The squirrel man

Arnprior Ontario's McNamara Trail and the sights to be seen

Weird cloudy boi in the sky between Cobden and Renfrew Ontario on the highway 17

Dementia is one hell of a drug for a world leader to be on

Renfrew County medical officer of health
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Arnprior Ontario no frills parking lot, this child drove up and starting having some sort of meltdown, shame her parents didn't teach her civility or how to act in public

No frills mask people be wack, need to stay home if you are not capable of functioning like an adult in public

Huyck Felt Makers
Arnprior Ontario Canada history

Reupload from a YouTube video that was taken down


Old man was scared I didn't wear a mask in shoppers drug mart

Arnprior Ontario rainbow December 1 2020




Went for a ride through the valley

Some one in this town has to remember that they are free


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