I attempt the Bottle Cap Challenge - Kicking off a Bottle Cap with a Spin Kick

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Many spiritual & meditation gurus will try to tell you to be certain ways, and do certain things. But, the problem is, this often leads to confusion because everyone is at different places along their journey.. In this video I give a tip for what I've found to be the optimal mental state to take on that is effective in most situations. I draw on my knowledge both as a spiritual seeker and martial artist.

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In today's times because of the advent of the information age dualistic thinking is becoming more and more pervasive. It causes black and white thinking, thus clouding people from seeing the totality. It causes consciousness to be fractionated and thus creates energy blockages leading to mental illness.

It is important for us to recognize dualism so we can return to pure awareness and live happier, healthier lives.

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It is time to find out who you really are. It is time to remove the blocks to living your Divine Purpose. In order to do this it is necessary to return to your natural state: Silence. Then you can be still and hear the big "I" within.

Psalm 46:10 tells us "Be Still and Know that I AM God." It is time to get to know Him. Take a break and join me on this mini talk/meditation.

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Are you looking to improve your life in the areas of relationships, abundance, and happiness?
If so, then practice this simple technique on this video.
It could change your life.

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Video and Audio of "Book of Psalms" - Psalm 1

from King James Version, New American Standard Bible, and New International Version.

"Think and Grow Rich" is probably the most widely known, famous book in the areas of personal development and success. But where did these ideas come from?

It appears as if we have some very peculiar similarities between these two authors' work. I do a side-by-side comparison of the chapter names. Did Napoleon Hill really get his ideas from interviewing 100's of millionaires or rather from studying William Walker Atkinson? I will let you decide.

In this video I lay out the process of falling away from God through the original sin to the Returning to God through the crucifixion of Christ...There is much symbolism in the bible that can lead us to finding the Kingdom within. I attempt to explain how the temptation of Eve in the garden of Eden leads humans into the field of dualism, judgment, sin, and ultimately death. Then redemption can take place through dissolving our egos and returning to the Father.

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This video is about the meaning of the story of Adam and Eve. I discuss the original sin and the temptation from the serpent to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Then I make the association between this fall into dualism and the American Communist party's embrace of racism.

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The word "enlightenment" has become overused to mean many things in today's times. Historically it was a revered term that very very view individuals on earth ever achieved. It generally took years of spiritual dedication to be able to attain, and even still few realized it. It is important if you are seeking enlightenment not to be influenced by false teachers who may complicate your path or lead you in the wrong direction.

In this video I give you a few ways to discern between the true teachers of enlightenment, and those who are not.

Unplanned Experience with Chöd video:

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Nonduality - A Pathway to Enlightenment: MASTER COURSE

In this short video I show you how to access free content off my website:
You can access the FREE Meditation Course, Positive Affirmations, Attract Wealth Affirmations, or Self-Discipline Affirmations.

Meditation can help you profoundly shift your life in a positive way including greater focus, emotional control, self-discipline, and peace.
Affirmations can also help you transform your life, and literally shift they way you think, thus changing your whole reality for the better.

I have taught these techniques to clients professionally for over a decade after earning my B.S. degree in Psychology in 2007.
They work, and have gotten great feedback!

These downloads are 100% Free, no catch.. My goal is to uplift the consciousness of the planet.

I hope you enjoy!

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The prevalence of narcissism has increased in modern-day society. It is important to be able to identify these individuals so that we can protect ourselves from their destructive tendencies. While there are tons of resources on this topic, I'd like to shed some light on the inner psychology behind NPD. It can then become apparent of how to potentially re-habilitate this condition.

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Being yourself isn't always as easy at it seems. We have plenty of distractions and society is constantly working to condition us into being and acting in a certain way. People often parrot the messages of pop culture without considering whether they truly resonate with them or not. In order to live your best life it is necessary to release the superficial ego and become aware of what is truly in alignment with your soul

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Society is continually working to brainwash and destroy the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine qualities of humanity. This it does this through convincing people to take on Fake Masculine or Fake Feminine qualities. The end result is strife, hate, division and sexual polarization. It is time for us to begin identifying and letting go of these ego manifestations so we can return to our True Divine Selves.

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Society is programming men to act like women and women to act like men. In this video I address the true sexual dynamic as nature intended. I also address issues that arise from the failure to recognize the natural interplay of energies and how to resolve them.

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I discuss "Wokeness" both from a philosophical and psychological perspective. I go over the Tao Te Ching verse 38 and Lao Tzu's talk of "Virtue".

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Is it the Dollar? Crypto? Real Estate? Gold?

My answer may surprise you!

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Save Yourself the Trouble!

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It is Time to Transform Your Life!

Listening to positive affirmations has a profound effect on one's mind. It causes us to be more effective in our work, think clearly, lessen stress, improve relationships, improve outlook, increase productivity and more.

This 5 minute audio file can easily be listened to daily to give you a boost. It is designed to:
Shift you from negative to positive thinking, so you can get on track to living from your best self meaning you will stop blocking all the good things from happening.
Put you into a happy state, thus reducing negativity and stress, meaning you will have less health issues and more fun!
Make you fun to be around because you are exuding so much positivity, thus magnifying your attraction from the opposite sex and platonic relationships as well.
Increase your ability to think forward so you can exude confidence to those around you, improve your leadership skills, thus increase productivity and $$ !
Key you in on living your Divine Purpose so you can be able to get from life what you Really want, and stop stressing about the things that aren't working out.

Affirmations have the capacity to profoundly change our lives. It is time to be the Best You.

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I address some particular social challenges that may arise as one increases their awareness/consciousness.

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I offer tips for maintaining a positive vibration while being around negative people.

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Stop. Relax. Everything is going to be fine. In this short video I'm going to give you 3 tips to dissolve your panic attack right now.

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People are becoming less and less mindful in today's age. The ability to concentrate on meaningful things and be present with others is diminishing. In this video I offer tips to improve mindfulness. We can use these not only for ourselves but to teach others, and lift up the consciousness of the planet.

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