Talking sense not sensibility with Joanna Williams about the identity politics framework and the men's human rights movement.

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Just a few thoughts about the next few months and such...

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Video version of my submission to the Scottish Government's Justice Committee call for views.

An analysis of the Equality & Human Rights Commission evidence to the UK Parliament's Inquiry into the Unequal Impact of Covid-19, including some thoughts on the personal and political motivations of the Chair of the Women & Equaliites Committee.

Talking Sense Not Sensibility with Philipp Tanzer. In part two of our talk Philipp shares an extraordinary, tragic and very personal story about his mother and we discuss how this story was portrayed in the recent BBC documentary about him.

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Talking sense not sensibility with Philipp Tanzer who talks about his recent BBC documentary I Am a Men's Rights Activist and also the less positive experience of being misrepresented in a hit piece by VICE.

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It's #ASimpleQuestion

Talking sense not sensibility with psychologist Deborah Powney about practical, professional and political perspectives on the experiences of domestic violence and what cult survivors can teach us about the institution of inter-sectional feminism.

The Men and Boys Coalition have called on the Conservative Government to commit to implementing a range of measures that will improve public services, public policy and make a positive difference to lives of men and boys.

Show notes & resources to follow

Why do so many powerful & privileged people have such a massive blind spot when it comes to the blatant structural & attitudinal barriers so obviously impacting on one particular group?

Snapshots from the UK Parliament's Home Affairs Committee Hearing on what action the Home Office need to take to support victims of domestic and child abuse during the Covid 19 lockdown.

How's about that then guys and gals.

Reflecting on the 'historic' first ever same sex in a Star Wars movie and it's wider cultural significance (sort of).

Talking sense not sensibility with disability rights advocate Richard Orrett and Tom from GMG Productions.

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The Truth About The Incel Community - Part One:
The Truth About The Incel Community - Part One:
Richard's Speech at Messages for Men

Talking to Paul Elam at #ICMI19: We discuss the growth of the men's movements, the South Poverty Law Centre's smears and why feminism is so afraid of people like him.

Paul Elam is the founder of A Voice for Men, focusing on men's mental health issues. Paul was featured in The Red Pill Movie and founded the International Conference on Men's Issues series.

Voice for Men:

Video essay considering the BBC’s corporate strategy for Diversity & Inclusion within the wider context of two of the more insidious outcomes arising from initiatives intended to inject intersectional identity politics into every aspect of our lives.

Messages for Men 3 - Tons of great speakers, an exclusive Glass Blind Spot video and I will hopefully be there propping up the bar. Get your tickets here:

Computer scientists claim to have found evidence of a far right radicalisation pipeline turning YouTubers into Neo Nazis. I pick apart their dubious hypothesis with the help of two red flags, three obvious elephants and one possible pig.

Thanks to David Burton for flagging.

Auditing radicalisation pipelines:
Link to Yannic Kilcher's analysis:

Talking with the fabulous Janice Fiamengo at ICMI19 along with a section of her talk.
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Intro to CLN Production's documentary: Infant Male Circumcision
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Speech to the International Conference on Men's Issues 2019.


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