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Vancouver activists kick off the summer season of protest & celebration at Sunset Beach.
Featuring: Sam Chimes:

Activists meet for a protest run in Vancouver.

Did our pushback force the government's hand on the lockdown front? Keep it up, BC freedom lovers!
Support the lawsuit:
BC Supreme Court COVID-19 Constitutional Class Action
Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy

Featuring: ThirtyStreet
Sunset Beach, Vancouver
Apr 20, 2021

Back in BC, Chris Sky launches his book tour for freedom.

April 20, 2021: Vancouver, BC.

Speaking at the Chris Sky rally on Sunset Beach, Beatrice shows how the tyranny gripping the world today parallels the despotism of her native Romania under Ceaușescu.

MAY 15, 2021

Featuring: Odessa Orlewicz (

Maria & the No-New-Normals

When he's not delivering presents, Santa fights for freedom! Activists have a chance encounter with "a right jolly old elf."

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More from the Apr 23rd restaurant rally

Norbert Orlewicz ( explains why The Great Reset is CONSPIRACY FACT.


Justin Trudeau admires the Chinese dictatorship.

Charles Prince of Wales urges a reset.

Save the date!

Abbotsford Freedom Rally
Stand up! Speak up!
Support small business!

RESCHEDULED! Saturday, May 15, 2021
Meet at Cabela's parking lot.

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Featuring: Macy & Chico
Vancouver, British Columbia

Apr 23, 2021
A Kitsilano restaurant does battle with economic terrorists. Hundreds of other small businesses rally to their cause!

Apr 20, 2021: Chris Sky fires up a crowd at Sunset Beach before embarking on an epic road trip—pushing back tyranny all the way.
United Noncompliance.
Just Say No!

Don't let them become the new "lost generation."
Apr 17, 2021: Truth & Freedom Fest, Vancouver Art Gallery

A solution?
It's so crazy, it just might work.
Apr 17, 2021: Truth & Freedom Fest, Vancouver Art Gallery

A veteran activist from the '70s airs his opinion on today's burning questions. Alex the Comic tirelessly implores queued-up, bubble-tea patrons to join the awakened masses. And an escape artist in Robson Square is compelled to improvise when distracted by the passing horde.

Spirits soar. Vancouverites on the march.

In a death blow to BC communities, indoor dining and other assembly are banned—without warning—by provincial dictate. Small-business owners of Vancouver demonstrate April 2.

Guess who doesn't get a chocolate bunny this year.

Alex the Comic wages a peaceful war of words from a minivan. But a curb-side cyclist gets physical. Here's what happens next.
See the full confrontation:

World Wide Rally For Freedom
March 20, 2021
Stuart Park Kelowna BC

Featuring: Dr Stephen Malthouse

And we were.

No New Normal: Car Rallies ~ Part 1

Like it or hate it, freedom lovers drive a sober message of fearlessness and determination through your neighbourhood. Watch this compilation of our first three car rallies in Vancouver protesting lockdown and medical tyranny.

This one separates the sheep from the goats.

A typical weekday morning at this freedom lover's apartment. With special guest, Dr Vernon Coleman. (And some birds.)
Audio used with permission.

Watch the old man in a chair:

. . . but we march on!


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