behind Brexit, seeks to bankrupt the UK with a Universal Basic Income...

The Corona Continues and Liberal society is starting to fall apart. ADD ran amok. Tlaib wants Trillion dollars. Theft is now legal in Philly and California. Liberals are learning the hard lessons that Conservatives already knew. Do I need to go hunting?

Oh, the CCP can't get enough of their Viruses. Man dies of Hantavirus...No reason to panic...Unless...It was an Escaped Virus from wuhan.

Is history about to repeat itself? Some thing Fishy is going on deep within the banking system that could lead to the death rattle of the US currency. And the Deepest Question of All, Was the Wuhan Virus intentionally Set loose as a bio-weapon against the US? China ratchets up the threat to ban exporting all medicines as well as all materials required for Manufacturing of Medicine to the US. ***YouTube is Throttling this account to ensure no exposure.***

Did I get the Corona? The Panic is going to kill more people than the virus. The Economy will Tank and make things harder. "Never Let an Opportunity go to waste" as Liberal States begin to Flex their totalitarian Muscles. and I Share some personal Stories from My Childhood.

High School has to shutdown gender neutral bathrooms. Covid19 mutates to a weaker strain. CDC are changing the Numbers again. Spring Break is on approach. 19 states whine about the Border Wall.

The how-to to ending a Country and it's uniqueness.

Tommy Robinson was arrested for apprehending a child molester.

Tommy Robinson' s Daughter Gets Sexually Molested by an immigrant. Tommy Stops the man and holds him up until the Police arrive, only to be arrested by the Police. I lay out a plan to destroy Europe in 12 Steps. Greece riot police forced to open fire on hostile migrants after they started attacking the police with they were refused Entry at the border between Greece and Turkey; Army was Called into help with situation. Turkey Demands that the EU open their Borders...(Or Else What?!)

Please Listen and Share. Don't Travel down the Road to Civil War, Turn away From Violence, Learn about Socialism before you demand it. The Country won't heal from this approaching calamity if it comes to blows; It will rip itself asunder. Listen to Reason and Rationale because the alternative is very grim.

Obama Care is being challenged in the Supreme Court. Bernie and Corona are Scaring the Markets. Wuhan Virus has made landfall on the East Coast. DON'T PANIC!!! it's not that bad. And Bad news Concerning my informant from inside Wuhan China.

An investigative look into the reasons for the political divide in the country, that will lead the US into a civil war between the left and Right.

Discussions about Bernie, the Communist and why we shouldn't be afraid of them.

The Insanement Presents a discussion on the Future of America.

Discussion the Future of the Insanement.

Discussing the Future of the Insanement.

Discussion on the election, Civil war and the Wuhan Virus fallout.

Corona Virus Suddenly Crops up in Italy with no link to Wuhan. Iran also reports a massive Jump as well and an Iranian Lawmaker is saying that the Regime is Lying about the Death Toll.

Discussion on Bernie sanders and the Democrats; Rebuttal of Baltimore County Education; Looking to the Future to fix the Country; Is College worth it or is it scam. Manners Maketh Man!

Discussions about the Prospects of Civil War.

The French are starting to push back against political Islam; German man tries to Fight against the Islamization of Germany and Fails; The US introduces new Low yield Nuclear weapons for the Trident platform; My Voice breaks at 26 minutes; and an update from Wong Tse on the real Numbers of the Wuhan Virus.

The Left is unhinged and the evidence is everywhere.

Dean Koontz Predicts Wuhan Virus; Bloomberg moves into second place; Wuhan virus ends up in Egypt; Hong Kong upset at A Quarantine Hospital in Residential neighborhoods; and Assault Weapon Bans don't reduce Mass shootings.


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ADD Riddled commentary with a dash of schizophrenic self-arguing on a variety of topics that are news worthy-ish; is Mirrored on YouTube.

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