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Many lost their lives to protect our freedom. Was it worth it?

"It's an international influence organization" says Max Blumenthal as emails reveal The White Helmets tried to lobby rock legend Roger Waters.

World Class artist Roger Waters speaks truth at opening concert of his 2018 European Tour.

In view of the recent false flag event in Syria I felt like reloading this.
It is content from my original channel which was deleted on Jan 4, 2018 by the communists which run YouTube.

Wake up Europe ! The parasites who are pushing mass migration of savages into your Countries are not about to give up. They want to destroy you and your cultures.
Your ancestors are looking ashamed at you from the beyond !

Seems ludicrous? All paths lead to one end. If you think that its merely about voting blocs, or divisory politics, then you will be one of the first to snuff it...

A documentary on the foundation of modern liberalism and its antecedent, Marxist social theory..

The 1993 Deep State Massacre

If you believe...

The parasites who run this world from the shadows perform a test on worshiping Christians inside a cathedral, something they would not dare to do in a Mosque or Synagogue. Not a single major Christian leader anywhere in the world expressed outrage about this. Shame on you all !!!

Stop White Genocide

The Hubble Space Telescope is a scam, a fraud. The real observatory is called SOFIA and it is aboard a NASA Boing 747. I flies at an altitude between 39,000 and 45,000 ft.

Not your usual cartoon, to say the least.

A closer look at the roots and origins of what is being sold for "Cultural Marxism" these days.

Space X is fake, open your eyes people!

Sometimes it is worth it to pay close attention to what somebody really says.

Who are the famous CNN anchors really? What is their background?

All the bs they want you to follow on YouTube and then some. The QAnon bs is not included because this is an older video but it says is all and says it well.

Time for some real hard truth. Enough of all the discussions, cards on the table. Time to abolish the slavery that is being sold as freedom.
Democracy is and has always been a scam.

The 5G System is being forced on the world. Part 3 of this series shows the link between Block Chain Technology and Crypto Currency and how it is tied to the AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Link to full interview:
Soundtrack courtesy of TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music

Extreme and bizarre disintegration of metals on bikes. Random extreme effects on steel frames and wheels. Some with paint markings that survive.
Link to original video
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The 5G System is being forced on the world. This new series exposes the background, motivation and imminent danger of this fatal application of technology which will be the downfall of our civilisation..
Entire Soundtrack by TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music

The Polish government uploaded this video on their channel and it got put in YouTube Gulag, meaning the video doesn't show up on search results nor as related when watching other clips. Thus severely limiting its reach.

This is deeply offensive. How can you censor an entire country like that? Look at the video and judge for yourself, is there anything said which is factually incorrect? Is there anything inflammatory about the video for ordinary people? It's simply a country stating that they were correct and that there's better ways of helping refugees.

I decided to upload the video to my channel in order to fight censorship. More people should see this video, because it is an inspiration. Imagine if your government was this redpilled? Well, it can be. Voting for the right parties has an effect.

Poland is a true inspiration. Not even the European Union can bully them into submission, because that's how strong culture can be.

As Andrew Breitbart said, “politics is downstream from culture”. Once you fix the culture, the rest will sort itself out. You simply cannot bully Poland because their patriot culture doesn't allow it.

Original channel:

A closer look at what "space" really is compared to what the Freemasonic propaganda machine NASA is brain washing the world with.

WARNING ! May contain images to truth-intense for some individuals.


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