Reflecting on the 'historic' first ever same sex in a Star Wars movie and it's wider cultural significance (sort of).

Talking sense not sensibility with disability rights advocate Richard Orrett and Tom from GMG Productions.

Links to videos mentioned:
The Truth About The Incel Community - Part One:
The Truth About The Incel Community - Part One:
Richard's Speech at Messages for Men

Talking to Paul Elam at #ICMI19: We discuss the growth of the men's movements, the South Poverty Law Centre's smears and why feminism is so afraid of people like him.

Paul Elam is the founder of A Voice for Men, focusing on men's mental health issues. Paul was featured in The Red Pill Movie and founded the International Conference on Men's Issues series.

Voice for Men:

Video essay considering the BBC’s corporate strategy for Diversity & Inclusion within the wider context of two of the more insidious outcomes arising from initiatives intended to inject intersectional identity politics into every aspect of our lives.

Messages for Men 3 - Tons of great speakers, an exclusive Glass Blind Spot video and I will hopefully be there propping up the bar. Get your tickets here:

Computer scientists claim to have found evidence of a far right radicalisation pipeline turning YouTubers into Neo Nazis. I pick apart their dubious hypothesis with the help of two red flags, three obvious elephants and one possible pig.

Thanks to David Burton for flagging.

Auditing radicalisation pipelines:
Link to Yannic Kilcher's analysis:

Talking with the fabulous Janice Fiamengo at ICMI19 along with a section of her talk.
Follow her on twitter: @JaniceFiamengo and find her on Youtube:

Intro to CLN Production's documentary: Infant Male Circumcision
Follow link to watch full film:

Speech to the International Conference on Men's Issues 2019.

Mike Buchanan discusses the ICMI19, fatherlessness, abortion, the Guardian's Philip Davies hit piece and Sophie Walker's record breaking appearance on University Challenge.

Mike Buchanan discusses the aftermath of his talk in Cambridge in June where some students harassed, intimidated and even assaulted members of the audience and Mike himself.

Told you she was a wrong un... Not Liberal, Not Democrat and not to be trusted... For those who missed it first time round... A 6 minute summary of just how much mischaracterization and flat out lies through omission Jo Swinson managed to pack into a few sentences about me in her book ‘Equal Power’.

Here's a link to the full version - guest starring Elizabeth Hobson as 'Jo Swinson':

Facts about Family, Frameworks, Fathers, Fatherlessness, Femininity, Fear and inevitably... the F Word.

Interview with Carl Benjamin at ICMI19. He discusses recent media coverage about that 4 year old tweet and West Midlands Police's on-going investigation into Jess Phillips MP's related complaint. We also discuss the Fawcett Society's attempt to remove him from public life, Victoria Derbyshire's viewing figures and a dirty dirty smear against the good people of Swindon.

Big thank you to RealRaven2000 for tweaking my boomer audio feed. Find him on YT:

Talking to Carl Benjamin at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2019.

Massive shout out to RealRaven2000 for cleaning up my boomer audio - check out his Mad world:
Conference Clips: Honey Badger Radio

Talking to Carl Benjamin at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2019.

Talking to Markus Meechan about his appearance at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2019.

Talking with Elizabeth Hobson - Director of Communication with the Political Party Justice for Men & Boys (& the Women who love them).

Elizabeth shares her origin story and talks about the under-representation of women like her in public life.

Links for Elizabeth:
Reforming Chivalry - Criminal Justice & Rehabilitation:
#ICMI18 Interview:

Talking with Elizabeth Hobson - Director of Communication with the Political Party Justice for Men & Boys (& the Women who love them).

We discuss left wing pressure group Hope not Hate’s state of hate report which had some unflattering things to say about her party.

We also discuss the key values espoused by men’s rights activism, common criticisms about their movement and Elizabeth's personal experience of how her work is percieved and portrayed by others.

Links for Elizabeth:

Jo Swinson's Abuse of Trust & Power:

Talking to Natty about Hope Not Hate's State of Hate 2019 Report, smears, fears, what motivates her personally and how she came to become an advocate for men’s human rights

Examining evidence suggesting that Men’s Rights Activist’s are anti-women, anti-equality and a gateway to far right extremism. Includes an analysis of Hope Not Hate’s State of Hate 2019 Report featuring J4MB's Elizabeth Hobson and Natty from the Woman’s Liberation Network.

Talking sense not sensibility with William Collins author of The Empathy Gap. In this episode we discuss the suggestion that MRA's don’t do anything practical to help men and spend most of their time simply slagging off feminists.

We also discuss the state funded infrastructure for promoting gender equality, the moral responsibility of public servants tasked with delivering it and the pros and cons of establishing a Government Minister for Men.

William's Blog:
The Empathy Gap Book:
Empathy Gap Sample Readings:

'The Untold History of Universal Suffrage in the UK:
Centuries of oppression:
Men & Boys in the UK: Edited lowlights:
Message for Men:

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