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Six black men organize the theft of the century and come away rich.

A very wealthy husband is murdered in an apparent robbery gone wrong that ends up being a murder-for-hire. Find out how police came to catch this wife that wanted her husband dead.

In this issue of, Investigative Report, we visit the stories of fifteen notable women who write or speak openly about their hatred of men. Some are professional authors, celebrities, and public figures, but all are misandrists.

In this episode of Lady Hustla's, meet a Playboy model and Lady Hustla who sets up men online to prove to their wives and girlfriends that they are no faithful men. She says she profits off of women setting their men up for honor testing.

These are the current true event stories of the women who commit crimes that are tracked down by authorities and arrested in America.

Episode #1 Lady Hustla's
These are the true stories of Lady Hustla's who targeted men for their wealth and resources. Find out what happened to one cryptocurrency trader who invited a lady hustla into his life faced.

This is the actual case of a killer wife who flew too close to the sun and got burnt. If she had only taken the payout she wouldn't be charged with murder today.

In this issue of, Predator 101, we look back at the case of an NFL cheerleader who was arrested for an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old school boy.

Each year in America approximately one thousand people end up being fatalities in police stops when they are fired upon unnecessarily. These are the very true-to-life cases that have ended in tragedy.

This is a true story of what happens when a man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman for no good reason. In America as well as in many foreign countries there are men that are arrested, trialed, and sentenced for crimes they never even committed.

Learn how to pick the right person for your life based off of your intrinsic need to be connected. We show you what time and season to choose as well as understand where you are mentally when you make that choice.

Salty People book-

Salty People is an eye-opening narrative about moving beyond those who are envious of you, forgiving and finding peace with your past, appreciating the haters in life, and using these experiences as motivation to become the best version of yourself. In this humorous and profoundly relatable book, communication expert Charles Rivers emphasizes how the salty people in our lives work to inspire our dreams more than kind words would. Once we understand who strengthens us and weakens us, we can become more successful.

Have you ever had a friend or coworker who gave you their unsolicited two cents about your personal life? Or a lover who refused to support your goals because they thought your dreams were unattainable? Perhaps you have a parent or a sibling who is constantly second-guessing your opinions, regardless if you have proven that you are a capable, independent adult. If only we realized that the universe had intentionally endowed these people to exist for one purpose: To spark our initial passion for life.

Salty People Kindle-

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Salty People Audiobook-

ABOUT THE SHOW HOST: Charles Rivers is an expert in the field of relationships, teacher, and author. He is the creator of the channel “The Men's News Network” and the author of the book, SALTY PEOPLE, - "Why the Divine Universe Created your Biggest Hater to Birth your Greatest Passion ” He has appeared on television in support of relationship communication and spoken weekly on the CBS radio show “Relationship Thursdays.” He is a U.S. Army Desert Storm veteran and the winner of the Civilian Medal of Valor for bravery.

In this news brief, we discuss the difference between a woman's right to choose and a man who has to go to war because he has no right of choice.

In episode one of, "Killer for Hire" we give you the actual true-life assassination of a beautiful TSA agent by a hitman for cash.

Well over one-hundred young men are falsely accused on college campuses annually of sexual assault. Typically when these cases are determined to be false there is no recourse for the punishment of the accuser. This is such a case that occurred on a college campus.

In this first episode of female serial killers, we bring you an actual case of a woman who had an appetite for killing men. In this episode, we feature a portrait of a monster in the body of a woman.

Over the last five years, there have been 60 female teachers who have been able to plead this crime against our children to something as casual as probation. In this issue, we give you the case of twenty such women.

In this the 33rd episode of Killer Wives, we come across a wife who is the worst of the bunch. What she did to her husband was so heinous that some of the court participants that sat riveted through her trial were physically ill.

Join us on our YouTube channel this coming July 31, 2022. On that day we will launch our new show, "Follow the Music." Follow the Music is a show that features independent music artists and just about everyone else who believes that they can sing well out of the shower. If you would like to feature your personally owned video on the show email us at [email protected]

A wife who lived in a million-dollar villa exercised some nefarious plans to kill her husband of seventeen years to be with another man. Find out her fate in this episode of Killer Wives.

Since the early 1970's scientists, the government, and those who view masculinity as toxic have read male aggression wrongly. In this issue of Investigative Report, we bring you the facts on why men lean upon positive anger for generations to accomplish what needed to be done. We demonstrate why the new push to change men into something more palatable to women is a big mistake with devastating consequences. #themenschannel

The case in which a couple with less than two years marriage had a mild mannered wife do a heinous murder. But did this meek mannered woman really kill her husband, or was it a mafia style hit? #killerwives

In this issue of Investigative Report we draw the parallels between Afghanistan and the Vietnam conflict.

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Charles Rivers is a relationship-communication expert based in Southern California. He is the author of Karma Shifts, Lucid, Men Going Their Own Way, and Why Does God Hate Me and has appeared on television and spoken weekly on the CBS radio show Relationship Thursdays. He is an army combat veteran and winner of the Civilian Medal of Valor for bravery.