No, I don't have something against little girls, rather I just don't agree with the organization using them to peddle junk food. Also, I recorded this not knowing much about them but have since learned a lot:

"The @girlscouts Twitter stream is socially conscious and feminist. That’s great too, but not innovative." It sure is.

Bill Hicks on marketing ("just planting seeds")

I quit searching for a better image to use because almost all were geared toward women. Of course that makes me a quitter and I've heard real men never quit so I guess I'm not a real man lol

"What the Japanese Imperial government could not do in 250 years of persecution (i.e., to destroy Japanese Christianity) American Christians did in mere seconds."

"President Truman was made a 33rd degree Mason on October 9, 1945 shortly after Japan surrendered" TRANSLATED: "...shortly after murdering thousands of Christian civilians not directly connected to the war effort"

"P.S. It's a handy coincidence he's the 33rd president" gtfoh

My video "The Hidden Hand of History: How Santa Anna Got Away With Murder"

"Drissa, a recently freed slave who had never even tasted chocolate, experienced similar circumstances. When asked what he would tell people who eat chocolate made from slave labor, he replied that they enjoyed something that he suffered to make, adding, 'When people eat chocolate, they are eating my flesh.'"

The Dark Side of Chocolate documentary

Reason #5 is what I was getting at, plus it explains one of the reasons women don't like "nice guys" (my video on this posted below)

Why Women Don't Like Nice Guys

Well, is he really wrong?

Image credit: (proudly sponsored by JP Morgan Chase...)

Struggling to reconcile empathy with red pill awakening

Please read description:

As both a supporter of MGTOW and one who is awake to the Jewish role in subverting all that is good in humanity, I am attempting here to 1) clear up some misconceptions about MGTOW and 2) acknowledge the concerns of white men who care about our race that MGTOW is being promoted as a way of reducing the white population through lower birth rates. Both views are correct in realizing that communism and feminism (but I repeat myself) are cancer but instead of hurling insults and shaming tactics at each other I want everyone, women included to realize this well-funded and well-executed divide and conquer of society.

While I don't consider myself a white nationalist I think that if blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc. can have their own communities and nations then whites should as well and I want everyone to realize that when white people lose, EVERYBODY (except criminals of course) loses and that at the end of the day despite our differing views we are ALL being played, not solely by but in particular by a certain protected and relatively small group of people who call themselves Jewish, who boast of their "superiority", goals and exploits of the non-chosen, aka goyim, aka chattel slaves: you and me.

Furthermore I would like to see more accountability exercised by white men in particular for educating each other on and stopping the cultural debauchery within our race, namely drug culture, porn addiction, degenerate music etc. I also acknowledge and encourage the efforts of those of all races who do speak out on these subjects.

I do not necessarily agree with everything promoted by these channels but find them highly educational: (great resource for exposing Jewish subversion) (best source for Holocaust debunking) (lots of good content) (more good content) (Jew calling out Jews) (more good content) (love or hate him, you all know him) (21 year old exposing cultural debauchery) (great documentaries and raw journalism) (absolute best flat earth channel, also known for "Adolf Hitler vs. the Jew World Order) (Bill Cooper predicted 9/11) (No BS black hardcore red piller) (Good MGTOW and health content) (An Ear For Men, great no BS red pill resource) (one of the best MGTOW channels IMO) (Matthew North, another young man with great content) (65 year old raw vegan fitness advocate, exposes Holocaust lie),Esther/PolygamousSex3.html

A gold mine of quotes here:

Directions say 2 drops under tongue but I take a lot more and have had no problems. Lately since taking this I've been feeling more confident and have definitely been more assertive.

I was working on my vertical but the hurdles are a metaphor for both overcoming obstacles and the hurdles women try to make men jump.

A breakdown of male suicide rates

Paul Elam

Coach Greg Adams

Greg @ Red Pill Men's Health


I wear these everyday for everything. They are light, breathable and easy to move in thanks to the gusseted crotch and stretchy abrasion-resistant fabric.

Marty Leeds "Pizzagate: A Primer"

"Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end." - Rabbi Isaac Wise

Image credit: David Dees

When the little screw holding together these Honda keys falls out the plastic housing will separate and could break when dropped. This cover prevents both of those from happening.


Screw part number: 35116-SDA-A11

Battery: CR1616

So many men feel trapped in what can be considered dead marriages inevitably headed for divorce despite their genuine efforts to save them.

RPM's take on monogamy as a social construct

While everyone and their freeloading family members are invading Texas I've been considering moving somewhere else with an overall slower pace of life, and sunny Arizona is on my list for reasons mentioned in the video.

Also, as soon as I finished recording about 15 people showed up on 4 wheelers from across the river, and I've never seen anyone there before...a sign?

Products I use


I use 303 on my cars' wiper blades, interiors, tires, serpentine belts and any other rubber:

I've used this product for about 5 years and it really works when used as directed:

$7 fee, go during the week to avoid crowds

I'll be doing more of these driving videos especially for those subscribers who are older and might not get out much anymore due to being disabled. In the meantime I'm still researching dash cams.

To anyone here who still watches YouTube here is a local character whose channel I've watched take off and have learned a lot from about car camping and RVing

The old Roman bread and circus explained:

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