A little music video mini-project I did for fun, still working on other projects bit by bit. My life is a bit hectic so sorry I haven't been as active as I wanted to on this channel. But yeah I decided to do this on the "Lucky Stars" Sammo Hung films, specifically the first 3 films. Given that the later ones aren't very good in my opinion with the cast getting switched around. But they are great films and pretty funny to boot.

List of films:
Winners and Sinners
My Lucky Stars
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars

Looking back and commentating over the classic bout between Enson inoue and Frank Shamrock at Vale Tudo Japan 1997. This was a great match showcasing Frank's Catch wrestling against Enson's world class BJJ, which culminated into a wild brawl to end the match in legendary fasion and controversy.

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We'll be looking at the short lived MMA career of Phil Brooks, or CM punk. it was a controversial run as Punk's presence in the UFC raised a lot of questions about the direction of the sport and what it could mean for fighters, fans, and promoters. We'll be covering his performances and other topics in this video, please enjoy yourself and God bless!

A celebration to those fights that make the art of fighting a true marvel that everyone should appreciate! More like these to come, but i'll be doing more a opinionated video next. Thanks for watching and God bless!


A terrifying moment in the history of Daluan Sparrow that no one seems to remember. Because of this, I have tasked myself to find the truth. Beware and pray for your safety and those you love.

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Happy 4th of July!

Planning on making more commentary style compilations like this, i'll try to vary the subject as well too. Hope you guys like it, God bless.

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Just a highlight of Joe Rogan admitting to his or practicing his very Semitic ways. Stop thinking out of touch multi-millionaire stoner celebrities are your friends, or else a shoah might happen again. Grow up.

*Joe isn't actually of the tribe

LTG goes into depth on the act of receiving a blumpkin or giving, and its effects on the perspective a man can have on those he loves.

Second video in the series, going to take a break from this type of content for a bit. Might make some movie content or something about my favorite martial arts related stuff. Either way stay tuned and thanks for the support!

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This is just a new series i'm starting up about fighters from the not too distant past, that had some pretty cool careers. I just want to highlight some fighters that aren't remembered quite like the legends of Pride FC or the modern ones of today. sorry for taking so long, its a long one with a lot of effort put in so please enjoy!

I appreciate you guys.


I'm hyped for the Ferguson vs Cerrone fight this Saturday, so i decided to make a quick video for fun in anticipation, hope you guys enjoy!

I got Ferguson winning!

this one has slightly better quality, but hey don't worry i'm a professional. I do these off the cuff so please excuse that, lets dive into the nurturing relationship between our boy Daluan Sparrow and his young mods.

sorry for the garbage quality i recorded this late as fuck and i was tired but i don't have much time so i said fuck it let's go. Next video like this will be of better quality i promise.

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I like this guy a lot i hope he goes places and makes money tbh fam.

Main films used:
Dragons Forever
Project A/2
Police Story 1/2
Drunken Master 1/2
Dragon Lord
The Young Master
Wheels on Meals
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I make videos to entertain, mostly martial arts related stuff. Maybe some gaming related streams might be uploaded here too. Hopefully I don't bore you, have a good one. God Bless!

This site is pretty cool tbh fam.

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