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Saw a couple of these out there. The edits were straight off the VCR so I popped them a little.

This is posted as historic and political humor.

Posting does not imply endorsement.

Was watching the video linked before and it brought the concept of emotional incest to mind. Which brought to mind this classic from Pink Floyd.

How Simps Are Born, by Think Before You Sleep -

For more info on emotional incest, catch this video by Kati Morton -

Born in East L.A. Music Video

Elected - Alice Cooper

via RAGE, whoever that is. They upload a lot of good shit and sometimes I download it, retool it, and put it back up.

This was posted with Chinese writing on different social media. After a couple questions I was able to find that this occurred today in Hong Kong.

Please note that the masked side has many weapons, including telescoping clubs, bear spray and shotguns. These weapons make me think they are CPR related.

Information on the street fight was sparse, when questioned one former Hong Kong resident answered that the masked and armed folks in here were either so-called undercover HK police who had no identification or warrant or written authorization to act in this fashion.

It was also suggested that they might have been plants or agents from the CPR (Chinese People's Republic) sent in to help destablize Hong Kong and delegitimize its rule.

Other questions were not answered but it might be related to this story from Reuters -

This footage is mine. I am not crediting the person who took or shared the video fearing they might face reprisals in their country.

Female Improv

As we battle Covid-19 in the West Japan sees real enemies!

The Karen of Twitch THOTs needs to talk to you about your cheap asses NOW #MGTOW

Who needs an actual partner to be yelled at?

The sad part is that a lot of guys will likely be responsive to this.

Covid-19/Coronavirus PSA from a Ugandan Police Chief


Music: Thend - The Bane of Tadziu

I'm not Christian, but I have some friends who are. A couple are ministers.My sister is a true believer. They are all big on faith. However, they do not do this.You shouldn't either. Worship from home. You can use Skype or Zoom* to hold prayer circles via your web cam and/or headphone set ups. Follow your God if you have one, but do it in a way which makes sure you are able to keep giving glory unto the highest from this side of the veil.Don't be a Darwin Award Finalists/Western Religious Division

* I have both a Skype and a Zoom account and have used them to be in contact with friends. I do NOT own any shares in them nor am I being given an cash for mentioning them. Another note - if you are a Boomer I'd suggest going with Skype instead of Zoom. The learning curve is not so steep with Skype.

As for any Boomers who would like to argue the point on your tech abilities please see the accompanying video -

This was one of my favorite New Wave songs way back in the day. Edited up the levels as it was a bit bland to capture the time. Also put a little EQ on the sounds.

Was going to make this a music video but... We'll listen and you'll know why not. However if you want to sing along, the lyrics are below!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Mon chat "Splash" gite sur mon lit a bouffe
Sa langue en buvant trop mon whysky
Quand a moi peu dormi
J'ai du dormir dans la goutiere
Oil j'ai un flash
En 4 couleurs
Allez op
Un matin
Une louloute est v'nue chez moi
Poupee de cellophane
Cheveux chinois

Une gueule de bois
A bu ma biere dans un grand verre en caoutchouc
Ouh) comme un indien dans son igloo

Ca plane pour moi
Ca plane pour moi

Ca plane pour moi
Ouh) ca plane pour moi

Allez hop
La mama
Quel panard
Quelle vibration
De s'envoyer sur le paillasson
You are the king of the divan
Qu'elle me dit en passant
Quh) I'm the king of the di - van

"Ça plane pour moi"
"Ça plane pour moi"
.. .

Allez hop
Touches pas ma planete
It's not today que le ciel me tombera sur la tete
Et que la colle me manquera
Ouh) ca plane pour moi

Ca plane pour moi
Ca plane pour moi
.. .

Allez hop
Ma nana s'est tiree
S'est barree
Enfin c'est marre
A tout casse
Le bar
Me laissant seul comme un grand connard
Ouh) le pied dans le plat

Ca plane pour moi
Ca plane pour moi

Trapped in my Australian bunker deep beneath the desert I have been busy searching out old projects to finish or redo.

This is such an odd place - so many good business ideas take off destined only to crash and burn! Enter the Ditch - located beneath a downtown tattoo shop this small shop doubled as a gallery and a music venue. When not hosting road groups like Days N' Daze the Ditch hosted some incredibly great local cutting edge artists.

This interview with local musician and artist Israel and venue manager Orion was originally shot on a Canon T1i in too low of light in a room which was a bit too echo-y (hey, I was young at this).

This clip was re edited from a finished edit - damned if i could find the parent shots.

Anyhow, enjoy it for what it's worth - a statement of a fantastic small local business that started strong before a quick, ugly ending.

Oh Ditch! We barely knew ya!

#Ditch #downtown #Australia #art #paintings #sculpture #jewelry #Israel #Orion #gallery #Days N' Daze #quarantinesabitch

During this whole fucking outbreak I have been trying to be nonconspiratorial, and that just goes against every fiber of my being. So I had to just say what I had to say. I promised this to friends 5 days ago, and I should have done it then - a thing or two I was talking about was reopened by a newly convinced press.

I'll never become known as a Prophet of Doom if I don't start waking up on time and adhering to a schedule. (Of course, using Open Source Software has not made this any easier).

Anyhow, video source info below. Music by You get the Blues ID 1201

Clips from Laowhy86
The National Post,
Radio Free Asia.
Screen shots of Fang Bin and Chen Qiushi from YouTube

LaoWhy86 - Coronavirus - 21 Million Cellphones Disappeared in China

Screen Caps from 4Chan – figures on cell phone cancellations in China
I was unable to find the screen shot pages. My apologies.

CBC.CA - Chinese researcher escorted from infectious disease lab amid RCMP investigation

The National Post - Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China

CNN - This Chinese doctor tried to save lives, but was silenced. Now he has coronavirus

His Wikipedia page -

Screen Caps of Fang Bin and Chen Qiushi from various YouTube Screenshots.
BBC story on them - Coronavirus: Why have two reporters in Wuhan disappeared?

Radio Free Asia - Estimates Show Wuhan Death Toll Far Higher Than Official Figure

New York Times/YouTube - ‘People Are Dying’: Battling Coronavirus Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital
I mistakenly attributed this report to the Wall Street Journal. My apologies.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants you to know you are fucking with his investments and - worse! - the investments of his donors.

And little Johnny Assback is tired with sitting inside and wants to go outsdide - he's BOOOOORRRRRREEEDDDDD! (And his mom is out of Hot Pockets - NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

So could you just go outside, huff some coofs and die? They'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

Fucking asshats.

Fucking Asshat links -


Panicky Animals

Dr. Todd Grande Clip Edited

I am MGTOW and Dr. Todd Grande is pretty Blue Pill. But I still watch his videos because he can provide some insights that are helpful to men.

In this video - Jordan Peterson Update... ( - I twas aken aback by some editing decisions and did some minor fixes to the video. I hope this helps someone who is really new to editing make their videos a bit better.

This is not an insult to Dr. Grande's video style - frankly, he's a shrink and not a video editor. Again, this is for betterment and not belittling.

Both the 5 second before and after clips are from the same video, though the clips were not adjacent to one another.

List of edits -

1) White balance was turned way up to about 15000 from the 6500 that made the clip so yellowish. Alternately, this can be fixed by setting the camera's white balance to the type of light used (in this case I suspect it was set for outdoor light when it should have been set for Incandescent).

2) I adjusted the levels, jacking the gain (mid level) up about 30% while tightening the lower and upper levels so as to give the shot some contrast. The bad part is that the light coming through the window has burned out the shades. however, Grande's face is nicely lit. Also, the computer screen is brighter but has not suffered burning out.

3) I sharpened the video somewhat. As I did all this very quickly before leaving for work I may well have overdone it.

4) Software recommendation - I do videos for fun so I lean to using free software. For this - and for your casual editing - I recommend using Shotcut, a free video and audio editing package ( His audio was great, but if I were looking for a free audio editing package, i would grab Audacity (

I've seen things...

Crouch End is a horror story by Stephen King, originally published in New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, and republished in a slightly different version in King's Nightmares & Dreamscapes collection. It contains distinct references to the horror fiction of H. P. Lovecraft.

Crouch End is a fun little horror story written by Stephen King. Even better, it is read by Tim Curry.

[Give a brother a hand to replace some technology?]


Bruce Lee's allegory on the Trump impeachment and how it distracts from concerns of the health of the republic.

No. No I'm not kidding

[Give a brother a hand to replace some technology?]

Thanks]First heard him do this at Marc Smith's open mic at the Green Mill in Chicago. I was floored.

This was recorded at a small soul food restaurant in Milwaukee where he was the guest poet at a fundraiser to send the Milwaukee team to Orlando for the national slam finals

Friggin in the Riggin / Lyrics / The Sec Pistols

This is beginning of my migration of content from YT over here. Enjoy!

This shit's got to go....

and now a word from the Venus Project's Jacque Fresco

can't get paid if yer dead...

Kudos to MGTOW Dave who dressed up like he didn't give Fuck #1 and went to protest at the Edmonton Slutwalk. Little did he guess that Rebel Media's Lauren Southern would see his bizarre outfit and enigmatic sign, and walk over to give Dave and MGTOW a broader audience among Libertarians.

Kudos to you, MGTOW Dave - you had the nerve to dress up and, considering how little time you had to explain it, you did a great elevator pitch on MGTOW.

Great work, Dave! Great work!

source: Lauren Southern: SlutWalk Revisited (Edmonton) -

#MGTOW #Rebel #Southern #lauren #slutwalk #Dave

Human the film (2012) is one of a series of films to come out in the first half of the 2010's which are based not on original footage but on clips taken from multiple interviews, news clips and other documentaries. The most notable examples of these films are the Zeitgeist films by Peter Joseph.

Cobbled together from the multiple sources this movie seeks to prove multiple points - most notably about the events of September 1, 2001 - from a conspiracy theorist's point of view.

While I have watched this multiple times I am not making any claims about it's truth claims. Rather, I am posting this because it was taken down from YouTube and I think it should still be available for public scrutiny as a matter of history and points of view.

I would recommend you do what I did - download this and save it. I hear things in YT are going to get ugly and a lot of channels will soon be going bye bye.

For the record, if this channel disappears you can look for it and me over at that upstart P2P competitor.


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[Give a brother a hand to replace some technology?]


Everything I post is entertaining. At least to me. I perform for an audience of one.

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