This needs to stop asap.

Me pissed off and drunk.

Started looking at the sky for few months now, I have seen so much vile skys from these evil individuals.

Seconds of getting here, he arrives I can't go anywhere without these control freaks.

As you can see these gangstalking masonic swine press this button to cross the road when there is no cars on the road, They know this drove me nuts it goes of all day and night I remember hearing it and waiting for it they were told to press it....I bet my life on it. LISTEN CAREFULLY

She followed me upstairs hence why I sat there as she cant sit next 2 me across 2 my right as I noticed when I was on busses there tactic was the same they would sit to my right or left then instantly the phone would come out before there ass touched the seat, then they would put there phone camera on record and put it to there ear and face it at me( My trick I invented btw) they stole it from me I have a video you can check out me doing that trick back in 2014 with two eastern stars ( My trick btw) I have a video of me recording 2 eastern stars sitting across from me, second I sit dwn they started gigglin in a possessive manner at me.

These vids are from my old flat, I had serious sleep problems and these evil vile posessed puppets drove up and dwn my street day and night as I had hidden cams in that house as I felt I was getting watched all the time so the masons knew when I was awake and asleep, I have sensitive hearing the windows was shut and these possessed fuck ups, 2 4 5 7 am drove up and dwn every single day, now think about it wtf is cars doing on the roads at those times serious these mason/gangstalkers are the most utter trash of society they aint shit, if they went missing no1 would bat an eye, there totally expendable.

? start your engines ?

Damn these goons

luckily these freaks has calmed down and don't harass me that much now, also there is no explanation for these tares and holes!!!

I always wonder how they got in my house!!!


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Hi whoever reads this. Well I'd like to say is that I am a genuine T.I and am looking for the truthseeker on YouTube as that guys vid of 2018 gangstalking whistle blower was amazing thumbs up. Am still getting new to the internet I am still learning basics I know how to upload vids etc Lol am rambling on sorry I'm just basically looking for someone to chat with about this insanity they put me threw the also psychiatry was ordered by the masons to out me on mind altering so called medication designed for skitofrenia for uploading vids fee year back I have wasted months in psychiatric hosps gettin put on mind altering depo injection they ruined me every aspect basically am just needing another genuine T.I to speak with as am all alone I have nothing they even gave my mother cancer we lost her a couple months ago they even took her voice from her. She lost her voice 7 years ago and not a single word or noise from her she was a mute then terminal cancer, and docs done numerous brain scans on my mother and they found nothing, so that led me 2 believe some evil son of a cunt put a curse on her. I'll stop there this last 8 years of my life of being a T.I is overwhelming I can write a book on this and what they have done to me and fam members names hangouts everything expose the lot I am a very intelligent young man as when I watched that truth seeker youtube vid I was like I already knew they gangstalk us ingenious ones, so please can any1 point me in the right direction of a genuine T.I like myself thats been put threw it all. psychiatrists mind altering injections unlawfull detentions false arrest weekends in the police cells malicious calls made by neighbors police come arrest me instantly when am sitting in my own house watching tv minding my own business police going threw my house without a search warrant as I am locked up in the cells and me knowing the cops were gonna go threw my house, How did I know they were gona do that It's because am an empowerd ingenious one hence why am a target. Thank you whoever reads this am open to speak to anyone about my 8 years of constant surveillance Gs bs everything I don't gaf about these puppets they tried everything with me they just need to come at me with a gun and shoot me as I have beat them all I am still here haha...