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May-June Conference fast blast - Solar Storm- Magnetic Field Pole shift in progress. Blog from Wales- why nonelectrical power and and technology are now urgently required as we face the "Kill Shot" - ref Col Ed Dames.

AV14 conference Milton Keynes Promo Code - MILES10.

BASES2014 Summer Seminars - tickets at Eventbrite

Solar Flares, and Magnetic field shift is extremely serious.

Three conferences of interest are covered in this shout out, on 8th May 2024 by the Bases project.
Harry Rhodes is holding a "Critical Information for Healing" event, on 19th May 2024 in the Meadway Sports and Social Centre, Birmingham.

The Alternative View Conference
Sunday 26th May 2024

Use promotional code MILES10 for a discount when booking.
The Alternative View Conference Returns

After the success of AV13 The Alternative View returns to the Leonardo Hotel, Milton Keynes in May 2024 for another one day multi-speaker conference. AV14 has that a fantastic speaker line-up that will inform and entertain you and stimulate your higher mind. The Leonardo has a spacious event room which can comfortably seat 250 people. It also has a fresh modern restaurant which allows us to offer a combined ticket and buffet lunch option. We recommend booking early to guarantee your place at this premier alternative information event. Come for the day, stay at the Leonardo or stay locally. The choice is yours.
Riding the Wave

The title of AV14 was inspired by the idea that energetic changes are happening in our galaxy and the possibility that a wave of an electromagnetic, spiritual or consciousness nature is starting to hit the Earth. Such a wave may offer the opportunity for mankind to partake in an awakening and to see beyond the veil. If we learn to ride the wave and embrace it we have the chance for a better future. Of course this would not be welcomed by the ruling classes and their attempts to shut it down would require them to upgrade their control systems using orchestrated chaos. Much like the chaos we see almost daily now.

Gary Fraughen is once again your host. Gary will be hosting, presenting and delivering his rounding up comments as the event closes. AV14 aims to deliver a fantastic conference experience for all to enjoy and remember.

After the forthcoming AV14 Conference we will be changing the format of our events. AV14 will be the last conference in its current..

The Blogs of some of the speakers, many will have seen them for the first time. Two are from Wales! BASES2024 Summer Seminars - Bouverie Hall Pewsey, Wilts, Sat and Sun 15th - 16th June 2024
Bases is about giving new people a stage to explain their experiences and conclusions in their journey

The two Keynote teams, Deborah Hatswell is Saturday, Sandi Adam's team, is Sunday afternoon

details at Tickets at Eventbrite - BASES2024 Summer Seminars

This important short interview with Mark, is about the Rituals with ETs such as the Alpha Draconis, that our "Elite" have been doing.
Full betrayal.

This BASES2024 Fast blast gives a short blog from 3 of the lesser know speakers. The sensitivity of some of the content will only revealed at the time.
this is Bases Definitive Disclosure
Tickets on sale at Eventbrite BASES2024 Summer Seminars

The crucial exposure of the Fabian Agenda, also by Lucy Wyatt and Sandi Adams
should give people the final reason why what is happenni9ng is happening, and why silly appeals to to an utterly corrupt "elite" is useless
They are planning to and being successful in killing us,
It all leads b ack to the Greys and the Alpha Draconis Rituals by Crowley at Zennor, Montauk and so on..

Seer all of Bob talks on

Agenda 21, what the Fabians and Technocrats are doing to YOU!

All Bases interviews and lectures and educational supplements are at

Michael Shrimpton is a Defence analyst, who has taken a few hits for his insights

BASES2023 Christmas Seminars,
sarcasm may be involved with this presentation

Crucial information revealed within the comedy

See all at

The Bases Project lectures are all available at This is Lucy Wyatt's PowerPoint, from her Dec BASES2023 Christmas presentation, Quest for Harmony - Tyranny v Freedom

This ties in with Bob Osborne, and Sandi Adams research. The terror from the Fabian Agenda, its all in plain site.
The Bases projects lectures are also on brighteon dot com
Full series of all Bases material now arriving at
Conference information in detail, at

Lucy Wyatt grew up in the university town of Cambridge, UK. After leaving Sussex University with degrees in International Relations & Italian, and an MA in European Studies, she worked first for NEDO, in marketing for Sir Terence Conran's design empire, and went from there to editing a magazine for City of London stockbrokers. She has two daughters and now lives in Suffolk with cattle and horses on an eco-farm rescued from dereliction in 2000 that generates its own electricity from home-grown bio-fuel, recycles rainwater and has a 3-pond domestic sewage system based on Schauberger principles. The farm is an attempt to put into practice living in comfort and in harmony with Nature. Her enquiry into origins and nature of ancient civilisation grew out of an interest in alternative medicine. She is a trustee of the Gatekeeper Trust and has led Earth energy pilgrimages on equinoxes and solstices for the last 10 years.

Part 2 of this introduction to Dana

Follow her on

Part 1 of 2, the rest will be on only
Dana Louise is a wife and mother of two. She lives in St Paul MN and has worn many hats in the past: a Finalist on Norwegian reality show "Alt For Norge" season 9, food-truck owner, Reiki Master Teacher, Minister, TFT level II Practitioner, Death Doula, Public Speaker and more. Her personal (multiple) experiences with the weird, supernatural and paranormal are all laid out in her memoir. While struggling her entire life to "Come out of the Cosmic Closet," her mission now is to share what she has learned. She re-minds us to embrace our Divinity. We are all Whole, Holy- Humans.

Urgent its TODEAY - Protecting Our Planet
April 22nd 7pm, be the by 6-30pm
Odcombe Village Hall, Somerset, BA22 8XP

get DVDs of previous events from Pete, see on screen for details

BASES2024 15th-16th June at Bouverie Hall Pewsey, details at

BASES Entire archive and new material available at

I submit these are Scalar Weather Warfare signatures, refer to Tom Bearden his " Fer de Lance" book, on Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons
Not a HAARP signature

I submit these are stressed cloud radials , by Scalar Warfare technology.

(OR, the operation of a Field device near by in Warminster.)

These types of patterns I have seen many times in Devizes.

the pattern was brief, lasting perhaps only 15 minutes

Updated Fast Blast on BASES2024 Summer Seminars

Eventbrite site being updated

BASES2024 Summer Seminars Fast blast - details at
Mark Pilkington
Sayed Noah
Gill Kirkham
Thomas Mikey Jensen
Jeani Rebane
Mark Rayworth
Julie Phelps
Deborah Hatswell
Sandi Adams

the late Anne Hess, who passed on with instant death 29th Feb 2024, interviewed her good friend Sissel Tvedte who founded the "Jupiter Centre", directly opposite Anne's home, and near by the late Dr Rauni Kilde's home, in the small coastal town of Son, south of Oslo, in 2012.

Sissel was later to be interviewed by a very glamourous YouTuber Lillie Lou, a French speaking interview famous at the time, on the strength of this interview by Anne. Sissel lived to a very grand old age, only passing about 3 years ago. Consequently her Jupiter Centre closed and is now being replaced by houses.

Anne passed in 29th Feb 2024, and so in retrospect, this is one of her interview, recorded by Miles Johnston., who interviews this, over 12 years later.

BASES2017 had a number of live studio contributions. This is one, de4signated as Bases 79.

Ura Soul, aka Nick Lancaster discusses the Heart Singularity, with Bases founder Miles Johnston

Recovered from the Bases Archive, in April 2024

All Bases material is being made available at and

Peter "R" claims to have Montauk Project connections, and has contact with Stewart Swerdlow, also of the latter day Montauk Project.
This part 1 describes his connection with in the Montauk Project. The "Blue" designation requires attention.

As with all Bases interviews, Do NOT Believe, but take note and retain for later

This is a "Lost" Bases, and only recovered now in April 2024,
Recorded weeks before the 20 years plus Bases Project YouTube channel was deleted, by YouTube, an attack in violation of the ITS.
Bases is available now on, and, website retained is

These 2 lost phone calls are designated Bases 80
and now available for a short time on The Bases Project Censored

Peter "R" claims to have Montauk Project connections, and has contact with Stewart Swerdlow, also of the latter day Montauk Project.
This part describes the Blue Platinum Children in the Montauk Project. The "Blue" designation requires attention.

As with all Bases interviews, Do NOT Believe, but take note and retain for later

This is a "Lost" Bases, and only recovered now in April 2024,
Recorded weeks before the 20 years plus Bases Project YouTube channel was deleted, by YouTube, an attack in violation of the ITS.
Bases is available now on, and, website retained is

These 2 lost phone calls are designated Bases 80
and now available for a short time on The Bases Project Censored

Welsh Experiencer and TI -Empowered Individual Mark Rayworth, is a former Mason, Knights Templar.

He has given lectures to the Swansea UFO network, and here his insights and knowledge of Masonic Ritual and their interaction with what we would call Reptilian Aliens, gives us a far more insightful and wider perspective of the so called Alien Agenda. As with Tim Rifat he states the Astral is a tricksters domain, and we must get past that. A deep and wide ranging chat.

He highlights a UFO experience, which wasn't. He in fact was directly manifesting and controlling.What most would call a daylight disk or UFO, was an "orb"

A far more informed step into complex areas of perception and reality management.

Part 1.

Further parts at

First announcement Tickets now on sale for BASES2024 Summer Seminars in Pewsey, 15-16th June 2024

Tickets on Eventbrite - BASES2024 Summer Seminars

Warnings of how the ice can suddenly come down from high altitude. A dangerous kind of bath tube drain effects from high altitude, bringing a column of ice from the freezing upper atmosphere. This is only from around 40,000ft But when the hole appears 40 miles into the upper atmosphere its 'freeze instantly' time. That's what is ahead of us. Maunder Minimum progress as the magnetic field collapses in the Atlantic regions. Later at Dublin port a perfect example of such a cloud in plain site.

The Demesne House, former home of the Lurgan Johnston family, destroyed. Johnston Allen Linen was one of the Irish Linen factories since the turn of the 19th Century. The house built around 1910, was sold around 2010. Now its a looted ruin.
Also the "Home of the Hits" for many pirate stations, Kiss-FM 103.7, Energy106, and more. Many a signal used to come from the top of the house, with radio studio on the upper floors. An era of pirate radio, from the early 1980s, to the end of Energy 106 in 2005, built, repaired and tested at the small ruined workshop. New bespoke homes being built on the remaining fields, half of which were part of Lurgan Golf club. Also Carter Johnston Honey, almost 250 bee hives in its day.

Oak panels and every floor all gone, along with the very plaster on the walls.

Extremely important discussion on Iranian Bloodlines, see screen shots for details.
A short tribute to the late Anne Hess, while she filmed at a Beyond 2012 conference in Inverness, Scotland. Anne's funeral in Friday 22nd.
Fast Blast on the BASES2024 Too Hot To handle tour in Rendlesham Forest.
First shout out for the BASES2024 Summer Seminars in Pewsey

Anne Hess did her own interviews, as she was a journalist at heart. This is her interview with the late Carla Reuckert, on The Law of One, in her in the US, circa Oct 2008.

Anne died instantly in her home the night of 29th Feb 2024

In memoriam - 15th March 2024

in 2009 Anne arranged for the Dr Raunie Kilde interviews, her neighbour in Son, south of Oslo.
A couple of other Blogs and a chat with Rauni, after the horrific Deep State killing near Oslo, in 2011, will be re-released shortly.


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Focus is the trans-humanization issue, including supersoliders, mind control, population management issues, secret space program, Cyborgs, AI, health and well being, arts culture. Simply put. advanced knowledge in the past, present and future about the well being of life on the earth and the plans to destroy that. If it effects our well being, its in the frame. In 2020 the scale of the clearly long planned attack on us all around the world is now a full scale war for our survival against a Cabal or other, to enslave, and us, and massive population reduction, while positive sustainable technologies are suppressed by a false Green Agenda.

In 1994 Barry King and Lisa Williams came to Miles Johnston speaking of a secret underground base in Peasemore, Berkshire, where Programmable Generated Life Forms were being produced.This became Bases 1. Man made aliens...based on German WW2 advances right up to the Secret Space Program, and multiple dimensional life forms, now all coming to our collective awareness.

Weather:- we are IN a 35 year Maunder minimum, and must focus on growing food below ground or under cover as we face severe climate conditions, as our magnetic field reaches the tipping point to a reversal.
mainstream media is totally lying to us, as the word Media is designed to do by its very meaning!

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