The later, raw Dr. Slump episodes

"Today is the final episode for Dr. Slump!! All of the characters will be in this episode so all the people in the Village are so excited! Senbei is planning to invent something to surprise everyone...."

"Bargain sale will be held at the Police Station. Senbei hears that his spy camera which he invented long time ago to spy on Midori, will be at the sale. So, he decides to sneak in to the police station to erase the camera's memory...."

"Obotchaman over sleeps the day of his date with Arale! Once he gets to the meeting place, Arale is not there! He tries to look for Arale all over the village but he can't find her! Finally, he finds her but she is holding hands with another guy!!"

"Toriyama, the writer of Dr. Slump, chooses Senbei to be the next main character! Once Senbei hears this, he gets so excited but Toriyama asks him to invent a machine which will erase all the other characters!! So, Senbei invents the machine...."

"Arale and her friends see a space ship "San Shi Go" crashes into Water Strider Island. Seems like Tsukutsun's friend, Chin Tiku Lin, is on the spaceship, so they decide to go to Water Strider Island to rescue Chin Tiku Lin!"

"When King Nikochan and Joe Dan hear that Dr. Slump will end soon, they come to Penguin Village to be in the audition!!"

"Toriyama, the writer of the Dr.Slump, decides to hold an audition for his next TV shows' main character!! Once all the characters hear about this, everybody tries to win the audition!"

"While Arale and her friends are having a Christmas party, Mr. Kuriatama Santa Claus falls down from the sky! Since Kuriatama Santa is injured, Arale and her friends have to deliver all the gifts for him...."

"Senbei decides to tell everyone that Arale is a robot! One night, while Senbei is at a hostess club, a cockroach appears in Senbei's house, so Arale attacks the cockroach with her N'cha Shot, then her energy runs out and she stops!!!"

"Senbei finds out about the secret of Earth! And, Obotchaman, who has been re-created by Mashirito, starts attacking Senbei!! While Arale tries to save Senbei from Obotchaman, Mashirito takes a key from a museum...."

"While Arale and her friends are playing, they find a fossil house in the hole. When Senbei starts research on the fossil house, and he finds a letter which is written in ancient characters. Turbo reads the words with his magical powers, and he finds out it is writing about an old secret of Earth...."

"Senbei notices that Midori and Turbo aren't getting enough sleep because of his heavy snoring. So he invents a robot which will dampen the sound. After the robot eats Senbei's snoring, Midori and Turbo are able to sleep peacefully."

"An amusement park just opened at White Rhinoceros Village! Once Arale hears they have an exciting roller coaster, she and Midori start asking Senbei to take them to the Amusement Park. But, he doesn't want to go...."

"Senbei starts to cook for a dinner, because Midori gets burned. But he realizes that he cannot cook, so he invents a Cooker Machine which will cook food perfectly. However, Arale, Akane, and the Gatchans accidentally go into the Cooker Machine!!!"

"Arale and Obotchaman are on a plane going to Big City Island. They are so excited to go to City Island, but before the plane departs, Suppaman hijacks the plane!!"

"Bokuchin gets bored with his own toy, so he decides to go to Penguin Village's toy store to find new toys, but he can't find any toy that he likes. Once he sees Arale, he starts wanting to make Arale his toy...."

"Arale is going to attend to Big City Island High School for one day. Senbei worries about Arale's super powers so he invents a "Low Power Belt" to lower her power. Once she arrives at Big City Island High school, she sits next to a bully, Daisuke!"

"Senbei invents a machine which will make you dream whatever you want to dream of. And for this machine, up to five people can dream the same dreams at a same time."

"Obotchaman's cat has five kittens. But it is difficult to raise seven cats by himself. So on the next day, they decide to find someone to take the kittens!"

"While Senbei is shopping for dinner, he finds a Café called the "No Pan Cafe". So, he go into the café to see the waitress's "No Pan", but her skirt's length is too long so he cannot see it. And later, Tsuruten comes in to the café too...."

"When Peasuke gets O% on his test, his classmates laughs at him, so he screams "the Sun is stupid!!!" on the hill. Once the sun hears this, he gets mad and all of a sudden he makes it night!"

"Peasuke's favorite wrestler, Masked Melon comes to Penguin Village! Since he is a super star, everyone in the village talks about him. Melon will fight with Heyheyho who is 20 meters tall!! Is Melon going to be winner of the match?"

"Skop's big brother, Mr. Shovel transfers to Arale's school. Mr. Shovel tries to make everyone super smart but he realizes they are so stupid.... So he decides to do research on their brains...."

"When Senbei wakes up, he realizes that Mr. Thunder is in his kitchen. It seems like he brought Mr. Thunder to his home for Midori's birthday gift. But when Senbei sees Mr. Thunder is helping Midori, he thinks Mr. Thunder is flirting with her...."

"Senbei feels that Midori gave him cold, so he invents a machine which will take him to another dimension to find his true love. So he goes to a different world in which he is not married with Midori...."


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