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Whatever America was intended to be, it is no longer. It was hijacked a long time ago by these criminal bandits, and Bobby Fischer had figured them out. He was a genius because, despite being of Jewish origin himself, he rose above this because he valued the truth.

You didn't know you were on it? You are.

When they take your 401k and crash your economy, what punishment do they deserve?

The Jews were jealous of Germans being able to march in harmony. Jews, of course, are physically very hideous and also musically incapable. The best solution for any society, in regard to Jews, is to just flush them.

We've captured celebratory footage. Sorry, gay Westerners. Your "current thing" didn't work out. And now you can collapse.

Good times in Ukraine. Chechens deserve Ukrainian wives. The losers of Ukraine, fighting for a queer Zionist, deserve nothing but death.

Bravo, Patrick. You nailed it here. Good to see you've woken to the Jewish problem. And what a problem they are! They have destroyed the West, including the United States. It's done for. But most are afraid to call them out. The Jews are maggots, parasites, and termites, all put together.

The 'Holodomor' was authored and implemented by Jews, and so is 'Covid-19' and the impending worldwide famine.

Chechens fight for the right cause.

Jump around!

I'd say he's correct. 'The West' is completely gay and overrun by non-Whites - and owned and operated by Jews.

Liberation of Mariupol from the Zionist-Masonic Cabal.

Honestly, I support Islam. Allahu Akbar !!

Keep it very technical for me. Science guy.

He needs Joe Rogan. I understand. "Are you gay?"

C'mon, dawg.

Hey White Guys, stop being pussies.

I promise you. You'll feel better.

Mgrrummphhh.. Mgrrummphhh.. Mgrrummphhh..


You useless, untalented, pieces of shit. You losers. Plagiarist Salieri cocksuckers.

Have you ever experienced death every 15 minutes?

He gonna stop. It's not landin'.

.. and he's Orange.

Yes, I am a Happy Man.

"The American population at that time had a lot of German people in it. 30-50% of the population had relations back to Germany."

The lies told about Germany that London engaged in, which London still has not been punished for. London, we can only hope, will be incinerated in the next few years.

"We have taken up a great cause -- I explicitly say we, the Jews and British. We are comrades in this enterprise." - Lord Balfour, Judische Rundschau, no. 49, 1920

You thought that karma was never going to find you.


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Internet Gangsterism is serious business.

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