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This video looks at the potential pardoning of Roger Stone and General Flynn by President Trump.

This video lookas at the Democrats impeachment of President Trump and how it will destroy the Democrats in the long run.

This video looks at the desperation of the Democrats as they try to find an candidate that can beat Trump.

This video looks at President Trump, The Left, their Lapdog Media, and their effects on America.

This video covers my reason for this channel and a little background.

This video looks at the Democrats impeachment debacle.

This video looks at the democrats attempt to impeach Trump.

This video looks at the Climate Change hysteria and some additional things to consider.

This video looks at the abortion issue and offers a solution that NO ONE will like BUT its the only solution that has a chance.

NOTE: I know this will upset a lot of people but I felt compelled to put it out there.

This video looks at Francis (Beto) O'Rourke's ridiculous and blatantly anti-american gun grab.

This video looks at President Trump's most recent successful arson. He has made the MSM and Liberals set their hair on fire!


This video looks at presidential polls and their accuracy.

This video looks at celebrities offering their opinions on politics and whether or not we should listen to them.

This video looks at the reason for the tariffs on Chinese products and the benefits of making the "stuff" here.

This video looks at the state of comedy in America today.

This video looks at why we should be THANKING rich people for all of the stuff they made affordable for everyone else.

NOTE: "Rich" and "Upper middle-class" are used in the context meaning they are people that have extra money to spend and buy things that others can't afford when they are first introduced to the public. This may also include Middle-class as well as others in different income brackets.

This video looks at the commentary by Center-Left Journalist/Pundit Tim Pool and his take on the new policy on immigration from Pres Trump.

You can find Tim's full, unedited video at:

This video looks at the gun control issue.

The Hunt - Is it just a typical Hollywood horror film? Or is it something else? WARNING - GRAPHIC TRAILER!

This video looks at the current state of our News Media (MSM). This is a "strive towards a solutions" based video and not just a bi**h session.

This video looks at AOC and her apparent lack of understanding and/or intelligence.

This video looks at the petulant children disguised as professional actors and athletes and whether or not we give two shits what they think. TRIGGER WARNING...WE DON'T!

This video looks at the MSM and the results of their attacks on President Trump's 4th of July festivities.

This video looks at the results of my UNSCIENTIFIC "study" of YouTube vs Bitchute.


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