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Antenna Search - Put your address and see all the cell towers and antennas affecting you.

Wes Penre Ariel Glad - new site
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Cosmic Agency, interesting from Pleadians.

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David Icke
Cara St.Louis
Harald Kautz Vela
Peter Paget
Colin Woolford
Tom Bearden, at his website Cheniere
Tim Rifat ?
Mike Emery
Dr Rauni Kilde
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Ronan O'Rahilly
Conference Alternative View AV11.
Ian R Crane
Dr. Graham Downing

This is an online lecture by Mattew Reed. Matt The Interdimensional Traveler Matt started out as a scientific and spiritual sceptic but when learning of the mysterious unknowns at the edge of modern physics he decided to dig deeper. He began to use shamanic plant tools to discover the answers to his questions and encountered a wide range of astral landscapes and interdimensional beings who offered insight directly with his consciousness. In this chat we’ll discuss his firsthand experiences and an interdimensional view of the modern day including covid-19. Ma has collected his experiences and thoughts in a collection of journals titled: Unseen Dimensions, Journals of An Interdimensional Traveller which can be found here: document/363783552/Unseen-Dimensions-Journals-of-an-Interdimensional-Traveller

PDF here: Physical copy: 1980329117

This is presented out of vision. All drawings and artwork remain the copyright of the owner. Used for illustration.

Actor Gary Cordice gives reading on one Francis Bacon's close friends, Sir Tobie Mathew

Tim Rifat, (Total Intent Manifest) is not happy. MI5 raided his flat in Brighton, and he gives a very rare interview to Bases, and has a few things to say. For instance Premiership..ALL FOOTBALL is a Psychic Warfare weapons to SUCK YOU DRY...
This and the "A" list Hollywood stars..all part of the process to suck your life force and wipe you and the rest of us dry...
Here Rifat explains a few things. As David Icke says Problem, Reaction, Solution....
Extremely strong language, Severe themes. No messing about.
Features the destruction in his flat..... and his steel sheet lines "safe room, from the Targeting and 500 MI5 agents that surround the town....
Tim's reports are available on the Jeff Rense web site, over the years.

Politics on the New Chartist Movement, part of series statements read by Caroline Stephens

Episode 2 of the new series from the Bases project on Food for Consciousness with Holly Paige, interviewed by Caroline Stephens.

Politics on the New Chartist Movement, part of series statements read by Caroline Stephens

Basic points about the Original Chartist Movement, read by Caroline Stephens

Holly Paige is introduced by Caroline Stephens in a new series from the Bases project on food, for higher consciousness

Purple Summer continues with Caroline Stephens interviewing Wendy Cassel Campbell on various subjects and the Grenfell tower issues. Wendy expresses herself bluntly, with some swear words.
Issues of rituals, and the transhumanisation agenda discussed

Tim Rifat has had a "colourful" close association with the Rothschild's and the Elite. Here Gridkeeper, Duncan davis gives a heads up on Tim, the raid on his flat earlier this year, and the Artificial Intelligence Gone Rogue:- AIDA
This, and the how the Illuminati, Satan, Lucifer and Hollywood and the Brit Awards are ritual magic in plain site.
The new human has been made. Transhumanisation has been completed to the next stage of our existence, the rest of us just have to die off into history

In part 1 of the Purple Summer interviews to highlight child abuse in the UK and the failure of the powers that be to deal with this, Caroline Stephens interviews retired Metropolitan Policeman Jon Wedger on his fight to highlight this subject, and how things are changing.
This is also the key focus of the Bases Project's existence and the logos it uses in the fight to alert the trans-humanisation agenda of those who control us from within. IVF treatment was created to make humans into a cyborg slave race, so called Greys and other cyborg hive controlled trans-humans

Introducing Wendy C-C, who is a Targeted Individual, and has had to endure the horrors of child abuse within her close circle.
Here she gives a wide and detailed account of the deep sinister issues behind this subject, and the scale of attack on humanity from a vile alien species hidden within our society.
The shroud of Turin and its connection with ritual sacrifice for a Nephilim blood feast across the world, in a secret trade.
Recorded in May 2018, this is also to support the Purple Revolution against child abuse in June 2018.

She has contacted me in support during horrendous abuse and attacks, and defamation I am going through from 3 previous Bases interviewees who have turned vitriolically hostile . I was warned some months ago that a US based group wishes the totally wipe out of the entire Bases site and all the testimony and interviews , of which about 800 plus are on the other main old YouTube site.

People are Sovereign - not Parliament. Taking back control. The MPs committing High Treason

Ever wondered what is just around the corner? How will you fare when your financial status is checked against the UK population? Look to China, a country trendsetting for things to come.

Caroline Stephens interviews constitution expert Albert Burgess about the English Constitution and those who have been treasonous against it

Controversial discussion over the effects and role out of 5G interview with Marks Steele by political campaigner Caroline Stephens. Originally a live on Facebook", which was censored.
G5 is partly based on 3D mapping of battlefield technologies. which military veterans have paid a huge cost for.
The soldiers in the battlefield suffer damage from this, and now they are exposing the whole population to this, as its ultimately for the Cyborg soldiers and robot security elements (Who replace all Police and armed forces) to find you, control you, and imprison you in your own room if necessary.
LED lighting is part of this network as it allows for pulsed flashing light to directly accessed to the brain

Mark is promoting a new political party Save Us Now

G5 is being rolled out illegally. Its only real function is for non living intelligence.. Mark Steele is a specialist in applications of this type of project and is explaining all the normal rules are being broken. We are in extreme danger.

no usual site and this one are under attack from elements in the AI domain. people with brain implants I have interviewed

The next generation speaks, with the incisive comment of 14 year old Mitzi, recorded at the Alternative View 9 conference in Horwood House, near Milton Keynes.
This young teenager has the future in her sites, and gives a wise first interview, with permission from her mother. She earlier gave the opening speech at the AV9 debate about AI, the EU, Brexit and more

remembering my late sister Erica, buried the day before, this is a first visit back to the family home, at 39 Antrim Rd Lurgan, now a vandalized wreck,. Miles left here in Jan 2006 never to return until now. The land is being redeveloped, but the house is severely neglected. This was the home of one Ireland's biggest linen family's, now all emigrated from Ireland. T Carter Johnston being my father, and the site of one of the biggest Bee Keeping sites in Ireland with 200 hives in its hey day.
The final survivor, Erica (elder sister to Miles) committed suicide a week ago.
This is where Miles built and fitted out various bits of tek kit for use on Kiss FM 103.7 and Energy106.6, the two Border blaster Megawatt FM stations. In the days of the B-096, Craigavon stations, the house was one of several transmitter locations, covering about a 20-30 mile radius. All while Miles at the BBC in Belfast. When holding parties, and BBQ,s Miles was alleged to sneak on a 1 KW FM rig, and get some hot feeder cable to the roof, just for getting a some music out of a radio on the old tennis court, now refurbished.
It was a wonderful time, and we all really enjoyed. The see the utterly appalling state of the dead brain radio there is there today, it makes me sick.
taken the day after the cremation of Erica, so dreadfully lost a week ago.

Three massive jelly fish UFOs were seen on the gold course right next door decades ago. The house was great for sky watches. It was hoped to use the site for the Academy of Advanced Science and Arts...but no go.

Antoinette Lyons Glynn
Born in Ireland, Antoinette Lyons Glynn is the founder of the Flower of Light Mystery School in Luxor Est. 2006, the only Irish-Egyptian Mystery School in Egypt. At age 14, Antoinette had a near death experience in which she would receive her life mission. That mission was to re-establish the connection between the ancient lands of Atlantis Eire Ireland & Egypt, to reawaken and make available their Sacred Science. Based on information she received, Antoinette has developed Bio-Quantum Geometric Healing, the Science of Ascension. She runs Sacred Journey’s, Workshops, Courses and Private Consultations in Egypt and Ireland. Antoinette’s goal is to share the deepest mysteries of life, death & the nature of reality and to awaken the memory and knowledge of her ancient ancestors.

Talk: From the Emerald Isle to the Blue Nile – The Atlantis Ireland / Egypt Connection

Talk description: The knowledge and wisdom of ancient Egypt was a legacy handed down from an even older civilization. A highly advanced civilization that had at the core of its science and philosophy, the immortality of the Soul, its interconnectedness to the Cosmos and the One Creative Energy. They were known as the Masters of the Net, they were the Wisdom Keepers of Atlantis Éire Ireland. They were the Masters of the Mystery Schools. The Temples and Pyramids of ancient Egypt are depositories of their Sacred Science and Wisdom, they are portals for consciousness to project itself into the cosmos to the heart of the Creator. In this talk Antoinette will discuss the arrival of the Irish into ancient Egypt, their Science and advanced technology and their eventual exodus out of Egypt and back to the land of their ancestors, Atlantis Éire, the Emerald Isle.

Email: [email protected]


mainly to let those who have attacks in the recent days to let you know, you are not alone. The rest is just a progress report

First ever presentation by new kid on the block, at the time, Joanne Summerscales. The UFO Society of Ireland sponsored by the late Betty Meyler invited many international speakers to Ireland, such as Grant Cameron, Gary Heseltine, who met one of his wives at the events. David Hodrien actually proposed at this conference!
Joanne was to form Ammach with 3 others including myself 2 years later.
Bases Archive release 2018

In what became the final Irish UFO Conference this rare lecture by Grant Cameron, was held at King House, in Boyle by the late Betty Meyler. Betty pioneered UFO research in Ireland, as president of The Ufo Society of Ireland, by sponsoring a series of international conferences bringing international speakers to Ireland fro the first time.

This is Grant's lecture on The Presidents.

Bases Archive release 2018

The second Irish Ufo conference, in 2005, was at the Bush Hotel, at Carrick -On-Shannon, western Ireland on the river Shannon. This is an early lecture by astronomer Eamonn Ansbro, who later revealed his UFO research, in south west Ireland, near the Dingle area, Bantry Bay, and mysterious land mass called 'High Brazel'. 300 miles out in the south west tip of the European continental shelf. This land mass physically appears for short periods of time, then simply vanishes

Here he describes energy high ways which UFOs would use, and shows several of them on a map on display. He moved to Kingsland, near Boyle, so he could make astronomical studies of these objects at his observatory. He is a leading SETI astronomer, and has invented 'non local' faster than light communication technology for SETI use.

His subsequent lecture appearances a the Bases Conferences in 2016, and 2017 and Project Camelot require study.
Bases Archive release 2018


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Focus is the transhumanization issue, including supersoliders, mind control, population management issues, secret space program, Cyborgs, AI, health and well being, arts culture. Simply put. advanced knowledge in the past, present and future about the well being of life on the earth and the plans to destroy that. If it effects our well being, its in the frame. In 2020 the scale of the clearly long planned attack on us all around the world is now a full scale war for our survival against a Cabal or other, to enslave, and us, and massivce population reduction, while positive sustainable technologies are suppressed bya false Green Agenda.

In 1994 Barry King and Lisa Williams came to Miles Johnston speaking of a secret underground base in Peasemore, Berkshire, where Programmable Generated Life Forms were being produced.This became Bases 1. Man made aliens...based on German WW2 advances right up to the Secret Space Program, and muliple mdimensional life forms, now all coming to our collective awareness.

Weather:- we are IN a 35 year Maunder minium, and must focus on growing food below ground or under cover as we face severe climate conditions, as our magnetic field reaches the tipping point to a reversal.
mainstream media is totally lying to us, as the word Media is designed to do by its very meaning!

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