If you can't pitch, you can't sell. And if you can't sell, you can't make money.

These are just a few basic tips on how to become a better pitcher and what elements make up a good pitch in the first place.

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Today I give my reactions to yesterday nights 4th democrat debate on Ohio along with letter grades on each of the candidates.

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What a difference a few weeks makes. Elizabeth Warren is the clear favorite heading into tonight's debate as Biden slowly fades from Ukraine fallout. Sanders is back after a heart scare. Tulsi Gabbard makes her triumphant return and Trump is facing impeachment. Should be an interesting debate for sure!

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Back again with another video and this time I felt the need to give my .02 on the current crisis going on between Turkey and the Kurds in the Middle East. Why? Cause even though this story snuck up on me, I do try to keep up on foreign affairs and policy even though it's hard to keep up. And long story short, it's not a good situation over there at all.

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Apologies Youtube. Was out late doing all that dad stuff and didnt get home till late when I realized I hadn't posted a video for today so here I am vlogging at 11pm, dog tired, dirty from running in a corn maze, and recording.

Such is the life of a nobody Youtuber lol.


As the Trump/Ukraine scandal seems to grow day by day I look back on the growing culture of investigation that's been gripping our politics lately and wonder is this really what Washington and the DNC should be focused on right now?

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This morning I saw a friend post about a separation he was going through and it brought back a few memories of when I was in a similar situation and I so thought I'd share what it's like going through a divorce with 20/20 hindsight.

Life goes on.


The news cycle has been trickling out a number of stories within the past 24 hours that seem to hint a surprise Hillary dark horse entry into the democratic primary may be coming. BOHICA. Bend over here it comes again.

Can the country withstand another Clinton candidacy? Can the DNC? Can Trump? Can the Clintons?

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Back again with the last of my quick and easy SEO tips to help your content rank higher. These are some simple things to keep in mind when you want to rank in Google or other search engines.

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So after 30 days I have finally completed the One Funnel Away Challenge, an online crash course on internet marketing. In this video I weight the pros and the cons of the One Funnel Away Challenge and give my final thoughts on the course and if its worth taking.

If you are interested in making money online then check out the link to the OFAC course below.

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There's a lot of ways to make money on the internet and today I wanted to share one of the income streams I was able to create for myself. Doing what you may ask? Writing cartoons!

Check out one of my episodes for Car City here. -

Bernie Sanders had to put his primary campaign on hold the other day as he suffered heart complications. Considering just how old the leading candidates are for the presidency currently, we have to ask, is it a good thing they are all so old?

The Last Jedi adds about as much to Star Wars as the Holiday Special, and though it's easy to pick the film apart, as many have done, I never hear anybody talk about the film's most serious flaw..... from a certain point of view.

Also, that automatically selected screenshot. You go Youtube algorithm!

A firm grasp over SEO is essential for any content you upload onto the internet and today I have a few quick SEO basics that are easy to use and implement as you build up your websites and blogs.

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If it was easy to become an entrepreneur, everybody would be doing it. But the truth is it's a difficult journey of full of ups and downs, much like a roller coaster. A roller coaster I've been on too many times, lol. So to help any budding entrepreneurs out there, I made a list of the 10 essential mindsets that I learned every entrepreneur must have. This are the things I wish I knew before I got started case baby, the learning curve is a steep one!

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News was announced today that Sony and Disney reached an agreement to put Tom Holland's Spider-Man back in the MCU! I was planning on making a rambling video about how awesome the Marvel movies are for a 90's kid like me today anyways and the Spidey news just happened to break right before I filmed.

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The other day I went off on a bitcoin tangent and today I am back with a more economical focus on why bitcoin functions as a currency and what it means for it's future ahead.

If you are interested in owning bitcoin of your own, click the link below to get an extra $10.00 when you make an order of 100.00 or more on Coinbase.

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It's time to talk about bitcoin! Love it or hate it, bitcoin is here to stay and as a supporter of bitcoin I wanted to give a breif explanation on some of the basic foundations behind the cryptocurrency, how it works, how it's made and why it has a bright future ahead.

If you are interested in owning some bitcoin of your own, click the link below to get an extra $10.00 when you make an order of 100.00 or more on Coinbase.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. The latest news has Trump staring down the threat of impeachment, once again. Surely he is doomed this time. Surely.

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Today I'm the Failed Political advisory as I give my take on the current state of the Democratic Primary. The newest polls out today have Biden still out ahead, but the poll that we all know matters most has another candidate in the lead. Vegas baby!

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As I record, there are only 100 days left of 2019! That means only 100 days left to meet your New year's resolutions and any other goals you've set before the end of the year. Goals which I hope you have, because setting goals can be one of the most powerful tools you have to stay productive and keep growing.

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I've had a LOT of different jobs in my life, and I am not proud to admit, that being a car salesman was one of them. I wasn't for very long, which I'll talk about, but I learned enough to share some basic things everybody should know when they step onto into a dealership looking to purchase or finance a car.


If you publish anything on the internet, its crucial you at least have even a basic understanding of SEO and how to compliment it. SEO, or search engine optimization, is like the playbook for the internet. Implement it well and you'll be rewarded with traffic. Ignore it and it's like you never even existed.

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It seems hard to believe that it's finally here, but today is the defining movement of our generation. The Storm Area 51 Raid is going down today!


Don't less us down bois!

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Story time! Today I want to share with you a painful lesson I learned about your crazy ideas and the massive amount of haters out there. Because the the truth is, no matter how crazy your big insane ideas are, I guarantee you somebody else has had them too! So watch out!

Shivers flavored ice. -

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