The Conscientious Objector

A final word from Dr. Immanuel.

In this excerpt from Session 2, Dr. James Todaro asks the following question:
Is there a financial incentive for a leading drug manufacturer if hydroxychloroquine fails?

Four methods that you can take to combat restrictions on hydroxychloroquine using legal action.

In this excerpt from Session 2, Dr. Geoff Mitchell discusses the numbers. He examines African countries where hydroxychloroquine is used as a prophylaxis for malaria and the resulting benefit it had in producing an almost non-existent mortality rate and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Primary Care physician, Stella Immanuel, delivers a heartfelt and passionate account of the hundreds of success stories she has had personally treating patients of all ages for COVID-19 using hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Richard Urso explains why it makes no sense to not use hydroxychloroquine early on and even as a prophylaxis.

In the process of trying to decipher an anti-chloroquine study, Dr. Urso makes a startling discovery!

In this excerpt from Session 2, Dr. Scott Barbour recounts the timeline of events for COVID-19 from its initial appearance and details his thoughts regarding the spread of the virus, the data from the "experts", and the inexplicable restrictions placed on the use of hydroxychloroquine in the US. This is truly an eye-opening presentation.

In this excerpt from session 2, Dr. Syed discusses the mechanisms by which hydroxychloroquine works to fight COVID-19


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