The Trollocaust

Shangi wants to Jeffrey Epstein max to gain clout and notoriety.

⁣Netflix's latest series. "Das Reich, das Shangi" features the regular trolls; Suzi Q7979, Jewels, the Mad Shangi, Fire Ice Witch, Aware Rabbit, GLM, and others. In this season, the Mad Shangi and Stravonstein threaten Dennis due to his meme lord shenanigans. Four years after the first trolling war, the Shangi Reich declares war on Lycan Theory, Brutally Lauren, and others.

The official Mad Shangi Trailer. You have been caught doxxing, harassing, trolling, and encouraging people to commit suicide. Now you admit in this video that you talk to an 10 year old girl about penises to get back at one of your trolls.

If anyone wants this chump, his address is: 7404 B, 25th Street, South East
Calgary. Alberta. Canada.


Further proof: ⁣


Again, just a repeat of 2018 tactics. Pretending to be me under fake sock accounts. Like the time I was blamed for being Traversable MGTOW but it was really Zephenorium. If you were smart about it. I don't watch JB Gunner's show. LOL. Nor Elias Melas' streams.

As part of dad ministerium das Shangi-reiches, revelations provided by the reich-ministry of Shangi show that Jewels. An avid fan of Shangi and das reich, that hoes are mad. Hoes are sad. And hoes want to sue someone over youtube videos for defamation LOL.

PRAISE BE LILITH! THE QUEEN! Jewels, you profess yourself to be an angel of light. Yet you are the synagogue of Satan.

Stravonstein threatens to dox and rape my family in front of Suzi's 7979's reich. Suzi doesn't care and she snorts oxy and eats Saurkraut! THIS VIDEO IS OFFICIALLY SPONSORED BY NETFLIX's history division.

I love and adore Netflix. Cuties (2020) was the best film ever! I fapped so hard to Cuties that, Ich bin Stravonstein had to see ein doctor to get my penis pumped afterward.

Ein Volk! Ein Riech! Ein Shangi!


I baited you. You are one of the easiest trolls to manipulate. Like honestly, this has been the most boring game of online chess that I've played. Attacking people's mums because you can't get your own way. What a petulant child! No wonder why your mum abandoned your sorry ass.

Pedo-communism is a bit a problem for the Shangi crew. This includes narcissism, paranoia, delusion, and outbursts of rage and threats. Despite being left alone for ages. This includes Trim Hits. An avid defender of pedo-communism because he wants to save face for GLM Pussy. No thanks! I am not into negresses.I prefer European and Slavic chicks thanks.

All intellectual property is attributed to the original content creator RPJ. This mirroring is intended for the purposes of educational, public criticism and critique under the "fair use" clause of the Copyright Act (1969); USC 107.

After calling CPS and the police under false pretenses on people due to youtube drama. Dale Frezzi is exposed as a trans MTF despite previous roasts of a trans named Nadia Faith who is no longer LGBTQ. This also shows the hypocrisy of Shangi with LGBTQ people and his flip-flopping stances of past allegiances in which he doxxes and harasses people that disagree with him but with side with trans to benefit his own image.

Aware Rabbit took a time machine back in 1984. Orwell style since he cannot handle criticism. This isn't the first time he has censored me. LMAO.


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The Trollocaust,

It is an ongoing manosphere operation. To expose trolls, their crimes, and people who dox, harass, SWAT, or commit crimes against other YouTubers. I am an ethical troll. The term is derived from the holocaust "to burn the whole" but instead we "burn the trolls".

We cover:

* Male Trolls
* Manosphere shills
* Feminist trolls
* Third-party trolls that commit crimes