I'm hyped for the Ferguson vs Cerrone fight this Saturday, so i decided to make a quick video for fun in anticipation, hope you guys enjoy!

I got Ferguson winning!

this one has slightly better quality, but hey don't worry i'm a professional. I do these off the cuff so please excuse that, lets dive into the nurturing relationship between our boy Daluan Sparrow and his young mods.

sorry for the garbage quality i recorded this late as fuck and i was tired but i don't have much time so i said fuck it let's go. Next video like this will be of better quality i promise.

thanks for the support, you guys are awesome

I like this guy a lot i hope he goes places and makes money tbh fam.

Main films used:
Dragons Forever
Project A/2
Police Story 1/2
Drunken Master 1/2
Dragon Lord
The Young Master
Wheels on Meals
Like what you see? appreciate when i can get, thank you!


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I make videos to entertain, mostly martial arts related stuff. Maybe some gaming related streams might be uploaded here too. Hopefully i don't bore you, have a good one. God Bless!

This site is pretty cool tbh fam.