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Project Veritas has revealed through hidden camera interviews what many of us assumed--Twitter operates as a mini Socialist "Utopia". The BigTech Communists at Twitter are up in arms about Elon Musk's potential purchase of the company. Will Twitter--a bot-filled microblog run by Radical Leftists--survive the rocky road ahead?

Doug Mastriano has won the GOP nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania. Will he be able to surmount the uphill battle which is the democratic machine & rigged elections in the Liberty State?

Our nation has become two nations; Constitution-loving, Patriotic Red, White and Blue blooded Americans and Radical Leftist/Marxists who want to destroy the USA. How this will all end will hinge on the issue of Abortion.

Trump trolls the Gaffe Machine--could he have gotten more votes than Obama?

Have you tired the new flaming sauce at Taco Bell?

There is a new show, ladies and gentleman--airing nationwide! Leave It To Biden!

Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 MULES is soon to be released. Will it bring enough conviction to cause legislatures to undue the sandal of the century--the stolen 2020 election?

Who is Elon Musk really?

Is Kari Lake, the former news anchor and Obama supporter, truly MAGA through and through? Or is this another bad pick by Trump? From Abbott to Oz, what in the world is Trump thinking with these endorsements?

WALLETMOR, a British-Polish tech company, is selling their hand chip - which enables the implanted to buy or sell with the ease of scanning their hand. Future features will allow the implanted to record they medical and vaccination status as well as to be used for identification purposes. THE PRECURSOR TO THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS HERE...

Conservatives are putting their liberty eggs in one South African Basket called "Musk". But should Twitter even be saved? And is A.I. enthusiast, Elon Musk, really the hero he is being portrayed as?

Was the New York Subway Shooting by suspect Frank James another failure of state governments not allowing their citizens to carry, or is it actually another false flag to get our attention off the real problems and/or an attempt to take away our 2nd Amendment?

Red counties in California are aligning to form a new state -- New California -- which is an attempt to return to true originalist and constitutionalist principles. With Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco counties excluded, Old California will be reduced to these few Marxist metropolises.

Rick Leaven (who goes by the name, "Rachel Levine") has been crowned 4 star Admiral of the PHSCC--a federal uniformed health service modeled after the Navy. A disgusting joke that mocks our military and is another push to mainstream and normalize sexual deviancy.

How do we fight against the NFO? We out them says Dr Robert Malone. From Gavin Newsome to Justin Trudeau, the elites are doing their best to establish a global feudal empire, with Oligarchs on top and the rest of us as peasants at the bottom...

Will Joe Rogan man-up and cut off Spotify for its bias in censoring his content? Or in the end, is the mighty greenback all that truly matters?

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says that the "peasants" (we who reject their "science") of the New Feudal Order are criminals for rejecting the vaxx and passing on becoming a vaxxhole.

Mayorkas comes from a family that fled tyranny in Poland and communism in Cuba. Yet, it seems he did not evade the vampiric bite of Marxism. Now he is issuing threats against any American who claims the 2020 election was stolen, or who state that COVID-19 was a global scam.

Graham Cracker and Mitch McNugget reek of the perfume of the RINO Uniparty. Its all a game, friends. Like a professional wrestling match--the babyfaces and the heels. But in the end, we pay for the show and they pop -a-top in the dressing room and count the dough they made off us.

What do you know!? Our CIA Deep State government now confesses to funding biolabs in Ukraine!

Too funny! Just watch it!

Justice Gableman has motioned for Wisconsin to Decertify the 2020 presidential election.

In 1971, Pierre & Margaret to a trip to the Caribbean, disclosing all their travel stops except one sole island, which remained unnamed. The similarity in appearance is uncanny! Justin Trudeau could not be the son of infertile Pierre. So this begs the question: Who is his father?

Let the revolution begin! Freedom Convoys are beginning to take place all over; Canada, Alaska, Hungary, Latvia, New Zealand and France! What action will the Great Reset Dictators take next?

When will Patriots get justice concerning the 2020 rigged election? After Arizona was sabotaged by Patrick Bryne's The America Project & Cyber Ninjas, now we have confusion regarding the Joint Resolution 120 in Wisconsin, proposed by House Member Timothy Ramthum. We need a solution to stop future election theft.


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