Just watch the video lol.

Here is a video of the most hated Cuck on YouTube all butt hurt and and angry at me. Why? Apparently because I'm allowed to have a penis...?

This is the story of the skankiest skank that ever was. The story of Rose Blades aka Nuclear Thot.

The true story about the beta snowflake cuck that calls himself Coach Eli.

Mrs Bushman cleans out Mr Bushman's bank account and flies to Thailand to get a Brazilian Butt Lift so she can look just like Kim Kardashian. Poor Mr Bushman is left traumatized.

WARNING! This video has Mrs Bushman in it and should not be viewed by anyone!


Great for relaxation, meditation & even sleep lmfao ūüėā

Bushman shares his horrific ordeal of being abducted by aliens and presents 100% proof!

Never get married: This is why LMFAO!

Just watch the video!

The Bushman shows his easy to make natural remedy to cure insomnia forever. Peace!

A crowd of horrified onlookers quivered in fear as a mad bastard went on a rampage with a pair of pliers and a GoPro camera yesterday! President in disbelief! Main stream media covers it all up! Truly shocking!

This dramatic depiction shows what could happen to you in a post apocalyptic collapse if you don't take adequate security precautions. There are all sorts of mad bastards out there.

My own personal recipe for making kangaroo stew. Healthy, easy to cook and will warm your heart and soul on a cold winter's night. Enjoy!

Australia's chlamydia infested koalas are out of control. People too afraid to leave their homes. Main stream media covering up the truth. And how you can protect yourself from the disease.

These lighters are available from

This survival fishing kit is an easy and affordable DIY project for outdoor adventurers' and is a must have for your bugout / survival kit! Designed by a mad Aussie that actually does a whole lot of fishing! Peace!

In this video I share some ideas about how to utilize the Pathfinder bottle bag and stainless steel cook set as a survival kit & talk about some of the other options and why I believe this one exceeds all others! Peace!

Mad Mashup Mayhem

This video is to show what tools I would take with me if I had to bugout from my bugout location because of imminent danger, and had to dump / stash my backpack in order to be able to move fast.

Aussie shows how to cook a delicious stir-fry from fresh Sasquatch in a honey, lemon, soy and garlic sauce!

Big red shnapper, the song, by THE MAD AUSSIE BUSHMAN

Aussie bushman captures the shocking deviant behavior of mountain Sasquatches on tape! Absolutely disgusting!
Cover photo by: Todd Standing

Aussie tells of his terrifying encounter in the Australian wilderness whilst on the hunt for whoever or whatever stole his friends dope plants!

Mad as a cut snake Aussie shows you another technique for food procurement with a dash of clickbait!


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Hello, welcome to my channel. Knowledge is only knowledge if you share it. So in my videos I will share with you some of the skills that I have learned over the years when it comes to survival, hunting, fishing etc. And I will also throw in the odd random / crazy / funny video here and there, because why not! Enjoy!