The Vital Redpill

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I enjoyed this so much that i had to turn it into a vid.
May the pocket protected scientists be with you.

This one had some weird spelling in some places that made it hard to read. Thus i the text i read is 2% different than the actual text written.

Huge if true.


Did you know that Bananas are berries but Strawberries aren't?
ODDs Video:
First uploaded on 09.03.2019, during the initial apex craze

In memory of Peleg Conklin, 1771-1788

Video Links:
Neil Z.Miller - Review Of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized
On Polio:
On the true history of vaccines:
Del (sadly without blackjack and hookers) Bigtree :

WHO clip on polio:
DDT clip:

Allways relevant and related.

Posted on 4Chan on the 15th March 2018

1. French discussion culture - 00:40
2. Understanding french media - 01:18
2b. Thought-experiment - 02:30
3. Why do so many people protest in paris? - 07:07

German interview:
Video of grenade explosion:

#gilets jaunes

Some new gilet jeunes related material, as well as some thoughs on the possible plans the figures behind the curtains are sheming to get the most out of this crysis.
(I spent way to much time on editing this video.)

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times - welcome to the current year!
Thanks frens! :)

Allways relevant and related.

Anon shares his indepth research on masturbation from a biological and occult point of view.

Thanks to French and Brazil anons for proviting those excellent
high-energy posts.
This video might be a quite important historic reference in the future, depending on what strategies the french gov will persue to stop the yellow vests. As so far the protest were mostly peaceful.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a woman... or is it? This poster explains the certain hallmarks of female speech/typing patterns.
Enjoy :)

Lets take a look at whats trending in Germany right now...

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is masterfully crafted hypnotic piece of art. Art that has the goal to condition the masses to react to certain stimuly in the desired way.
All those stupid pictures and extremely illogical "funny" segments and the laughter of the audience all are carefully crafted with the goal of, well here we are again, mind control of the masses... enjoy :)

MK Ultra scientist spills some beans on his work in this 4chan thread.

This meme is a timeless classic. Enjoy


4K version avaiable on youtube:
A picture is worth a thousand words. Our thinking is limited by the words we know. But good art can invoke emotions in us, that we lack words to describe. To share some of those nice pictures was my intention in this video.

Who is Q and what are his goals?


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