The Pink Sakura

This is the Original Concept Recording of 1994 (the amazing Anthony Warlow as Jekyll/Hyde)
One of my favorite Musicals!

The Prolgue to one of my favorite musicals, Jekyll And Hyde.

(Note i did not make this, i'm just sharing the wonderful musical for the world to see!)

this is just another little video about the M3 Lee/M3 Grant.

Fun little video about the Goliath anti-tank carrier, which was used by the Wehrmacht in world war 2.

Today, i wanted to do a video on this little american biscuit. personally i think the M2 is adorable. this was fairly easy to find info on!

Hey guys! i decided to make this video about the Japanese Type 95 Heavy tank!
This is one of the few heavies the Empire of Japan created around the 1930's. while japan had no real use for heavies due to location and them mostly being a naval based military, trying to find information on this odd and interesting selection of "Heavy tanks" was rather hard. not much information is around. but just enough to fill up a video!


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