The Old Sergeant Perspective

Commentary about receiving warnings and a strike on YouTube. I am sure the communists at YouTube will get all butt-hurt and take this one down too.

A short hopefully fictional story of humanity’s future.

Reading and commentary on the religious exception from taking a vaccine determination letter from the USAF Surgeon General.

Commentary on how YouTube is stifling me, a career veteran, from saying the truth because of their political reasons.

Commentary on the raid on Mike Lindell; My Pillow guy, Christian business leader, and Trump supporter.

Commentary, (okay it’s another rant), on O’Biden’s speech calling half the country enemies of their Democracy and using the Department of Justice to attack their political opposition.

Commentary on the overturning of leftist school boards throughout Florida with the help of the 1776 Project Pac.

Commentary on the deplorable state of the American military and how it got there.

An extemporaneous commentary on the FBI law fare raid of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago facility.

The Department of Commerce trying to get gun owner information by targeting gun holster companies.

Thoughts on the geopolitical situation in China and Pelosi’s reckless trip to Taiwan.

The 9 Levels of Communist Control with commentary on how the communist are using these to take control of America.

Video with commentary about agents of the federal government going to peoples houses to “verify” what guns they have.

Background and commentary on the violent, communist anarchist organization Jane’s Revenge.
[Note: “Street” Michael’s Church should have been “Saint” Michael’s Church.]

Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance and the Old Sergeant’s detailed commentary on the pledge in today’s America.

Reading a heartbreaking post from an American cowgirl. Commentary.

Reading a remarkable article in The Federalist by John R. Lott Jr. titled Why Biden’s Planned Student Loan Bailout Is Completely Unfair. Short commentary.

Another old sergeant’s short commentary on the threats to Supreme Court Justices and the general state of America.

Commentary and video about the swatting of Tim Pool’s Timcast IRL and Jeremy Hambly of The Quartering.

Commentary on the illegal alien invasion of America.

A list and commentary on the food processing plant fires and explosions in the past year.

Reporting with proof of life video from Gonzalo Lira on his being detained by the Ukrainian Security Service, the SBU.

Report and commentary on the disappearance and possible execution of Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine.
Youtube CRP:
Youtube Gonzalo Lira:

Call to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and remove President Joe Biden from office.

Commentary, [read rant], on the Washington dictator's destructive energy policy. Time to stand up and say NO to tyranny.


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The perspective of a retired Air Force Master Sergeant on current events.