The Northen Son

just some random rant for madness is a wonderful thing

some ranting just putting out there

playing Guitar

just some thoughts

mostly ranting...talking from personal experience thing i would do to reform the police

just some Observation of things that are happening right now

just some shit that is on my mind daily Garbage how mad is this world

what happened to David Ike

Me trying to be a film editor

Stay to the end...hopefully...enjoy

this was a test video...not sure why this will upload and others won't...this was uploaded on YouTube about a month ago

not much some stuff

just thought i would put it out there...!!

My first music video music produce by heyphishrecs using Sony sound forge 2004 / Video 1997's ninja scroll / 2019/04/14



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Where down the rabbit hole we go... find Strength within Scream out For a world gone mad we can only Imagine that things will get better...Music & Commentary....not sure where to go from for thought....just another Idiot on the Itnterwebs