The squirrel man


Went for a ride through the valley

Some one in this town has to remember that they are free


even Ottawa seems to be lacking the leprechauns


Mr mouse made some moves and now enjoys the good maskless life in the mouse mansion

Driving by the airport where the military is supposed to train

This town doesn't e joy freedom lady wearing a poppy Masking gave her contact info to drink a coffee in a free country those poor soldiers are rolling in their graves at the disrespect and utter disregard for their sacrifices


Came across an interview of Joe Biden
2007, US Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) speaks about Israel in an Shalom TV interview in Washington, DC.

Old book I got today on Ontario's public school hygiene in 1910 sharing what I thought interesting

just a drive around the valley ended at the wharf came up to a gathering of valley folk enjoy the beautiful day staring at the French land across the river

The exhibit stayed in town visited on Nov 8th 2020 here's what I saw and a link to the video they played
had to diaper up but at least they will have fun if they want to contact trace ;)

A native plant to Ontario the sunchoke is a type of wild su flower that offers up a tuber st the end of the year and beginning of spring. Some advice I've heard is they store poorly out of the ground so harvest as needed in fall and early spring before they sprout


The only ones the wars really brought freedom to is isreal at the cost of our children's lives

If you don't wear a mask you don't stand for the freedom our soldiers fought and died for, at least Isreal got their freedom


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