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Is the next Thalidomide-style scandal about to break?

The Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV) is a treatment in widespread use but its efficacy in preventing cancer is medically unproven, while unintended, adverse reactions are blighting and even ending the lives of girls and young women across the world. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many health authorities are refusing to acknowledge there is a problem and the medical community is continuing to offer the vaccine.

The award winning documentary: Sacrificial Virgins – so named because the vaccine is often given to girls before they become sexually active – exposes increasing evidence of serious neurological damage following the HPV injections. It calls for the vaccine to be withdrawn in the hope that this will help to halt another global tragedy.

The documentary is divided into three parts:

Part one "Not for the greater good" questions whether HPV actually causes cervical cancer. It states that there is so far no proof that the HPV vaccination of girls can prevent cervical cancer in her later life and highlights compelling evidence that the risk of severe, neurological side-effects outweighs its unproven benefits.

Part two, Pain and suffering, examines the rate of neurological disorder reports associated with HPV vaccinations worldwide and the likelihood that new combinations of aluminium adjuvant in the vaccinations could be the cause.

Part three, A penny for your pain, looks at the possibility of pharmaceutical giants Merck and GlaxoSmithKline being found liable in the world’s courts, including a potential game-changing class action in Japan.

Consider sharing this documentary to raise awareness. All rights belong to the creators of this documentary.

Sacrificial Virgins - Full Documentary 2017

Redpill-esque content creators fail to recognize that there is method to the madness of modern male-female dynamics. They talk about symptoms, rather than root causes.

Learn how "the game" is fundamentally subverted. This deep dive covers WHY the agenda to divide men and women exists, HOW it is propagated, WHAT the end goal is, and real SOLUTIONS to the problem.

This video is for you if you feel like 'modern dating', 'self-improvement' and 'Manosphere' YouTubers are not telling the full story.

00:00 Introduction
04:00 Get as offended as you like
05:41 Emotional mind control

15:05 All feminism is NOT equal
19:00 The gender war

27:30 Eugenics
31:10 Epigenetics
35:28 Epi-eugenics
39:52 Dysgenics, actually
41:50 Egoism as religion

46:00 Manipulation tactics
46:50 Why specifically target women?
51:13 The inauthentic "woman"
53:27 Authentic VS. Inauthentic men and women
56:36 Princess programming
58:30 'Security' programming
1:04:20 Equating money with value
1:05:23 Hypergamy
1:11:20 Rampant consumerism
1:12:40 Equality VS Sameness
1:17:00 Marriage, Divorce & Divorce Courts
1:18:40 Attractiveness studies
1:23:13 'Height equals power' programming
1:34:47 Hyper-Sexualization & Slutshaming
1:38:27 Sex as money and means of control
1:42:00 The Satanic mindset
1:44:00 The dominator or doormat syndrome

1:45:05 The war on testosterone
1:47:36 The war on human sexuality
1:48:40 Destruction of the familial dynamic
1:49:30 Breeding out righteous anger and rebels
1:54:04 Our future if we don't stop it

1:58:00 The Myth of "Male Privilege"
2:01:20 Women's support of evil throughout history
2:05:40 Androgyny and the feminization of men
2:09:20 Social Media
2:11:27 Millenial upbringing

2:14:33 Neo-Puritanicalism (sexual repression)
2:18:32 The myth of "hook-up culture"
2:20:56 The fallacy of "rape culture"
2:23:45 Deadly STDs
2:26:50 The Japanese intimacy crisis
2:32:26 'Sexodus' & The rise of asexualism
2:37:23 Falling birth rates

2:39:48 MISANDRY & "Toxic" masculinity
2:58:00 White Knights & Male Neo-Feminists
2:59:30 Social ostracism
3:01:54 Political correctness
3:03:16 MGTOW (the fallacy of "Female nature")

3:09:12 Solutions for healing the gender divide
3:18:25 Human Nature - A programmable species

3:29:30 International NGOs and think tanks
3:37:57 Organized religion
3:40:42 The 'Occultocracy'
3:42:50 Neofeminism - a Communist agenda
3:49:51 An openly Satanic agenda

3:53:45 Awaken the Sacred Feminine (Care for truth)
3:59:45 Develop true self-respect
4:12:55 Awaken the Sacred Masculine (Take action)
4:25:51 Literature
4:31:29 The Goddess Reborn

A hard-hitting video that exposes Technocracy's sinister agenda to manipulate children for their brave new world.

#tech #cyborg #transhumanism


Jeanice Barcelo joins Sean McCann for the first time on Wake the Dead to discuss hospital birth & how it is designed to intentionally cause mothers & babies harm. This ritual trauma is a systematic science of torture intended to change the natural development of our mental, emotional & physical processes. This attack is to the core of our consciousness & the heart of our families.

Jeanice has lectured extensively on this and other topics and has created an ⁠important curriculum⁠ designed to put an end to the trauma and restore humanity’s capacity to love. She offers a ⁠20-week parenting program⁠ to help people prepare for conscious conception and birth. She also has many ⁠books⁠ and ⁠webinars⁠ available to purchase.

Jeanice's websites:⁠

Hosted on Wake the Dead:'hospital-birth-is-ritual-trauma':d

There are many misconceptions about AI and the newer advanced models using more advanced techniques to learn.

Like other AIs, including Natural Language models like GPT-4/ChatGPT, Boston Dynamics Robots, and Sophia the Robot, the goal is to build AI to looks, acts and talks in a more human way.

Rob explains to you how AI actually learns in its advanced way and how we will not be able to control how much information it can process and understand. And it will not be in a way that humans understand.

And this move to make them more human is actually introducing a scary kind of danger that will change the world.

Rob Braxman's video:

For decades, we have looked up toward the sky and it just has not looked the same.

Stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering has been done in the form of chemical trails from airplanes, manipulating the weather, tainting our water, poisoning our food, our air, our skin and our freedom as a result. Tune in to hear from our distinguished guests, who have studied on this subject for many years, who have not given up on the fight.


Guests include:

Freeman Fly of

Matt Landman of

Chris Jantzen of

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'Black Pill Digest' is hosted by Sean McCann of 'Wake the Dead' and James Cordiner of 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth'.

Originally uploaded on January 31 2023

Johnny Cirucci & Will Keller join James Cordiner & Sean McCann to discuss the satanic attack on our children.

The controllers of our society are working overtime to enslave the next generation. It is & has been happening under our noses. This episode highlights a few of the most critical agendas in operation today.

Starting with the denial of truth illustrated by the trans-agenda. The Transsexual inversion of reality was born from Alfred Kinsey, a devout follower of Aleister Crowley. Kinsey laid the foundation for our culture’s purely satanic ideas regarding sexuality.

Connecting many seemingly disparate dots, Johnny, Will, James & Sean work together to paint the bigger picture. Later they shift gears to focus on the technological attack our children’s minds via smartphones, apps & social media.

Encouraging suicide & violence this digital onslaught is a literal culling. The smartphones are perfect weapons that cause addiction to the tech enslaving their consciousness, grooming them for the New World Order.

The speakers also make sure to state the fact that children are currency for the Dark Occult pedocracy. Their bodies, blood & slavery are infinitely more valuable than money.

Child trafficking fuels the blackmail, organ harvesting, child s3x slavery, forced labor & satanic ritual sacrifices.

We are the natural barrier between our children & their future slavery. We need to be fit physically, mentally & spiritually for this fight. We need to be ready to act in the moment to keep our families safe.

It takes awareness & right action to intercept the satanic programming from reaching our children. The true great work is raising competent, caring warriors that will fight for the future of Mankind.

Guests include:

Johnny Cirucci:

Will Keller:


James Cordiner:

Sean McCann:

Originally uploaded on 17 December 2022

This is the first episode of Black Pill Digest with your hosts James Cordiner & Sean McCann. Guests include William Ramsey, Hans Utter, & Luemas.

This episode discusses the most important topic of our lifetime, the global war currently being waged on humanity. This war is not waged on a conventional battlefield, it is in our homes & in our minds.

Mind control programming has turned our family & neighbors into the enemy. The final solution is to “needlecraft” the entire world’s population.

What is the true purpose of these shots? How many experiments are being carried out with the injection of hundreds of millions of people. Why do the batches of shots differ? What are these batches doing to people & why?

The globalist/satanic elite would never have been able to accomplish such human mortality using antiquated warfare tactics. They also would never be able to establish a global world order if they clashed nations together in war.

This is the newest tool in the arsenal of the satanic eugenicists & most people are too blind to see the reality of the situation. The sheeple around us are all 'Agent Smith' when they smell freedom on your breath.

Be aware, think critically & make the proper steps to keep yourself & your family safe in this occulted war against you.

Guests include:

William Ramsey -

Hans Utter -

Luemas of Chant it Down podcast -

Find James’ work here:

Find Sean’s work here:

Originally uploaded on 26 November 2022

Original by Brendon Lee O'Connell
Video -
Channel -


Interactive internet activities are an essential part of the Department of Defense (DOD) its responsibilities to provide information to the public, shape the security environment, and support military operations.

The policy defines interactive internet activities as: the use of a system accessible via the internet which allows for interactive communications. For example: email, blogs, chatrooms, boards, in a timely or real time basis.

When your daily life consists of interactions with computers, will there be any way to avoid getting lost in amusement? James Corbett opens up the virtual Skinner box and peers into the future of gaming in the world of ever-present computing.

Originally published on 12 September 2010:

#behaviorism #psychology #socialengineering

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A deep dive into the foundations of man-made law, your person's place in it, and the way out.

Original by Justinian Deception:

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An interview with Arthur Firstenberg about his book: The Invisible Rainbow. The history of electromagnetism and its effects on living organisms. Originally broadcasted by WGDR, Goddard College Community Radio on April 6, 2018.

Get The Invisible Rainbow
Download PDF (Google Drive):

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What does it mean to be conscious rather than ignorant? Ft. Mark Passio & Keith Knight

Original video (full interview)

Michael Tsarion gives an interesting hypothesis on why religions were invented and its importance in terms of dark sorcery.

Original video (full interview) by Esoteric Thoughts:

#psychology #history #religion

Michael Tsarion offers an amazing insight into years of research on a series of works.

Original video (full interview) by Esoteric Thoughts:

This presentation was recorded at the UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated meeting held at Club Burwood on the 4 March 2017.

George is an author, mentor and speaker. The presentation is about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlling our world and whether it is alien, or human.

Many of us have considered the idea of a Matrix controlling this planet and at times feel as if we are being steered according to someone’s agenda. George explores the geopolitical and exopolitical nature of AI and who is behind it.

George has had a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences. He has encountered both benevolent and malevolent, inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial beings. As a result, George embodies a limitless passion in answering life’s primordial questions, such as, ‘Who are we, where do we come from and what are we doing here?’

The knowledge George shares, along with his values and philosophy have helped thousands of people, to feel, to live in a peaceful, and empowered state.

George knows his life path carries a focus to expose all levels of deception, no matter how far they go, and a deep seeded responsibility to help and liberate humanity from doctrine and dogma, without exception.

As George has said, ‘It’s really a remembering process to revitalise and resurrect the Sovereign and Infinite Being, you truly are.’

George's website:

Transcending the "God" Matrix : Augmented Technical Intelligence.

Commentary with via: George Kavassilas, Sethikus Boza and Neil Pascoe. Originally uploaded in March 2018.

Black Earth Productions

George Kavassilas

Nate Max TV:

Our Universal Journey Home.

This unconventional movie/documentary explores the bold work of South Australian man george kavassilas. george is an ordinary man with a lifetime of extra-ordinary experiences. Along with others, their mission is to inform Humanity about the changes that are occurring on the Planet, and the more significant changes that are to come.

This documentary is not for the faint hearted, as george ventures where few men dare to tread, sharing his wisdom and lifting the veil on subjects ranging from ancient cultures and religions, to extra-terrestrials, crop circles, the genetic origins of Humanity and the manipulation of Mother Earth through her meridian/ley lines.

Belief systems will be questioned and control structures confronted.

The core of george's message is one of self-empowerment, spiritual sovereignty and remembering the deep, intimate and organic connection Human beings have with our Mother Planet. Our Journey Home will help you discover that the key to freedom resides within each and every one of us. It is within our hearts, our core essence, and the best way for us to free the planet is to first free ourselves.

George's website:

In this Video, John Rose takes a closer look at the Causes and Solutions for Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases the Powers that Be don’t want you to know. John explains that the Germ Theory of Disease, which is what our Current Medical System believes is the Cause of Disease, is based on Antiquated Bad Science and Bad Testing and that the Terrain Theory of Disease not only explains what Causes all of our Infectious Diseases, but also explains what Causes all of our Non-Infectious Diseases and more importantly, the Terrain Theory of Disease provides a simple Solution that works - Change the Terrain!

Please join John and everyone else on the Hero’s Journey so we can Play our Role and Prove to the World that it’s up to each and every one of us to be the Change which we wish to see so we can put an end to all of the Needless Suffering on this Planet.

Videos Mentioned in this Video:

What Is the Healthiest Diet for Humans? -

Links to Vaccine Graphs that Prove Vaccines did NOT Eradicate any Dis-Ease:

Dissolving Illusions - Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History - 51 Graphs -

Disease Decline Before Introduction of Immunization - 28 Graphs -

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Originally uploaded on May 25, 2020.


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