Tesla on Human Struggle

Courtesy Mish International Monetary Inc

Courtesy: Mish International Monetary Inc.

Courtesy: Mish International Monetary Inc

Tesla gives a brief idea of his scheme to send messages to other planets.

Tesla participates in his friend Hobson's wedding.

Extract from Marc J. Seifer, The Life and Times of NIKOLA TESLA Biography of a Genius, Page 319.

Einstein's letter to Nikola Tesla for his 75th Birthday

Tesla tells the story of the moment he realized his revolutionary alternating current motor.

Tesla talks about his Automaton and it's novel uses. His exhibition of his remote control boat in 1899 at Madison Square Gardens. And of course its potential to bring an end to war.

Amazing Nikola Tesla Art!

US Patent #514,972 Electric Railway System
Nikola Tesla of New York, N. Y.
February 20, 1894

Quote by Nikola Tesla & Photographs by Michael Gruyich

Tesla recalls his experiment in Colorado.

Tesla recounts the time he created an earthquake.

The Spirit of Nikola Tesla

A Poem by Nikola Tesla.

A poem written by Tesla's good friend Robert Underwood Johnson

A letter to Edison from Tesla on the occasion of the loss of Edison's lab via fire.

Tesla talks about the future of Alternative energy solutions.

Quote attributed, but unconfirmed where Tesla talks about resonant frequencies and their potential effect of human kind and the earth itself.

Excerpts from a 1931 October NewYork Times article. Nikola Tesla recalls his interactions with Mr Edison.

Excerpt: "Tesla’s New Monarch of Machines"
New York Herald
October 15, 1911

How extraordinary was my life an incident may illustrate... [As a youth] I was fascinated by a description of Niagara Falls I had perused, and pictured in my imagination a big wheel run by the Falls. I told my uncle that I would go to America and carry out this scheme. Thirty years later I saw my ideas carried out at Niagara and marveled at the unfathomable mystery of the mind.

Paintings of Niagara Falls
*Underneath Niagara Falls, by Richardt at the Met, 1862
*Arthur Parton, Niagara Falls (Brooklyn Museum)
*View of Niagara Falls, by Ferdinand Richardt
*Louis Rémy Mignot, Niagara, Brooklyn Museum
*William Morris Hunt, Niagara Falls, 1878
*Frederic Edwin Church, Niagara Falls, 1857, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
People & Blogs

An excerpt from Nikola Tesla's Autobiography: My Inventions Chapter 1: My Early Life

Nikola Tesla talks about cellphones in 1926.


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