The Natural: Constantine

Don't let these dumb Shill motherfuckers tell you any "virus" is/was real, it is all a fucking HOAX! Done by MASONic SCUM, as always.
One more Constantine video, then this series is finished, but a new series will be on after it. I might also change the channel name to The Natural: CONmix (not sure if that is a good name, lol).

RE-GENE-A-NATION is what the Hoax plagues are all about, just like the BLACK DEATH, COVID is a HOAX! By DirTEA Masonic Scum!

There is No-Such-Thing as "Ancient", all a lie to back up their stupid fucking religions and MonARCHy!

The first of 5 side videos, made on the subject of Constantine. this video looks at the FAKE ANCIENT SOUTH AMERICAN CULTURE.

Make sure to watch the previous parts first, if you have not already.
The Natural Channel:

I will put the other parts back from next week.

There is so much on this video, a few words here will not do it justice.

When viewing this series, it is obvious why YT does not want them on their platform. They are part of this Masonic Agenda, the scum!

You can read the ABOUT PAGE for more on this series, and channel.


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If you think Constantine is just about a silly animated film, you are very wrong. I have come to see that Constantine is a predictive programming character and deeply embedded in MASONry.

So why a separate Constantine channel? On my The Natural Channel, there are a lot of videos, and by the time it is finished (+/- 120 videos), everything will be so mixed up. You see how the Constantine is spread throughout the video list, they are not together, this I do not like, viewers miss parts and it is a mess. When these videos get put on, I will delete and re-upload parts in their correct order. The first 3 parts are complete. Part 4 is on the way. Only part 1-4 follow, the rest are more independent videos that share a common theme.

This series has taken loads of research and work to create, every-time I think I have enough, more info floods in. You will see all the ties that bind. And it shows its MASONIC ties all the time. There are a lot of MASONic SHILLS on these video platforms, and they will try to put you off my research. They want you asleep again!

DO NOT... the entertainMENT industry, do not watch the hundreds of SHILLS on these video platforms (They get paid for viewing time!), and do not donate your hard earned money to them! They are scamming you, as they are paid already, by MASONry! They are LIARS and DECEIVERS! Who will confuse you and lead you down endless rabbit holes. THEY ARE ALL SCUM! And T-MASONS. Do not watch that wretched Tea-V, do not watch "satellite", lol, or any pay-for-view service. If you really want to see something, use a torrent. Do not buy their PRINT MEDIA, including comics, books and 'news'papers. Do not buy any of their TRANNY MUSIC! You will see how many bands I show, they ALL MASONIC TRANNIES! And these cunts really hate me for exposing them, lmao...

....teach your loved ones of this huge deception and MASONIC TRANNY BEASTS! You don't want them to bring one home, do you? Do teach friends, and anyone who hints they want to learn some REAL TRUTH. Do your own research, if you have time to kill, or need to know something, before contacting me, I cannot do everything. Do drop clues to work colleagues, in hope they will want to know more, but be careful of this, it can also land you in hot water. Do fight the DIRTY MASONIC TRANNIES in the COMMENT SECTIONS. Do not let them continue THEIR LYING!