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A collection of reports following Hurricane Katrina where troops and police went door to door confiscating guns and how preachers sold this idea to their flock.

The Great Reset has begun

As the covid-19 vaccine rollout spreads across the planet, some countries are banning companies tied in with the billionaire class invested in the cash cow that covid-19 is. In order to manipulate the bans and vital vaccine injury information, Technocrat Bill Gates is "fact checking" these stories. Controlling the narrative in the name of globalist self interest.

As the One Party rule Democrats seek to turn Government committees into echo chambers of totalitarian scams. It isn't enough for the Democrats to control the government through shady voting practices. Now they are turning their tyrannical focus on total control of the media.

This unwavering propaganda machine is being championed by the likes of former CNN anchor Soldedad O'Brien. O'Brien's hypocrisy is on full display after she supported the Trump Russian collusion hoax and tweeted support for Jussie Smollett. But O'Brien self righteously has positioned herself to be an overlord of truth decay.

AT the center of the Democrat's truth gambit, Democratic Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney wrote a letter to the ceos of the country’s largest television providers, bullying them into purging Fox News, Newsmax and One America News Network from their cable lineups claiming that these networks promote “misinformation and conspiracy theories.” Constitutional Scholar Jonathan Turley weighed in on the clear violation of the Constitution.

We aren't even 2 months into the Democrat's control of power and they are already attempting to silence their critics by snuffing out what is left of free speech.

Before 1933 President Elects were inaugurated on March 4th. Quivering from the threats of the almighty unknowable Qanon, the Democrat lead Nuthouse of Representatives has cancelled their March 4th Session due to imminent threats from the far right boogeyman that is supposed to plow through fences topped with razor wire and guarded by roughly 6000 National Guardsmen.

50 of which that were treated for gastrointestinal issues as The New York Post reported “Multiple Michigan National Guard members stationed at the U.S. Capitol were sickened after they were served food that was raw, moldy, undercooked and even filled with metal shavings, the state’s congressional delegation said in a letter.”

And as the Democrats create more boogeyman threats rolling out targeted dates into the fall. Sucking the power of We The People with vampiric abandon.There is also paranoid intelligence about March 20, the day the Republican party came to life in 1834. And tax day,April 15: and there are plenty more frightening federal holidays where those came from. Of course nobody showed up on March 4th. Regardless the madness will continue outside the capitol for at least two more months. While the snakes in the House passed a sweeping expansion of federal voting oversight. Spitting in the face of the very -reason the Capitol was breached to begin wit

Meanwhile The Capitol Police backed up by the largest combined police force in the nation revealed their keystone cops mentality in hearing after hearing. As the shock wears off. The Democratic corpracratic machine combined with Liz Cheney Republican empty threats to protect the largest Country Club in the United States won’t sit well for much longer amongst a majority of the Republic.

America is slowly learning what many other countries already know. They are being preyed upon by a globalist shutdown of essential industries worldwide. Countries like China remain exempt and immune to the crippling regulations that are destroying global agriculture hubs. While President Joe BIden mutters through an America last economic policy favoring the World Bank and Bill and Melinda Gates great shutdown synthesizing into a new world order.

Bill Gates and Microsoft will now get exclusive access to the confidential medical records of children as they launch a program to give a "pass" to students that take the COVID-19 vaccine. This propaganda cartoon explains.

FULL SHOW: Texas Gov. Ends Mask Mandate, Opens Texas 100%
Texas makes national headlines as the Governor, Greg Abbott, announces an end to COVID restrictions, saying next week Texas will be 100% open and end mask mandates. We respond to that news and take callers in response as well. Dr. Seuss is the latest victim of cancel culture, but this only creates more demand for his books as prices sky rocket online. Tom Pappert joins to discuss this and the current situation with schooling in America. Alex Jones responds to the latest mainstream media fake news narrative against him.

Monday Live: Trump Returns, Declares War on Globalist Agenda in Powerful CPAC Speech - FULL SHOW 3/1/21
Meanwhile, Secret Service sources report Biden's decline is acceleration, maybe gone within months. Tune into the #1 pro-human, anti-globalist transmission in the world and share the links if you want to defeat the enemy's censors!

FULL SHOW: Breaking: Democrats Storm Georgia Capitol… Will They Be Labeled Insurrectionists?
For all the obsessing the Democrats and mainstream media did over the “insurrection” on the Capitol on January 6th, they did quite a job ignoring Democrat protesters who invaded the Georgia state capitol today in outrage the new Georgia election laws call for a valid ID to receive an absentee ballot. New allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo have surfaced, along with an awkward video of him asking a woman to ‘eat the whole sausage’. More Biden voter remorse as Charlamagne the god is calling out the Biden crime bills and other moves against Black Americans on a podcast with T.I.. Daniel McCarthy joins to discuss the vote audit underway in Arizona. The liberal attack on the innocence for children and white people continues.

Alex Jones breaks down President Trump’s epic CPAC speech, where he excoriated Joe Biden’s disastrous globalist policies and warned the establishment wing of the GOP that they have no hope of retaking the White House without the support of the MAGA movement.

Step into the echo chamber getting to their bottom of what happened at the Capitol on January 6th.

For the most part, the proceedings attempted to investigate claims based on the Democrat’s perception of what happened by spinning outright lies.

For the record, The Proud Boys are not an anti Semitic white supremacist organization. But, much like the Charlottesville hoax, the immigrant children in cages deception, the bogus impeachment’s of Donald Trump, the Presidential election debacle or the numerous coverups of the Biden Crime family, most of the Democrat’ case was based on fearmongering fiction and gaslighting.

Meanwhile, there is still is no timetable regarding opening up the Capitol grounds to the taxpayer. But there is plenty of talk about fortified plans to emergency fencing and install bulletproof glass on the 221 year old building. Meanwhile fortresses are being built to protect the ongoing madness of the leftist mob as the New York Post reports "The Minneapolis courthouse where ex-cop Derek Chauvin will stand trial for murder in the death of George Floyd is being turned into a veritable fortress. Hennepin County District Court, where jury selection is due to begin March 8, is being ringed with concrete barriers, security fencing, and barbed wire — and a beefed-up security presence that will include the National Guard.

You want security, it’s simple, listen to the American people.

The next big threat to humanity will be the manipulated weather crisis

Wendy Williams reveals her true feeling about the coronavirus vaccine to Dr. Oz.

Wake UP!!! Globalism is Dystopic by Design – Learn How to Fight It - FULL SHOW 2/25/21
Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab say our future is drinking sewage, eating bugs and weeds under the watchful eye of combat robots. The New World Order is the science is tyranny, but free humanity & Infowars is the cure. Plus, Deep State Democrats are laying the groundwork for a 25th Amendment coup against Biden and a transfer of presidential powers to the bureaucracy.

FULL SHOW: Democrats Begin Process Of Subverting Joe Biden In Pelosi Takeover Of Democrat Party
Owen is joined by anti-lockdown activist Chris Sky, who shares his experience travelling, being in Canada, and fighting against medical tyranny. He also exposes Andrew Cuomo's #METOO moment coming into fruition and calls out liberals' culture of sexual deviancy for corrupting young minds and the future of the country.

The U.S. Dept. of Energy has confirmed that there has been UFO sightings over every major U.S. nuclear launch site.

The countdown to UFO Disclosure has begun! The Pentagon has 4 months to reveal what it knows about UFOs.

Many would assume that the Democrat's seizing of the government and transforming it into a liberal fortress of totalitarianism and globalist handouts was just business as usual. They assumed that the United States could endure either corpracratic ruling party's policies. Except the party in the District of Criminals is wielding an agenda that has been decades in the making. And the first order of business is eliminating any dissent. The transformation of the United States from the land of the free to the land of the enslaved is chaotically metastasizing right before your very eyes. And they won't rest until everyone with a free thought is canceled.

Traveling Canadian refuses the COVID-19 test that the government claims is mandatory all he gets is a ticket.

The Federal government has fallen to the CCP

We now live in an upside down world where transgender rights and feelings. A percentage of .4 of the United States population, now determines how nearly 100 percent of the population of the United States will conduct their daily existence.

While the future of female sports is denied pushing the envelope of their natural biology in favor of men disguised as females robbing them of all of their hard work and sacrifice.

Dr. Drew, Viva Frei, and Zubin Damania (ZDoggMD) have an honest medical and legal conversations about lockdown, COVID, the legal system and more. They talk about the facts of COVID, such as mortality rates and the development of lockdown strategies. Interviewed by Dave Rubin from The Rubin Report.

Speaker Pelosi and her loathe some gang of geriatric globalism swindlers are so riddled with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they should all be carted off to a mental facility instead of wasting the taxpayers time and money. But of course they will be given a blank check to prolong the madness with a 9/11 style commission to investigate Trump’s role in the Capitol Riot on January 6th.

The actual 9/11 commission formed 18 years ago. During that investigation the CIA withheld information regarding the 9/11 hijackers. Will Pelosi omit the fact that Schumer and herself in league with Sargent at arms are involved in a cover up of the cause of the security breach of the Capitol on January 6th?

And as the culture of fear grows. Donald Trump will poke the hornets nest with an appearance at CPAC.

Pelosi’s commission will likely create targeted designations on patriots across the nation. Further dooming the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments into oblivion.

We are chained to a self replicating system of lesser magic utilized by powerful sociopaths that are in control of the will of you and your family. To maintain their dominance, the powers that be manufacture a reality that they have developed over the ages. And in order to roll that reality out, they must telegraph it to the masses. Creating a self fulfilling prophecy in the form of a tsunami of debilitating propaganda that has infiltrated our culture, our souls, and the future of humanity.


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