We're all players in a game. Think about it

I do not officially endorse this.
This video was made for documentation purposes only.

I do not endorse the use of legal or illegal psychedelic substances. This content is made as an observation of the human mind under the meditative/psychedelic state.

delve into the lands of financial earnings by extracting fluid from your rats

pretty good reasons.

crunch that race horse over there

right here. this is the best sound i have ever made

Digesting food properly requires a system of interorganary parts working together to extract nutrients.
Milking is just like this. but instead of taking raw food and extracting the the nutrients, it's using pure nutrients and vitamins in the form of usually white, protein-filled liquid.
Slugs carry the most powerful of milks within their bodies, so we should be extracting slug milk from various slug colonies around the world and using it to feed our people.

couldnt finish the sentence haha.
think it was something about stuart little

thats why marvin was so afraid of it in the movie bruh wow

blazed, glazed, hazed..
I love the lands of Ganjania
Cannabinoids inundate the mind all around
So pleasant.. pleasant indeed

I will attempt to implement these ideas within my content in the future.

There are options.
I have chosen the option of it remaining until winter is complete.

This explains the general idea of what I am doing on here.

Cultivate your reputation.

Thoughts on various subjects.

The common good, if it were to exist, would be to resist authoritarians who use the common good for control over the population.

to find it you must find them inside
to find it you must find them inside
to find it you must find them inside
to find it you must find them inside
to find it you must find them inside

Majestic vocal expulsions of the oral orifice bring joy to the beholder and the beholdee.


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