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This video looks at starting a new and different channel. Don't unsubscribe, I'll post here where my new channel is. Thanks and see you soon!

This video looks at the MSM and answers some of the questions surrounding the make-up of the MSM and how they are acting.

This video looks at college vs trade schools.

This video looks at some of the flawed positions that are supported by democrats and how it will cost them in 2020.

This video looks at the fight between the House and the Senate on conducting the Impeachment Trial of President Trump.

This video looks at celebrities and athletes and the eagerness to share their opinions on politics.

This video looks at the recent strike in Iraq.

This video looks at a recent tweet by Jeffrey Toobin.

This video looks at a false add put out supporting the Biden campaign.

Note: My apologies for the typo in the title.

This is revision 3 of my "introductory" video. I have been experimenting with different levels of "frustration" and "discourse" and have decided to take a more serious and deliberate (less angry) look at current political events.

Please leave helpful comments. We get nowhere when we belittle.

This video looks at the definition of "Quid Pro Quo" and how the democrats are, once again, accusing President Trump of doing the same thing THEY WERE (ARE) ACTUALLY DOING!

This video looks at the recent "impeachment" of President Trump. Is it valid, what can we do about it, are there any differences that impeachment makes?...

Have the parties flipped?

This video looks at the impeachment debacle started by the democrats.

This video looks at China and their human rights abuses.

This video looks at the "flipping of the script" between the democrats and republicans.

This video lookas at the Democrats impeachment of President Trump and how it will destroy the Democrats in the long run.

This video looks at the desperation of the Democrats as they try to find an candidate that can beat Trump.

This video looks at President Trump, The Left, their Lapdog Media, and their effects on America.

This video looks at the Democrats impeachment debacle.

This video looks at the democrats attempt to impeach Trump.

This video looks at the Climate Change hysteria and some additional things to consider.

This video looks at the abortion issue and offers a solution that NO ONE will like BUT its the only solution that has a chance.

NOTE: I know this will upset a lot of people but I felt compelled to put it out there.

This video looks at Francis (Beto) O'Rourke's ridiculous and blatantly anti-american gun grab.

This video looks at President Trump's most recent successful arson. He has made the MSM and Liberals set their hair on fire!



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