I think Chauvin will spend some time behind bars, but not for murder.

The title is the description. It's not that hard to figure out.

New rules in Baltimore will decriminalize public defecation and drug possession. We are living in a clown world.

Just some thoughts I've had recently about socialism and trickle-down economics being very similar. Let me know what you think.

Something else I thought about this morning was the "shooters" personality and the amazing accuracy of his shots. No brass can be seen. The gun he used was an AR-556. Where is the spent brass?
Youtube claims I made "hate speech" in this video and removed it. Please judge for yourself.

In this episode I go in depth into several video clip from mainstream media and point out several inconsistencies. Also, the blood on the "shooters" leg doesn't look real. It never drips or runs or makes any prints on the ground as he is walking. I smell a rat in Boulder, Colorado!

I was right! Joe Biden just gave a speech in which he resorts to hero worship of Officer Tally and in the next breath mentions gun control! These people are trash and will resort to anything that gets them the power they crave.

I watched a video supposedly taken at the scene of the crime and everything looks fake! I go in depth to discuss scene by scene this short video and show you why I think it's all a lie.

The former leader of a supposed Mafia-like extortion gang owns a respirator manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. Are there any government connections? Intro music by Josh Pan.
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I have been researching evidence into corruption with the government of the Czech Republic and the new mandate of FFP2 respirators. Some journlist contacts and I uncovered info. Can't give all the details yet, stay tuned for more!

We take a look at some of the argument for a job guarantee and I give my opinions about the ideas that these economists describe.
Music by Bobby Richards

Research in California seems to conclude that the vaccines are just as effective against the new strains as they are against the original COVID-19. Great news for people who already got the vaccine!

Sinopharm vaccine is coming to the Czech Republic. Students conscripted to help in the COVID fight. 100 years of Czech literary history.

In this episode we take a look at some of the arguments made by professional economists for a job guarantee in the USA.

After being attacked with multiple scandals, #MeToo allegations and changing COVID death numbers, Governor Cuomo is having some of his power stripped by New York State!
The song is entitled Brooklyn and the Bridge by Nico Staf

Ayanna Pressley recently introduced a bill that would create a socialist style federal job guarantee. How would this change employment and society in general in the USA?
Music by DJ Freedem

Correcting a mistake in a previous video. Youtube gave me my first warning! Ayanna Presley is attempting job guarantees.
Music by Godmode

FFP2 masks in the Czech Republic. Are there kickbacks? Ayanna Presley wants job guarantees.
Music by Godmode

The Czech Republic is enacting draconian lockdowns restrictions starting March1. Soldiers in the streets! "Papers please!"

The USA, UK, and EU are discussing vaccine passports. What happens if they are passed? How might you be affected? What are the ethical problems?

2 men in North Carolina were arrested for making threats against Joe Biden. Why weren't multiple celebrities like Cathy Griffin, Madonna, and Snoop Dog, arrested for inciting violence against President Trump? Music by SefChol

Apparently white chocolate is racist now! How dare you buy that racist candy.

We finally take a brief look into the CARES Act and what that means to hospitals during the pandemic. Also, I discuss the veracity of the numbers of patients in hospitals and whether they may have been manipulated in order to gain more government aid.


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