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Trump Vows to “Shut Down” Big Tech Censors + Smoking Gun Proof Cuomo Deliberately Killed 5,000 People - FULL SHOW 5/27/20
With 159 days until the election, the gloves are off and the real fight has started! Watch & spread the live link below! Don’t miss this bombshell Wednesday edition of the most banned broadcast in the world! Tune in!

Topics by Timecode:

— 00:04:30 DAY 72 America Held Hostage

— 00:13:52 The Two-Faced Lies About Face Masks

— 00:22:17 Another LIE COVID EXPOSED: transmission without symptoms

— 00:31:39 Washington Health Department admits counting gun shot deaths as COVID19

— 00:41:52 Amy Klobuchar trashes HCQ (that saved her husband) to get Biden VP slot

— 00:46:23 George Floyd, latest victim of Minneapolis PD; Violence erupts as media pushes race war narrative that keeps REAL reform from happening

— 01:18:14 Amazon now delivers packages of “news” to mainstream media & they dutifully parrot

— 01:29:05 Michael Moore, liberal troll, gets censored by liberal trolls (and YouTube)— for being right for a change

— 01:37:42 YouTube & Twitter become govt censors — for CHINA

— 01:55:47 Trump says he will do something as Twitter begins to censor HIM

Astronauts Set To Take Flight As Small Businesses Crater - War Room Full Show
Harrison Smith sits in for Owen Shroyer in this high-energy episode of the War Room. As 100,000 Americans become victims of Coronavirus, Big Tech Censorship surges, and small businesses collapse, the American people are finally saying enough is enough. Author and business owner Dave Thomas Roberts joins to share his wisdom in founding businesses and weather the storm of government intervention.

Topics by Timecode:

— 00:04:27 World is Upside Down — Mexicans are building a wall to keep COVID19 out as Trump enacts AOC’s Universal Basic Income

— 00:06:50 Where’s my handout? Single mom forced into unemployment now faces homelessness, 37% dependent on food banks

— 00:22:11 PROVEN — lockdown made NO difference

— 00:31:34 Hamsters, face masks & human guinea pigs

— 00:41:53 THIS is how we dishonor the military on Memorial Day

— 00:46:24 Man handing out free money to be charged? And, beaches show emperors have no clothes

— 00:52:04 NPR ranks 14 activities for “RISK”; guess which one is the most dangerous

— 01:04:05 Trump says churches essential, Ninth Circuit Court says NO, churches agree with court

— 01:28:06 An amendment to stop medical tyranny & defend informed consent

— 01:37:36 Moderna, Gilead and toxic pharma profits & poisons

— 01:51:32 Brave New Schools and child kidnapping — for COVID, of course

Memorial Day Weekend Leads To Resistance To Lockdowns And Liberal Meltdowns - War Room Full Show
Harrison Smith and Savanah Hernandez fill in for Owen Shroyer to discuss the latest swath of fake news and manufactured outrage. A debate over the Clash of the Karens, fury at the ignorance of the American people, and expert analysis by National File’s Tom Pappert: all of this and more in today’s edition of the War Room.

As thousands of Americans pour onto the now open beaches of America. Most Americans are waking up to the undeniable fact that they were lead astray. Coronavirus numbers were skewed. Authoritarian politicians abused their power. And the united front never materialized. The media's lock down narrative has gradually become back chatter to a nation burned out on the globalist deception.

You may not have been informed by a leftist media conglomerate that refused to air the President's national response to the Coronavirus. Or a VA that took down his portrait. But maybe.... just maybe they might mention the stellar job President Trump has done to reform the Veterans Administration. Meanwhile President Trump is the only one bold enough to recognize our fundamental rights. While Congress and the media continue their blatant disregard for everything our Veterans and fallen soldiers fought for.

Kaitlin discusses Joe Biden's recent comments

Brian Wilson breaks down the deadly side effects of 5G's electromagnetic radiation on birds, bees, and, ultimately, humankind.

Iphones Latest Update Tells You It's Contact Tracing! Texas Says No!

We are 161 days out from the election...And Joe Biden wants you to know that he will beat Joe Biden. Biden has set himself up for disaster. He is clearly an old school racist from a bygone era. His latest statements have created a neverending storm of criticism. Democrats are scrambling to normalize the damage. Promoting questionable poll numbers as their schizophrenic ideology clashes. Regardless everyone knows that Joe Biden doesn't stand a chance. We are all just patiently awaiting what will be the most embarrassing Presidential debate in U.S. History.

It's Happening! Thousands of Churches Rebel Against UN-Controlled Lockdown - FULL SHOW 5/22/20

On this critical transmission, Alex Jones interviews preachers and others saying NO to the UN takeover that’s eradicating the First Amendment. Tune in as we cover the war for the First Amendment brewing inside America as churches tell the government not to interfere in their religious freedoms:

Battle to reopen America intensifies — spread and share this critical link to bypass the censorship!

“Charlamagne Tha God” And Other Black Liberals Cuck To Joe Biden And Democrat Party - War Room Full Show

It’s open line Friday so we have from callers on the viral Joe Biden comment about black people voting Democrat. Bryson and Gary Gray join the show in an epic debate about whether Joe Biden’s comments fly or not with black people. Richard Reeves joins Owen in studio and lays out the blue print for getting Owen to speak at the Republican National Convention. Owen makes a big announcement and blueprint for how you can get involved as well. We look at some of the latest developments in the Obama scandal and the Coronavirus shut down. Anthony Fauci calls into the show.

World Exclusive! mRNA Vaccines Constitute an 'Alien' Nanotech Takeover - FULL SHOW 5/20/20

Vanderbilt researchers describe the process as nanotech viruses taking over every cell in the human body. Tune in as we uncover the nanotech technology being introduced during the coronavirus takeover of the globe:

21 years as a Health Care Worker, RN Josiah Dan gives a great speech about what he is seeing on the front lines of the Covid Plandemic

Topics by Timecode:

— 00:04:32 Day 66 of America Held Hostage: Drive-In church service fined, Restaurant fined $150,000 for opening, state rep booted by Dems AND GOP for no mask

— 00:24:00 Small retailer locked down, now closed forever, no subsidy but Target sales DOUBLE

— 00:31:48 Soros’ Keith Ellison — tyrant of the week

— 00:42:01 Father relates the fear instilled into his daughter by the COVID narrative

— 00:46:35 600 doctors pen letter to Trump begging him to stop his lockdown that is KILLING people

— 01:04:33 United State of Venezuela, 10 years of change in 10 weeks as Americans become government dependents with Yang’s UBI

— 01:19:29 No pork in the supermarket, but plenty of pork for Planned Parenthood in the first round of CARES Act

— 01:28:35 Establishment is freaking out about homeschooling. A black homeschooling mom pushes back against the racist claims of a Harvard elitist

— 01:38:02 Pfizer, AstraZeneca & other BigPharma companies join the mad race to vaccinate EVERY American for COVID

— 01:46:22 Gerald Celente,, on the coming tax revolt and the current failure of NY lockdown

Topics by Timecode:

— 00:00:00 Kamala Harris wants to make saying Wuhan Flu, hate speech. What about Asian Flu of 1957, Hong Kong Flu of 1976? Can we call this the Fauci Flu?

— 00:04:29 Day 67 America Held Hostage, “My Business was Raided by the Police” - actually it was Barney Fife who came after Nick Koumalatsos’ business. This and other stories of attacks on our lives and liberties —we have to “nip it, nip it in the bud”

— 00:20:54 Gay mayor of Chicago gleefully goes after churches, Gov Pritzker, fat cat of privilege goes after everyone

— 00:31:38 It’s NOT just Democrat politicians who are out of line

— 00:46:16 Double counting test results in UK, CDC combining antibody tests with viral tests — then there’s the questionable accuracy of the tests themselves

— 00:55:38 Jon Rappoport,, who was right from the beginning, joins to talk about CDC’s junk science, dangerous concerns about Vaccine Czar Slaoui ’s Moderna, and how churches can stop this insanity and fear.

— 01:23:30 Biden says he can beat Biden. He’s right

— 01:27:51 Election fraud: if Microsoft counts the votes, do the votes count?

— 01:37:19 CDC finally tells the truth — COVID not spread on surfaces, pets

— 01:45:42 Docs prefer HCQ but YouTube censors and media rages. And research says medical marijuana protects

— 01:54:59 The danger of mRNA vaccines & Trump’s push for vaccines at any cost

Joe Biden is a poor guardian over the diseased corruption piled up in his closet emboldened by decades of lies. How else could someone, as new evidence reveals, be privately obsessed with covering his and his son Hunter's tracks of corruption in Ukraine. While publicly pretending he knows nothing about it? Biden's House of Cards is wobbling in the breeze. As it becomes abundantly clear why Hunter Biden received $50,000- $80,000 a month while sitting on Burisma’s board of directors since 2014 despite having no energy, environmental, or managerial experience. While Joe Biden was allegedly funneled $900,000 for “lobbying activities,” by Burisma Group, according to a criminal case spearheaded by Ukraine’s parliamentarian Andriy Derkach.

And now Senate Republicans have voted to authorize their first subpoena for Blue Star Strategies, a consulting firm linked to Burisma as part of their investigation into Hunter Biden and his role on the board of the Ukraine energy firm Burisma Holdings.

But even though Biden allegedly used his VP office to funnel millions to his son and himself in league with a corrupt Foreign Energy company under investigation and then went on to blatantly cover his tracks. Its doubtful that Washington DC will face its cancerous corruption beyond Attorney General Barr's lingering dog and pony show.

Laura Loomer joins National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley to discuss startling video showing Broward County, Florida officials describing how they will separate families for forced quarantines.

Loomer also discusses her growing campaign for Congress, and how she will use her experience as a journalist while in Washington, D.C.

Alex Jones gives the globalists a little taste of his anti-NWO techno power.

Ritual public humiliation.

Fake News is very real and very present. Even through all the hate thats thrown at Trump daily, he still wants to help this nation back on it's feet and make it great again! #ILOVEMYPRESIDENT

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Watch Live: Trump Fights to Keep America Open Amid Globalist Power Grab - FULL SHOW 5/21/20
Tune into the most banned broadcast in the world! President Trump is working overtime to save America from collapse!

Owen Shroyer gives us our daily coronavirus panic news, then The Doc diagnoses an Infowars Video Editor who might have the scary China Virus. After, Tom Pappert guest hosts the rest of the broadcast, and interviews Patrick Howley who exposes the coronavirus contact tracing agenda, and how it will lead to forced government quarantines. Then, Virginia House Candidate Jarome Bell joins War Room to explain how the Democrats’ push for vote by mail will ensure there is never another Republican victory.


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