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As the Top Secret Docs story continues to unfold, who will be next to be guilty of having classified documents on their personal premises?

Pop has been enjoying his time in the Land of the Rising Sun. We will be back soon with a livestream show…

Three New Q drops just landed and corrupt Maricopa County signs off on the steal.

New Q drops have just landed. BQQM! Nothing we didn't know already...

Pence came out ahead of Trump and made his announcement that he is considering running in 2024. Prayerful consideration or utter folly?

Everything to do with the attack on Paul Pelosi reeks of a DNC inside job to try and sway voters to come out for the Radical Left. We called it months ago, when we said that the DNC would sacrifice a prominent democrat for the sake of the election.

9 "activists" with Scientist Rebellion glued their hands to a car showroom floor and complained later when a defecating dish was refused them. Seems like they forgot their Eco Warrior Survival Kit...

Miss Faye is an Oakland Real American Hero - saving her neighbor from a purse snatcher with her courage and a cane.

Igor has been acquitted by his new master... the FBI.

In Australia, if you die from the COVID venom jab, you may be eligible for a free funeral! Not that you will be around to enjoy it...

Join us as we take an in-depth look at the famous Zapruder Film--one of the few recorded films of the JFK assassination on November 22, 1963. Is this film an accurate portrayal of the death of JFK or has it been altered to cover-up the reality of what happened?

Nearly 60 years have passed since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the youngest president in US history. But the truth of who perpetrated the act has been hidden from the public. Join us as we dig in to this mother-of-all conspiracies.

How should America loving Patriots respond to the intel and predictions of Q? Trump is no longer hiding his support and connection with Q--is this all for show? It is legit? We hope to present a balanced view...

For the sake of beating a dead horse... Greg's lawsuit is one of the last remaining to fix the steal that took place in Pennsylvania.

The book by Greg Stenstrom:

Our review on "My Son Hunter" by Robert Davy.

Are the Q drops legitimate intel? According to a General, the information comes from the Secret Army of Northern Virginia. Since last week, Trump has come out strong endorsing Anons. What are we to make of this?

Did you know we have been in perpetual Continuity of Government since 9-11-2001? What is the President-King and is our country on the trajectory to be reconstituted as a Republic? 17SOG has released a wealth of info we should all take a serious look at.

It was a bright day in Wyoming today... but the American people are losing with inflation rising and the Fake B.I. targeting We The People.

The transgender movement is a wedge being used to open the floodgates of Transhumanism.

We are beyond Banana Republic status; if the FBI can raid Trump, then they can persecute We The People.

Various takes on the world around us...

Never mess with an 80 year old shopkeeper with a shotgun... unless you want your arm blown off.

We take a look at the latest wins in the primaries taking place in America...

Nancy Pelosi has a history of interjecting herself where she does not belong. The Speaker of the House has enflamed tensions in visiting Taiwan--which no US official has done in over 25 years. But why did she really go?

In 1910, on Jekyll Island a plan was crafted by bankers that led to a century of war and which has put We The People in serfdom to the elites.


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