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This is what was happening just after sunset outside the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton, Georgia – a spontaneous eruption of the Holy Spirit of the Living God, 2020 style.
What a great God we serve and how lucky we are to live in this nation.
I want to thank those at Homes by Marciano & Company – Keller Williams for capturing this rare and wonderful moment on Facebook Live.
Please someone in Comments tell me the name of this piece of music and who did it?

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
So here is my working theory. Bernie will obviously not ever be the Desperado nominee for anything from here on. He’s totally been outed as a lifelong communist. But Biden’s wife needs to take him home where he can write whatever memoirs he has left in peace and play some golf and call it a day.
But the Biden group has been relentless in trying to prop up the old horse to try to get him across the finish line. There is big money involved in these campaign operations and a lot people stand to win at least another 7-1/2 months billing at $350 to $500 per hour. Yup, that’s what top campaigners get paid. I’ve seen the billing up close and personal.
So if Andrew Cuomo’s big life plan has always been to run for POTUS in 2020, how do you get rid of the guy that most of the Desperados have agreed is best suited to try to beat the unbeatable.
Well, first of all you have to try to establish yourself as a credible national candidate.
Cuomo got stepped on when Michael Bloomberg decided he would jump into the race with the billion-dollar Super Tuesday strategy. Well after that turned out to be a billion dollar bust, Cuomo only had one shot, to build a set that looked as Presidential as possible, then convince Suzanne Scott the relatively new CEO of Fox News and Fox Business that when it comes to the ChinaVirus pandemic, as New York goes so goes the nation.
But instead, Cuomo’s ChinaVirus emergency set looks a bit more like the lemonade stand from Captain Kangaroo show of his youth – not that well thought out.
Madame Scott - by the way, she wouldn’t be the wife of Fox regular Jon Scott, would she? Hope so.
In any case, Cuomo was able to convince Suzanne Scott to – in the interest of political “equal time” – to give Cuomo’s Emergency Lemonade Stand an almost equal footing with the typically hour-long Trump ChinaVirus Task Force daily updates at noon.
So, the rest of Fox Nation now has had to suffer Cuomo for the last 10 days or so, blathering on about the intricacies of saving the state of New York – you know Babylon on the Hudson.
Cuomo hopes this gets him sufficient national attention to make a case for him being the Presidential candidate substitute for Jumpin Joe Biden should something untold happen to the presumptive Desperado nominee.
Notice, that in the first few days of the Governor Cuomo show at 11, he was very appreciative to President Trump – never saying a cross word – getting all he can out of the ChinaVirus pandemic emergency catastrophy Lemonaid Stand. Oh, and do you know that both Prince Charles and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have now tested positive for the ChinaVirus.
Who’s next, the Pope? Has he been seen recently? Trump, himself? Is anyone safe, and forget about that old 70-year-old cure for malaria – such anecdotal nonsense - but whatever you do don’t feed it to your fish.
But now that Congress has set into law whatever money New York will receive, yesterday, a new firebranded Gov. Cuomo started blasting Trump from the Lemonaide stand for his insufficient relief to the Empire state.
Headline: “Cuome Calls $2.2 Trillion Relief Bill ‘Reckless’ for Insufficient Aid to New York. Also yesterday he demanded of the President 40,000 ventilators be immediately shipped to New York.
There probably aren’t that many in the entire country.
Trump weighed in on this demand, suddenly fully aware that Cuomo’s friendship ended once his share of the money was cast in stone.
Also yesterday – in one of the most amazing coincidences in the history of American politics – one of the seven women who have accused Joe Biden of sexual improprieties, Tara Reade, gave a radio interview to Katie Halper, a talk show host on the most far left radio network in the United States – Pacrifica’s flagship station, WBAI (read: far-left wants to take out Biden). On this interview, for the first time, Tara gave a blow-by-blow description of the alleged sexual assault which took place on the Capital grounds. Oh, did I forget to mention the location for WBAI, New York, NY.
So, we’ll see if this works for the Emergency Lemonaid Stand manager, Gov. Andrew You’re your National C

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro was indicted by the Drug Enforcement Agency today on charges of drug trafficking.
The Justice Dept. called Maduro the head of a cocaine trafficking group called “The Cartel of the Suns” that exported hundreds of tons of drugs and slapped a $15,000,000 reward for information leading to his capture.
Along with Maduro, another dozen former officials of the Maduro regime including members of the Venezuelan military and the nation’s chief justice.
Indictments were issued in multiple US jurisdictions including New York and Miami on charges of conspiracy, narco-terrorism and money laundering.
The U.S. is among 60 countries that no longer consider Maduro a head of state. They recognize head of Venezuela’s Congress, Juan Guaido, as the rightful leader.
According to Attorney General Bill Barr:
“It’s time to call out this regime for what it is. The Maduro regime is awash in corruption and criminality.”
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo chimed in around noon today:
"While holding key positions in the Maduro regime, these individuals violated the public trust by facilitating shipments of narcotics from Venezuela, including control over planes that leave from a Venezuelan airbase, as well as control of drug routes through the ports in Venezuela."
Pompeo said in total, the State Department would pay cash rewards of up to $55 million for information leading to the arrests or convictions of Maduro and his 12 co-conspirators.
Indicting foreign leaders is trick business. Usually they enjoy immunity from prosecution under U.S. law.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.


Good morning, both gold and silver as well as the DOW - have jumped up big in the past few hours as Congress tries to agree on how huge the money borrowing package will be to save the U.S. economy. Are you too late to get some gold into your IRA? Nope. We may soon see $2,000 an ounce gold. Please see the ad for Patriot Gold at the end of this report.
Good morning, I’m Still reporting on the ChinaVirus.
Very bad news – according to a new CDC study, ChinaVirus survived in the cabins of the Diamond Princess cruise ship for 17 days.
The ship was quarantined in Yokohama, Japan on Feb. 3, and is being studied my international infectious disease experts worldwide.
The CDC released the new study yesterday. Previously it was thought that the coronavirus could live no longer than 3 days and plastic and stainless steel surfaces. But the virus:
“… was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the Diamond Princess but before disinfection procedures had been conducted….”
The CDC scientists were investigating how:
“… transmission occurred across multiple voyages of several ships.”
The good news of the study is that despite the very confined space on cruise ships, only 712 of 3,711 people on the Diamond Princess, or 19.2% became infected with ChinaVirus. But the bad news is that 331 of them were asymptomatic at the time of the testing – that is, they had no symptoms.
Similar stats were found in multiple other international cruises since then, including 60 Americans from Nile River cruises in Egypt.
The bottom line is that there is a lot that remains to be known about the ChinaVirus, but the most worrisome part is that those infected can infect others without knowing that they ever had the virus.
I’m still reporting from the citadel of freedom. Good day.

Beth Still blasts the media.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the ChinaVirus.
So much going on this morning. First of all, it is becoming more and more apparent that China is still lying about how many of their people have the ChinaVirus.
Also finally becoming apparent that Iran is also lying about its numbers.
Probably half of the nations are lying about their numbers for various political reasons. That’s why I abandoned trying to analyze the numbers.
In a story I will hit on later today, even if China is able to start bringing it’s pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities back online soon, there will be significant shortages of lots of drugs for the next 90 days.
My friend is analyzing critical drug supplies and will report later today.
Now, the biggest of the big stories is that Dr. Oz went on Fox this morning and completely validated everything we’ve been talking about on the Chinavirus front for the last 2 weeks.
He weakly tries to excuse Dr. Fauci, but it’s not going to work. Dr. Fauci traded the public good for some other agenda and he’ll never recover.

I’m still reporting from the citadel of freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the ChinaVirus.
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Now, for the news - This just in from Congress is the trillion-dollar ChinaVirus stimulus package is stalled for lack of agreement between Republicans and Democrats.
Well maybe that’s good!
Why? Because the cure for the COVID-19 pandemic is about to arrive on our shores bigtime. I believe that our economy will start roaring back by mid-April. We might not need trillions of borrowed dollars as stimulus.
The cure for ChinaVirus has already proven to be safe, simple and effective. Despite what Dr. Anthony Fauci said repeatedly over and over at every news conference last week was that we can’t rely on anecdotal studies, we need placebo-controlled studies. Unless he forgot to read, he knows darned good and well that the French study was just such a study with 20 people taking hydroxychloroquine, or HCQ, and 20 people only taking placebo. This was a peer-reviewed study as well!
Of the 20 that took the HCQ, 6 of those took a common antibiotic called azithromycin along with it.
100% of those 6 people were completely cured of the COVID-19 virus after only 6 days! In other words, they tested negative.
This study is backed up by earlier studies in China and Australia.
So now the big news of yesterday was that the Israeli pharmaceutical firm, Teva, is going to donate 6 million doses of HCQ to U.S. hospitals, because the U.S. has kept Israel alive all these years, and President Trump in particular. So, since it takes 6 doses of HCQ – one per day – to completely kill off the Chinavirus in 6 days, that means that is enough to cure one million Americans of the ChinaVirus.
That’s not sell us HCQ – that’s donate – give away – like for no money!
Teva has also gone into production overdrive and has pledged to donate another 10 million doses by April 1.
That is likely why President Trump released a sizeable batch of HCQ to New York to relieve that hotspot. That probably came from DOD’s strategic reserve which they now felt they could release because the Teva donation was coming in.
Now, counting Teva’s March 31 donation, that means Teva will donate enough HCQ to treat 2.7 million people.
Now, let’s go to the big Hopkins Coronavirus tracker world map.
Tonight, there are a total of 33,276 Americans with confirmed cases. But in a couple of weeks, we will have on hand enough HCQ to cure 80 times that many people.
As we also see, there are now worldwide, 336,000 cases. The U.S. will have enough HCQ to treat 8 times the total cases in the world, and that includes China!
So, how does this all shake out? By Resurrection Day – some still call it Easter –, April 12, it is possible that just that first load of HCQ could have cured every ChinaVirus case currently on planet earth – that’s not treat them – that’s cured them – if we can get it all distributed by then.
So back to the start. Do you really think the U.S. needs trillions of new borrowing to fight the ChinaVirus war? Not if this treatment regimen with HCQ goes as expected, and there is no evidence currently to the contrary that it won’t work! None – Zero!
The American economy will roar back and lead a world economic rebound the likes of which this we have never seen – and all during the Passover week.
What a wonderful, merciful God we worship and serve!
I’m still reporting from the citadel of freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Coronavirus.
Well, the morning started out with some bad news. A subscriber to this channel who heads a pharmaceutical company in India wrote in the following:
“A few days ago Belgium launched new guidelines that include hydroxychloroquine in all confirmed cases mild to moderate treatment groups not requiring O2 and no evidence of pneumonia. The number of people with remission is rapidly on the rise:
they went from almost no recoveries to now 263 recoveries with only 67 deaths. Compare this to Switzerland where they do not include this medicine in the treatment guidelines: 15 recoveries and 56 deaths.”
“The issue now facing us is the lack of this medicine in the supply chain. The medicine is available online from pharmacies in Canada and the United Kingdom but the costs now are beginning to skyrocket.”

“It can be purchased from $50 for 60 online but soon it will be for $200 per 60 and higher for those who want to protect themselves. In one or 2 weeks I believe it will be almost completely unavailable for individuals who want to protect their families.”
The problem is that the drug HCQ was in fearfully short supply worldwide because it was not a big seller.
“1. There is a limited supply of these medicines in the market based on simple demand. Nobody knew this would become an essential medicine. It is basically used mostly for rheumatoid arthritis.
2. The active ingredient is not difficult to make but there are only a few chemical factories that ever made it and can easily restart the process. The ingredient itself will take time to produce.
3. The formulation of the final pill is something that also requires experience making. So to only companies experienced in making the medicine can simply turn that back on. Once they turn it on, my experience is minimum 4 weeks to produce and test the batch according to required standards.
I asked him if I could purchase some anywhere – just for my family. He said he knew of only one supplier with any stock left.
Then a few hours later, Andrew emailed me again with great news.
The Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva will immediately donate 6 million doses of HCQ directly to U.S. hospitals.
Then, by the end of March, it will donated another 10 million doses to US hospitals. That’s for medicine which they could easily get $5 to $10 a pill for.
Teva Executive Vice President of North America, Brandan O’Grady said:

According to Beth Still, Christian pastors from around the world are coming up with similar prophetic words from God.
They all say the Lord told them that this plague would be over as suddenly as it appeared. It would be over by Passover, which runs from April 8-16, with Resurrection Day – or Easter, being on Sunday, April 12. Some of these were recorded as prophecies months before the Chinese virus outbreak happened in January.
With this great news from Israel, I think by the end of Trump’s 15 days, that is April 1, we will already be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
I also want to say one more thing. Dr. Anthony Fauci on President Trump’s White House Coronavirus Task Force every day this last week deliberately tried to lead the President and the American public away from the HCQ treatment, repeatedly calling it “unreliable anecdotal evidence”.
The only thing that has prevented me from blasting him earlier was Beth urged me to wait until this time.
It was very frustrating for me, because this was negatively effecting the health and well being of the United States of America, as well as President Trump’s administration.
But I have learned that when my wife gives me advice in this certain tone of voice, that it is coming from another source, and so I usually listen up.
Some day I’ll try to get her to tell the story of how we met and were married. It’s too unbelievable to believe unless you lived through it.
So, back to Dr. Fauci. I will document his outrageous attempts to steer the public towards much more expensive and distant remedies for the China Virus pandemic tomorrow.
I’m still reporting from the citadel of freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Coronavirus.
I’m pretty sure the cure has now been found Hydroxychloroquine - or HCQ. HCQ doesn’t kill the COVID-19 virus itself, it only opens a cellular pathway into the infected cell so that zinc can enter the cell and the zinc attaches to the virus and stops it from replicating. Most people who eat red meat in any form have sufficient zinc levels, however, just in case, Beth and I are taking zinc tablet like these from Designs for Health.
We get 90% of our supplements from them because we know the owner and trust his products.
The only major supplement we don’t get from Designs for Health are the Cerule line of products derived from a certain algae, namely Stem Enhance Ultra.
HCQ has been around for decades as the mainline treatment for malaria. It CAN have side effects but they are well known and easily avoided by not taking too much of it so only use it under the care of a physician.
Right now your doctor can prescribe HCQ for you, and doctors in New York City, for example, are using it as their primary treatment for COVID-19. To the point where supplies in that city are starting to run low.
However, HCQ is derived from a much older ingredient – quinine. Quinine is an ingredient in some – if not most – Tonic Waters available at grocery stores. I want to stress that there have been no studies showing that Tonic Water can reverse or prevent COVID-19 symptoms, however, Beth and I are taking a couple of tablespoons of it a day now as a preventative, along with zinc capsules and SEU.
A New York physician came on Laura’s show on Fox last night to explain how most physicians are now treating their coronavirus patients.

I’m still reporting from the citadel of freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Coronavirus or CV.
First of all, a correction from our last report. The headline was incorrect. The study only found that the 6 patients treated with HCQ AND the antibiotic azithromycin completely eradicated the disease after just 6 days of treatment.
And again, we still need a Series 7 trader to help us out. There is no legal exposure and you’ll be doing a good thing. Contact me at: [email protected]
Today at their 11am press update, President Trump and his task force announced support for not only speedy clinical trials, but the immediate use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, or HCQ under a brand new medical concept that as the President explained it, is even beyond his “Right to Try” initiative he rammed through Congress. It’s called “Compassionate Use”.
Under this new exception any doctor can request the use of HCQ for any patient if certain criteria are met.
FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn expressed his complete support for the new initiative and explained that there will be a very speedy approval process for such requests.
This represented a huge turnaround from just a couple of days ago when it appeared that only the President was a supporter of giving HCQ a try on his coronavirus team.
This channel was the first major YouTube channel to push for HCQ therapy after seeing early studies from the Chinese themselves.
The President mentioned HCQ or chloroquine several times during today’s update.
He even believes that it could completely turn around the extent of federal financial support that would be needed to prop up the U.S. economy.
[insert all Trump except comments on dishonest media and the last comment]
The president also had criticism for the three major east-coast newspapers in their coverage of his efforts:
I’m still reporting from the citadel of freedom. Good day.


Good morning, I’m still reporting on coronavirus.
But before that - we are working on a special project where we need a person with a Series 7 license to go on any search engine and look up a number for us and then sign a notarized 1-page statement that it exists. That’s all. This can save someone’s house from foreclosure.
Please contact me at: [email protected] for details.
Now, I know that there are a lot of you out there who believe that this coronavirus thing is just an overblown political operation to take down this president, and it is being used that way to some extent. However, make no mistake, COVID-19 is still a serious, stealth killer.
[insert Laura on past corovavirus epidemics]
So, COVID_19 that is 3 to 4 times more transmissible than the normal flu but the worst part is its stealth transmissibility among those 30 and under. You guys don’t know you have it, but you are getting it and then you are transmitting it to us older folks without knowing it and that threatens to decimate the 75 and older population before you younger ones realize what you have done by ignoring Trump’s 15-day warning.
The Italians put up a video yesterday saying they are 10 days ahead of us and want to warn us of what our country could look like if we don’t start paying attention.
One thing is for sure, hospitals are filling up already in the U.S.. The Gov. of New Jersey announced that they were close to being out of hospital beds, plus they are losing nursing staff because of themselves becoming infected, or having had contact with someone who was.
Yesterday, President Trump asked the nation to give him 15 days to help bend this curve of confirmed cases. Now, I’m talking about this yellow line here on the Johns Hopkins site. Right now, it’s going up like a rocket ship, but eventually it will turn over and flatten out just like this orange line – the one that represents China’s confirmed cases has.
To me all of these numbers are suspect at this point – suspect for two reasons - #1 nations don’t want to admit how bad it is. Iran and China are prime suspects here. But #2 is that according to a new Johns Hopkins study – the same folks who put up this world coronavirus map website – 84% of coronavirus cases go unreported. That’s because the younger you are – in general – the lighter it hits you. But you’ve still got it and you can still transmit it by every door knob you touch. That also means that all these numbers are 7 times as big as they look today. And the bulk of those infected don’t know it and are transmitting to us older ones without knowing it.
So, for the time being, I’m giving up on trying to predict the rate of increase in infection – the 2nd derivative – in an effort to predict when the peak will come.
Let’s worry about the stuff we can fix. According to the President, we have until March 31st to bend this curve over to the maximum extent. I trust President Trump more than any president in my lifetime. He’s the one sitting on top of this huge flow of incoming information. So I’m going focus my efforts for these last 13 days of March doing what he suggests – primarily staying home.
[insert lady on Trump team]
Even Hannity is now calling for everyone to follow the President’s requests.
The Gov. or New York is now concerned enough about hospital beds being used up in his state that he’s called on the Corps of Engineers to start erecting emergency hospitals somewhere in the state. The Sec. of Defense this afternoon said he is sending the Corp to meet with the Gov. tomorrow, and is clearing out military hospital ships to see how they can be used.
Governor Cuomo is no longer a Trump basher. Now that he sees that Trump is actually trying to help all of America, and setting aside the politics of this super-politicized era. Cuomo, in a stunning reverse, is not praising the President.
In fact, Gov. Cuomo went on Chris Cuomo’s show – his brother - and they got into a heated argument about Trump:
So this pandemic is roaring up on us and we don’t yet see it. Yesterday, the Italians put out a brief video trying to warn the U.S. not to ignore the coronavirus because they did, and now they believe they are just 10 days ahead of us and want us to pay attention to their horrible plight with mandatory shelter-in-place orders throughout the nation - to save ourselves from a similar fate:
This still hasn’t hit most of America. It’s still a big joke or a ruse to many. This tough guy is so typical.
But this is coming to your town. Listen to the President. Let’s all pitch in, get behind him and glide thru this as best as we can. After this has past, the American economy is poised to shoot back up way past what it was before the fear of coronavirus hit Wall Street.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good Day.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on a possible cure and preventative for coronavirus.
Six days ago, Still Report #2978 revealed that a new possible treatment – or even a cure – for coronavirus had been studied extensively in China and South Korea and now a new study showed that it’s true. Hydroxychloroquine is an inexpensive drug widely used to treat malaria and autoimmune diseases and now has proven to be effective against coronavirus.
The best news is this drug is cheap – about 5 cents per dose – and is readily available and can be prescribed by your doctor.
The Stanford University study shows that 600 mg of Hydroxychloroquine – or HCQ – per day killed the coronavirus in 90% of patients.
As we pointed out in Still Report #2978, HCQ works by allowing zinc to enter virus-infected cells to disrupt their ability to reproduce. More studies are needed, however, it is likely that the remaining 10% of patients for whom HCQ did not work could have low blood levels of zinc that could be boosted by zinc supplementation.
Sublingual zinc – that is, sucking on zinc tablets – was shown in a 30-year-old study to shorten the duration of the common cold virus, but swallowing zinc tablets didn’t prove to be as effective.
The current theory is that HCQ opens a pathway for zinc in the blood so it can attack the coronavirus more effectively.
We believe that the Trump administration should immediately do whatever is necessary to make HCQ widely available if it is not currently available. We believe this is the cure the Chinese are currently using on its own population because it appears to stop coronavirus cold, and that’s before the addition of additional zinc is added.
One of the author’s of the Stanford study appeared briefly as the last guest on Laura Ingraham’s show last night. He had a bad internet connection, so I had to edit down his comments to remove the dropouts in the video.
Please see the link below for more information on other studies on HCQ in Still Report #2978.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good Day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on coronavirus.
Ok, let’s go right to the numbers.
Unfortunately, this morning’s screenshot from the Johns Hopkins site was lost, so here we are 36 hours since Sunday’s screenshot, so we’ll interpolate.
Although this is more imprecise than usual, the average increase per day equals 1129, or 38.2%. That’s a doubling rate of 1.83 days. That compares to the previous period of 1.96 days. It’s a little worse, but not a lot worse; but considering the uptick in testing, this may represent a leveling off, or even a decline in the doubling rate. Remember, we are not talking about new cases decreasing, we are talking about the rate of increase may be about to increase. If memory serves in calculus, this is called the 2nd derivative – the rate of change. When this thing starts to turn down, the rate of change is where you will see the first inklings of victory over virus..
I’ll analyze the numbers from the site tomorrow morning.
Other Coronavirus news is that 6 vaccines are about to move into human trials, and the first person received the first test vaccine today. Dr. …. Explained this on Tucker this evening.
On the dreary side, the entire city of San Francisco has been ordered to shelter in place tonight until April 7. Now that’s going to be hard to enforce.
On the economic front, despite the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates to zero, and pledging to inject $700 billion dollars into the bond market, the stock market took its second-worst dive in history today – down some 3,000 points.
However, the good news is at this hour, late on Monday night, DOW futures are up1.5%, perhaps signaling a recovery tomorrow morning. One thing is for sure. It may be tomorrow or the next day, or a week from now, but this downturn is going to come to an end in the stock market and since it is in NO WAY justified by the economic fundamentals of the U.S. economy, when it snaps back, it will zoom to new records in a few days. This is a great time to buy stocks.
But beyond an immediate profit in the stock market, this is the perfect time to for the President to re-issue U.S. Notes, putting at least a portion of the money supply in the hands of the U.S. Treasury, instead of in the hands of the Fed. Why? Because the Fed is NOT a part of the government. It is a private corporation and thereby must act in the best interests of their shareholders – primarily the banks – not in the interests of the American people. But we’ll have more on that tomorrow.
Lastly, the president has changed up the coronavirus guidelines for the United States. It’s an emergency program attempting to bend the curve of the spread of the virus over the course of the next critical 15 days.
He has asked that we reduce the number of recommended group gatherings to 10 or less for the next 15 days.
I know, that will affect church services, but most churches have an online presence now, so maybe this is the time to try a livestream for the next two weeks.
Fifteen days from now, I feel confident that warm weather will be moving northwards up the nation; good testing will be fully implemented; and several new vaccines will be showing preliminary results.
Interestingly, President Trump, who previously hinted that domestic travel restrictions might be coming soon, denied that today.
He also said we might have coronavirus dominating the national conversation into the summer. But I’m willing to bet that by July national politics will return as story number one and coronavirus will be subsiding, and I’m willing to further bet that there will be significant evidence of that victory 15 days from now.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good Day.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on coronavirus – but hopefully not for much longer.
Nobel prize winning biophysicist Michael Levitt, who teaches structural biology at Stanford University, has become a media star in China for his predictions of when the coronavirus epidemic would peak in the country where it started.
He said when China’s increase hit 30% per day that means a doubling rate of 2.33 days - that was the peak. And sure enough, the number of new cases reported started to fall as of Feb. 7. One week later, the mortality rate started falling as well.
The U.S. is just getting there. On March 13, the U.S. saw a 28.6% increase, for a doubling rate of 2.45 days. Yesterday, the 14, the increase actually nudged down to 27.8, which nudged the doubling rate up to 2.52 days – and that’s good.
But the last 24 hours say a big jump in confirmed cases – up 35.8% - a doubling rate of 1.96 days – way more than China at its worst.
But this jump is probably NOT an actual increase in the rate of infection; this is an increase in testing starting to kick in.
Working against the exaggeration of the rate of increase will be the results of the numerous initiatives implemented by the Trump administration – social distancing, cancellation of major gatherings, etc.
So we are going to switch over to watching the number of U.S. deaths and active cases as more reliable predictors of when the U.S. epidemic has peaked.
We suspect we are at the peak right now – or at worst in the coming week, but this will be obscured by the vast increases in testing that are about to come online. Even though history has shown that tests are typically 98% negative, if you are talking about let’s guess 10 million tests in the next week, that’s an additional 200,000 cases, and that would completely skew the confirmed cases numbers we have been following.
So let’s look at site.
Here is a graph of deaths around the world – nearly 6,000. Here is the age breakdown in deaths.
As you can see, over 25% of the deaths have occurred in ages 60 and older. So it seems to be heavily dependent on not just weakened immune systems, but the inability of immune systems to defend against a virus that is totally new – something never seen before. Ahem!
So here is what we think will be the most reliable numbers going forward to predict the peak in the U.S.
So in the U.S. there are 2929 active cases and only 10 of those are considered critical, and that’s with a total of 60 deaths nationwide.
So this week, with dramatically increased testing coming online, we should see a huge spike in Total cases, but let’s see if either of these other three factors increases as well. Depending on how they are counted, Active Cases may or may not increase along with Total cases, but it’s likely that deaths and total deaths will not, and when New Deaths goes to zero, we’ll know that the coronavirus so-called mepidemic is over.
I say so-called because compared to this year’s flu season, I don’t see the emergency here.
It is more viral than the flu – that is, it spreads 2-3 times faster than the flu.
The fatality rate was initially estimated at 3%, but until we get in good testing numbers, it could be that half of the school children in the U.S. have it, but their immune systems are easily dealing with it, so none of them report in. We just don’t have any accurate reading on this yet.
The one novel thing about this virus is its ability to infect people even if you didn’t know you were infected. That means those school children could pass it on to the parents and grandparents without having any way to know that they were doing that. That remains another mystery that has helped cause the panic about coronavirus.
In any case, we are now getting numbers in that will soon allow us to predict the peak, and unlike early rumors, coronavirus seems to not like the coming warm weather.
I think it’s likely that 30 days from now, we will see the wisdom of President Trump when he told the American people that 30 days from now we’ll all be wondering what all the fuss was about.
And much of this panic was clearly driven by the desperado media wanting something – anything to blame the President for.
But it looks like the brilliant team President Trump assembled to stop the coronavirus is going to boomerang this back at the desperados and Trump will come out of this looking like the competent boss that he is.
As the Bible puts it:
“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people[a] should be kept alive, as they are today.”
Genesis 50:20
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good Day.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coronavirus.
There are 3 pieces of good news on coronavirus today.
First, the best news is from the 7:33 am data dump onto the John Hopkins COVID-19 world map.
Increases in coronavirus in the United States in the last 24 hours have been significantly less than expected.
Here are the numbers from the 7:33 dump for the last two days. Total confirmed cases in the U.S. were 755 on Tuesday and 1039 on Wednesday. That’s a whopping 37.6% increase. That would imply a very scary doubling rate of the disease of less than two days. But remember, we cautioned that this might include the passengers from that cruise ship. But now it is apparent that this is not the case.
We were predicting 1430 on today’s 7:33 dump. But here it is, we only had 1,323. That’s only a 21.3% increase. But look, they have included a new category – cruise ship – 696. In other words, 696 people on that cruise ship have apparently tested positive out of 3,000+ on board. That didn’t make the news. But had they not broken that out into a separate category, that by itself, would have increased the U.S. confirmed cases by 50%.
So, this reduced increase in the incidence in the U.S. is not counting the cruise ship folks. That’s great news. That means that President Trump’s efforts to reduce the spread are working. Let’s see if this direction is confirmed tomorrow.
The second piece of good news is that the President announced last night there would be a travel ban of people trying to enter the U.S. from Europe. Why? Because the disease is much more out of control in Europe because they have not sealed their borders like the President has.
Back to the Hopkins map. All of western Europe and Scandinavia have significant outbreaks compared to their population sizes – except for eastern Europe, Hungary, Poland, etc. The eastern European nations have some of the lowest outbreak numbers. Why? Because they have sealed their borders.
Angela Merkel announced yesterday what we posted two days ago – the incredible news that Germany expects 70% of their population will become infected with the COVID-19 virus at some point.
Italy now has the second highest incidence in the world with over 12,000 infected. I have no idea why Iran’s numbers aren’t higher after their own health minister announced more than a week ago that 60,000 were infected in that nation.
France is the 5th highest in the world, Spain, the 6th, and Germany, the 7th highest, with the rest of Western Europe and Scandinavia filling in the top 20.
So Trump’s travel ban of incoming people from Europe is a good thing, but the EU folks are upset about it.
Well, get your act together like the U.S. has under Trump and protect your people.
The third piece of good news really should have been my #1, because as we sort of pieced together yesterday, there appears to be a cheap and easy remedy for the coronavirus once you catch it.
I did not have access to these next two Chinese studies yesterday. A friend sent them to me last night.
The first study was published on Feb. 19 in the Japanese Journal, BioScience Trends. It shows that China started studying this immediately.
It states:
“Chloroquine phosphate, an old drug for treatment of malaria, is shown to have apparent efficacy and acceptable safety against COVID-19 associated pneumonia in multicenter clinical trials conducted in China.”
This didn’t pop up overnight. Mysteriously, the details of the study link back to a Chinese source that apparently is now blocked, so we can’t see how many people were part of the study.
All we can see is the abstract, which goes on to recommend this treatment for future outbreaks:
“The drug is recommended to be included in the next version of the Guidelines for the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Pneumonia Caused by COVID-19 issued by the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China for treatment of COVID-19 infection in larger populations in the future.”
Then the next day another version of this study was published in a Chinese Journal. Here is the abstract of it in English. The only additional scrap of information is it contains a dosing recommendation:
“It recommended chloroquine phosphate tablet, 500mg twice per day for 10 days for patients diagnosed as mild, moderate and severe cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia and without contraindications to chloroquine.”
It would be nice to know when this study was mounted and how many patients were involved, but we’ll just have to wait on those details.
However, this plays into theories that China had an idea of the cure long before this became a world-wide pandemic.
A new theory on why this works is especially interesting. Dr. Roger Seheult, MD, believes that all the chloroquine does is open a pathway into the infected cells so that zinc in the blood can enter the cell and disrupt the ability of the virus to replicate.
Dr. Seheult also shows that a much lower dose of

Good Monday morning, I’m still reporting on the coronavirus.
Well, the numbers are in for ¬¬¬the last 24 hours and the news about the growth of the COVID-19 coronavirus is not good. U.S. confirmed cases rose from 561 to 755 over the 1.14 days between these two screenshots of the Johns Hopkins site were taken.
That averages out to a 30% increase over the past 24 hours.
At that rate, we will hit 1,000 cases some time around midnight, 1400 some time tomorrow, over 1800 by Friday, and about 2300 on Saturday.
We are right now where Italy was 10 days ago. Today, Italy has 9,172 confirmed cases and the nation is effectively shut down.
Last night, a very strange dynamic was in full view. Tucker Carlson is taking the stance that the coronavirus pandemic is going to hit this country much harder than most people now believe with broad implications for our economy. But in addition, there is a national security threat because China yesterday threatened to withhold exports of vital drugs to the United States which would make the pandemic more deadly – in essence, threatening bio warfare.
On the other hand, Hannity, who immediately follows Tucker, is still making the argument that this is just a bad flu, and it will all go away as the weather warms up and by mid-summer this will all be forgotten as we settle in to watch a very unusual Democrat National Convention nominate – or maybe appoint their candidate to run against President Trump.
Initially, I was taking the same approach that Hannity is, but as time goes on, I have slowly come around to thinking the impact will be much more severe.
Some initial findings are that the incidence starts to burn out when 1% of the population has been infected, but that would be 3.2 million Americans, so we have a long way to go.
I’m hoping the doubling rate goes down with the warmer weather, but the doubling rate in the last 24 hours plummeted from 6 days to 3.5 days.
Some of this could be – as we expected – due to the availability of more test kits, but there has apparently been a distribution problem with those, and I don’t know what that problem is.
Tucker’s intro last night was so good, even-handed, and to the point that his later guest, Sen. Marco Rubio, said it was his best and most important. Sen. Rubio obviously shares our more alarmist view of what’s coming.
And it is just wrong! Of the 4 earliest people to be identified as coronavirus victims in China only one of them was identified as having anything to do with that meat market. The other 3 were of unknown origin, and although that badly needs to be investigated, sadly, it will be lost under the deadly embrace of the Chinese communist state.
China threatening to stop exporting critical antibiotics is a open threat to bio-war.
President Trump should respond forcefully – and not only in words, but in deeds. Emergency restructuring of manufacturing requirements for prescription pharmaceuticals is in order.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good Day.

Good Monday morning, I’m still reporting on the coronavirus.
So, I’m constantly trying to decide whether this emphasis on coronavirus is just an overblown media panic designed to damage the Trump economy, or is it a real problem?
I think the best thing for me to do is to provide you with the stuff that interests me and let you make your own decisions.
I’m starting to track the doubling rate of the virus here in the U.S. One thing is for sure, President Trump did a great job blunting the impact by putting up a travel ban very early on.
But now the virus is spreading in the U.S. and it won’t be long before every state and every hospital in the nation will be affected.
We know it’s not very deadly if you have a good immune system. Children don’t seem to get it – or, at least, their immune system can deal with it as a normal cold or flu, and so they go unreported.
In a recent analysis by a team of researchers at Johns Hopkins and in China, of more than 72,000 confirmed cases in China, children under the age of 10 accounted for less than 1% of infections. Of the 1,023 deaths recorded in China at that time, not a single child was among them.
However, children can spread the virus, especially if initial reports prove accurate that an infected person can spread the virus two weeks before they themselves show symptoms.
Conversely, the older you get, the weaker your immune system gets. The center of the outbreak in Washington state apparently is a nursing home.
Those who do get sick can contract a deadly version of pneumonia, and require hospitalization – many times in in Intensive Care Unit (ICU for weeks at a time.
Unfortunately, the most likely outcome in the United States is that these hospitalizations – predominantly among those over 60 years of age, could run this nation out of hospital beds.
It all depends on one critical metric – the doubling rate.
In my report #2973 which I posted on Sat. night, the doubling rate was estimated to be about 6 days.
At that rate, the prediction was that active coronavirus cases would hit 1,000 in the U.S. by Tuesday, March 10, and 2,000 by March 15th.
This rate would cause all hospital beds to be filled to capacity by May 8th.
Now, I know there are a lot of variables in this equation, however, these are said to be conservative estimates.
However, according to the latest Johns Hopkins real-time map this morning, U.S. cases have taken the biggest percentage increase of any nation – 24.6% per day.
That would imply a doubling every 4 days.
But these numbers aren’t anywhere near the numbers of people who will get the flu this year. Here’s the infographic put out by the CDC. It shows there have already been between 34 and 49 million people who have contracted the flu between Oct. 1, 2019 and Feb. 29, 2020.
So why are we worried about the coronavirus numbers jumping from 424 up a whopping 561? That is the question of the day.
All I can say is I’ve never heard of the U.S. running out of hospital beds before. So, I’m going to track this doubling rate daily for the next couple of weeks to see how this develops.
I do expect it to be higher in the next few days as test kits will become available by the millions this week, so a lot of uncounted cases will be counted by the end of the week, but then the following week will tell the doubling rate story and we’ll know more about where this is going by then.
Another thing. If you think this is totally a non-factor, you need look no farther than China to see the results. China’s industrial capacity has come to a halt. It’s so bad that even regional government hundreds of miles away from the center the outbreak are ordering large and medium sized industries to force their workers back to work, despite a critical shortage of masks and disinfectant sprays.
Shortages are so widespread that beginning on Feb. 17, it became illegal for brick and mortar stores to sell such merchandise. It had to be ordered online and each person can only purchase 5 masks.
“The first day – Feb. 17, we sold 10,000 masks to 2,000 people who booked online. That day, 1.023 million people tried to order masks online; only 0.2 percent of them succeeded.”
This was in Changchun, China, which has a population of 7.5 million people.
Since then, every day, the masks sell out within 3 and one half minutes of the system opening to booking.
As a result, employees simply to refuse to go back to work without masks and local police have been deployed to force companies into resuming operations.
Obviously, the Chinese communist government, through denial and obfuscation of the facts of the wildly-spreading COVID-19 virus early on, helped the virus get a huge headstart on the population – something President Trump was determined to avoid.
We just don’t yet know if these actions have slowed the spread enough to keep from over-running our hospitals.
And lastly, perhaps the worst societal damage could be to the world economy.
This morning, the futures mar

Good Sunday morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
So if you don’t like President Trump, you have a choice between Comrade Bernie or Jumpin Joe Biden.
Last night, Jesse Watters interviewed Joe Simonson of the Washington Examiner, who has made a study of Comrade Bernie’s communist roots.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coronavirus, COVID-19.
A sobering analysis running in ZeroHedge today. Some simple math shows that U.S. hospitals could be overwhelmed by coronavirus patients around May 8.
The analysis was done by Liz Specht, a PhD in biology and assoc. director of Science and Technology for the Good Food Institute and was based on the available numbers we have at the present time on the spread of the disease.
[insert twitter]
“I think most people aren’t aware of the risk of systemic healthcare failure due to #COVID19 because they simply haven’t run the numbers yet. Let’s talk math. “

Dr. Specht says that we can expect to see a doubling of cases every 6 days. This figure is based on typical doubling time in several epidemiological studies. This doubling time will not slow down – not stopping, but merely start to slow down - until about 1% of the population has been infected – that’s about 3.2 million people.
Figures from a study of Italian coronavirus patients show that about 10% needs hospitalization. That means that before the increase peaks, we will need about 320,000 hospital beds for coronavirus patients.
So when will this happen?
Well, the U.S. has about one million hospital beds, however, on average, 65% of those beds are constantly in use. That leaves only 350,000 empty beds nationwide.
If these rough numbers hold, the United States will run out of hospital beds about May 8th. Coronavirus patients tend to need weeks of hospitalization, so turn over will be very slow.
Now all this is before we factor in that all of these coronavirus patients will need some sort of isolation or quarantine – something currently mostly non-available.
This situation is already happening in South Korea. Thousands of Koreans are waiting for hospital beds as coronavirus surges in that nation.
Another analysis by Dr. Trevor Bedford tweeted out yesterday shows hyperbolic growth as well.
Here is the current Johns Hopkins COVID-19 incidence map. It shows 424 U.S. infections currently.
Here is the prediction of Infectious Disease modeling researcher Trevor Bedford.
He says that on Tuesday, March 10, the U.S. should break 1,000 active coronavirus cases, and 2,000 by March 15 – one week from today. That’s also a doubling time of 6.2 days. Very worrisome.
So it is absolutely imperative that the federal government put itself into emergency gear right now – today - to try to put a significant dent in the typical doubling time curve.
But there is an even more rudimentary problem – the supply of masks.
The feds say that the U.S. has a national stockpile of 12 million N95 masks and 30 million surgical masks. The surgical masks are not ideal, but better than nothing.
There are about 18 million healthcare workers in the U.S. Even of only 6 million of those are working on any given day (which is likely a big underestimate). As COVID-19 pops up in every state, it will soon be seen as irresponsible for a health care worker not to wear a mask. At that point, the U.S. would run out of masks after only 2 days if each healthcare worker only used one mask a day.
That’s bad!
And the U.S. can’t ramp up production easily. Most of the masks are made in China as is most of the raw materials to make them with. And guess what; China has its own mask crisis – as does every country in the world.
What’s going to happen? Exactly what is happening in China. Healthcare workers will eventually be working without masks – much less full-protective suits.
That means that – as in China – healthcare workers will start dropping out of the workforce as they too get sick. This will put more work an fewer shoulders and you can see where this is going.
But it’s not just masks. There are other items that will be under stress, from ventilators to saline drip bags. All this will come into short supply in the May timeframe if this disease doubling curve is not bent right away.
What can be done? Just today we have seen major events where thousands gather being canceled. This is a good thing. Basketball games should be played only for a televised audience, not an in-person crowd, etc.
It would not be a bad idea for school systems to consider closing schools for a month, then pick back up in the summer when the spreading of viruses seems to diminish. This is probably the most effective way to put a dent in the doubling curve.
Here’s the latest from Fox News, an attendee of CPAC from last week has just tested positive for coronavirus.
This just in from the Lombardy region of Italy. The head of Lombardy’s intensive care crisis unit says the health system is on the brink of collapse. Intensive care is being set up in hallways. By March 26, they predict that there will be 18,000 COVID-19 cases in Lombardy of which 3,000 will need intensive care.
This from Germany, this chart shows the probably spread of coronavirus in Germany as of yesterday. The assumption is that with a herd immunity at 70%, the virus wil

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the Super Tuesday.
There are two big news items just about the Super Tuesday primary contests. I’ll put up a roundup story in the late afternoon today.
President Trump had primary voting in these various Super Tuesday states yesterday and the size of the Trump vote was staggering. Hat tip to Sundance for compiling these stats.
Tweeter Richard Baris hit the nail on the head:
“The untold story of the night is Republican turnout for an essentially uncontested incumbent president. Look at Texas and North Carolina, for instance.”
In Texas, Trump got 1.46 million votes, more than all Democrats combined.
In Oklahoma, [insert Richard Waters tweet] Trump got over 270,000 votes, more than twice as many that he received in the 2016 general election and over 4 times as many received by President Obama in 2012 and Bush in 2004. The top 4 Democrats got 277,000 votes, Trump got 274,000.
In Arkansas, [insert Ronna McDaniel tweet] Trump got twice as many votes as the last two incumbent presidents. The top 8 Democrats got 131,000 votes, but Trump got 238,000.
In North Carolina, Trump racked up 150% MORE votes than he did in 2016. However, the top 4 Democrats got 1.2 million votes to Trump’s 747,000. However, Trump is essentially running unopposed. This does not reflect the actual number of Republicans who go to the polls in November. It is absolutely amazing that the Trump vote could exceed the heavily-contested Democrat vote in any state.
In Tennessee, even with only 80% of the vote in, Trump received more votes than any Presidential Primary candidate in the last 30 years.
In Colorado, the Trump vote exceeded the total vote for the top 3 Democrats.
In Alabama, the top 4 Democrats got a total of over 441,000 votes. Trump got 709,000 votes.
In California the top 6 Democrats have so far received 2.5 million votes to Trump’s 1.4 million. But again, only the most diehard Trump supporters would go and vote in what essentially is only a heavily-contested Democrat primary.
Now there is big news on the Democrat side as well. There are only 5 major candidates still in the race – and that’s only if you count Tulsi Gabbard, who typically got less than 1% of the vote.
Mayor Mike Bloomberg had a terrible night and his staff said he was reconsidering his options overnight. He may drop out completely.
That leaves only 3 major candidates, Biden, Bernie and Warren. But sometime in the last week, Warren she was only staying in the race “because I’m just doing my job.”
What does that mean? It means that someone is paying her to stay in to siphon votes away from Bernie since Warren and Bernie are the two most leftist candidates.
According to Sundance, writing in The Conservative Treehouse:
“Elizabeth Warren staying in the race cost Bernie Sanders wins in Minnesota, Maine and Massachusetts.”
Without Warren still in the race, Bernie’s delegate count would have been much higher in Utah, Colorado and California.
It will be so interesting to see the financial reports to the FEC when they come in to try to determine how much money Warren took in and from whom.

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good Day.

So originally, this story was about how to fix the national debt problem and how that ties in with today’s announcement by the Fed that they have implemented an emergency ½ of one percent interest rate cut to try to support the market in the face of spreading fears about the seriousness of the coronavirus.
My story started out like this, but then it morphed in the coronavirus fears and what you can do to keep safe.
Good morning, I’m still reporting on the economy. So for this Morning Update we’ll take a look at a story that just broke and then tie it in with the big, overall picture of what to do about the national debt.
So, about 10 am, the Fed cut interest rates by 50-basis-points, that’s stock-trader talk for one-half of one percent.
Why? What does that do for us?
Here’s what Investopedia has to say about interest rate cuts by the Fed:
“When the Fed cuts interest rates, consumers usually earn less interest on their savings. Banks will typically lower rates paid on cash held in bank certificates of deposits (CDs), money market accounts and regular savings accounts. The rate cut usually takes a few weeks to be reflected in bank rates.”
It’s not a wrong definition, but it is such a woefully incomplete definition.
Yes, your interest income is cut, and I guess that’s much more interesting to investors. But for the rest of us, lower interest rates makes borrowing easier. So interest rate cuts quickly stimulate borrowing. And since our money is actually all debt, that means more money and more debt pretty much immediately flood the system.
So the Fed just announced, while I was writing this a 50—basis-point rate cut.
The immediate effect was stocks surged after the half-point rate cut.
But then, within a half hour, the market reversed, and started down again. What’s up with that?
Well yesterday, the DOW saw its biggest one-day gain as coronavirus fears started to ease, so naturally you can expect some sort of a sell off the next day. However, the way the market initially turned up at the open, then sharply down again means that big investors are still thinking the way I’m thinking – that this could still easily be much worse than government is trying to convince us it will be.
I mean, the health minister of Iran yesterday went on state TV to say there are not 1,000 cases of COVID-19 – the official name of coronavirus – but 60,000 cases.
But none of the official agencies tracking coronavirus have modified their charts to show this huge increase in coronavirus incidence. This one from the U. of Washington still shows Iran at 2,336 confirmed cases.
Now, here’s the Johns Hopkins map. Shows the same for Iran, 2,336. So what gives? Who are we supposed to believe? Is not the health minister of Iran considered a confirming source of health information?
Now, there are conspiracy theories that Iran is hyping the problem up because it’s a scare tactic so they can justify cracking down on their civilian population all the more. But to me - and I’ve followed Iranian politics pretty closely for a decade or more – the mullahs of Iran already have their population under severe dictatorial control.
No, I think they are telling the truth because unless Iran’s population recognizes how serious this is, they will continue to go walking around the world touching everything in it with their two unsafe fingers, instead of their two good fingers, and as a result, coronavirus could continue to spike.
But here is a possible theory. What if the CDC is about the recognize the Iranian Health Minister’s claims and change their charts and graphs dramatically to reflect that coronavirus in Iran is actually twenty times bigger than previously reported?
Now that would collapse the stock market – unless the Fed was warned about the national security implications of this news and was reacting proactively and then the Iran situation will be announced later?
And yes, we will be getting back to the economy in a minute. But for now, back to Bill’s health lesson on your good fingers and protecting your bad fingers as your number one defense against coronavirus.
I went out and voted this morning and then I dropped by a convenience store to stock up on my fav caffeinated beverage for today’s labors. But when I slid my card in the card reader machine and it asked me to confirm my $5.12 purchase, I remembered to hit the green “Yes” button with one of my two good fingers, instead of my bad – my unsafe fingers.
Why such a big deal about not using your index fingers? Because your index fingers are what you stick in your mouth, your nose and rub your eyes with. These are three of the four major orifices where of viral infections get into the body. The other is your lungs. Yes, if you breath in someone infected person’s cough or sneeze, that’s bad. But most people don’t realize that getting the virus on your index finger with something as simple as touching a door handle or punching a pay terminal button at the grocery store is just

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the economy.
Every so often, someone will ask about the economy I my Comments section and I’ll get that old urge back to tell them what the root problem is with the economy and even the politics of this country, and I’ll take yet another swipe at concisely explaining the solution. Here is my latest attempt today.

“Hi Bill, I watched your video about the Federal Reserve back in 2004. (Yes, before the 2008 housing market crash.) One question with that one, What will happen if Congress takes back the monetary system?
So here is my response:
The current debt-money system tends to concentrate most of the nation’s money into very few hands.
That's why folks like Bernie complain and say they are going to "soak the rich" as their main political talking point. But "soaking" will never actually work. The rich will always have work arounds and back doors, built into whatever legislation does make it through the House of Representatives and heads to the Senate. Why? Because they have all the money and it is a trivial matter to buy up sufficient votes to provide the hidden back doors to protect the core of their true wealth.
So what’s the solution? You’ve got to go to the root of the matter! You’ve got to make the fix easy for the vast majority of voters to understand. The legislation has to be simple enough for everyone to read in a couple of minutes.
This has been my main challenge in life and I keep trying to improve on it every time I put my hand to it.
We don't need the debt. We don’t need to create our money by selling bonds – debt.
The United States of America was built on the "other" money system - the one everyone thinks is in place, but it's not! Just create the money without the debt. It's so simple, the mind recoils.
Goldbugs – lovers of a return to gold-backed money hate this solution. They say it will lead to rampant inflation. But we’ve got that now. The government has just become expert at hiding the inflation.
When I was in high school, you could buy a new car for $1,995.
Now it’s 20 times that much.
We were on the gold standard until 1933 and our monetary system was still linked to gold until 1971.
Did gold money prevent the Great Depression of the 1930s? No!
Did it prevent the hyper-inflated stock market of the Roaring 1920s a decade before that? No!
Why? Because gold traders simply hypothecated the gold they actually had. What’s “hypothecated” mean? It means counterfeited. They gave out paper receipts for gold that they didn’t have. This has been going on with the gold trade for a thousand years. It will never change. And when traders write up those phony gold receipts, and then trade them, that. Becomes real money. These private guys are actually creating real money out of thin air – exactly what the goldbugs of today claim cannot happen. It can. It did, and it always will.
The only way to control the money supply is to reissue U.S. Notes from the U.S. Treasury and have that be the only money of the United States. That way, if someone illegally creates more of it themselves, they fall under counterfeiting laws. It’s the only way to do it.
So the next question is how do we make the switch from debt-laden Federal Reserve Notes, over to U.S. Notes. First of all, U.S. Notes served the United States very well for its first 150+ years. Under the debt-free U.S. Note system, there was no income tax. Income tax was seen as unconstitutional. Yet, the United States became the roaring industrial giant of the world built out of nothing but the hard work of immigrants seeking to breathe free and break the chains of the European monarchies.
Interestingly, during those formative years, the U.S. industrial might grew because it was protected by tariffs of as much as 40%.
Tariffs were seen as good. Presidential races were run on whether to increase tariffs from 25 to 35%, for example.
So, having the U.S. Treasury decide how much money should be in circulation is the way to do this – not have a bunch of un-elected bankers called the Federal Reserve handle that.
Because guess what – if you’re your next-door neighbor was put in charge of the money supply of the United States tomorrow, who do you think would get more of it? You or him? Exactly!
If the Fed is in charge of the money supply, who do you think is going to get the lion’s share of any new money created? Them or us? Exactly.
That’s why my monetary reform motto is:
“It’s not what backs the money; it’s who controls the quantity. That’s the problem.”
So, this solution is nothing new. It’s simply returning to the monetary concept that guided America to greatness in the first place – the U.S. Note, issued, not by Congress – by the U.S. Treasury.
If they issue too much money, what happens? We get inflation. If they issue too little money, what happens? We get a recession, and if they didn’t correct that – a depression.
So, how do we make the switch back to U.S. notes without upsetting the en


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