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Berkley will be offering a course on Nicki Minaj and it makes me all the more excited to be forced to pay off other peoples student loans.

Tucker Carlson was fired from FOX News and the excuses are hella lame. Who is buying this bologna_ Not us, that's for sure! We've got our own theory as to why he was let go.

Jerry Springer, the absolute legend, has died. May he RIP. Some people believe his program was a media psyop, his program played a major role in dumbing down the masses and single highhandedly made the transgender agenda acceptable. He still has a special place in our hearts. It's hard not to love they guy, he will be missed by many.

Just when you think you've seen it all... A man completes a marathon while chain smoking

it's not about health, diversity, safety, it is about total control over us and our resources, how can we believe its about anything else.

the Whole Tip episode: the GRIFT
freedom, wealth and security, the things we've lost during lock downs. cover for the great cripple competition and steal.
Check out episode here

Alex was right - need information in an information war

is this a warning or a threat? she says "is there a lesson for you or anyone else?" Billy Boi smiles then responds "well he's dead, in general you always have to be careful". we do not believe that Jeff Epster is dead, we believe he is in a type of IS INTEL witness protection program for peds. sucks that we have to speak doublethink on youtube

after all the shaming, insulting and superiority complexes we had to deal with in the last few years we have yet to hear an apology from the tolerant, virtue signaling, social justice warriors that claimed to follow the science. The experts were wrong about everything (even though they made it, lol so they knew everything about it) while spreading lies and censoring "misinformation" forcing us to lock down, neglect family and destroying our way of life but, now they want to help us rebuild, lol!

i made a huge mistake not only meeting him initially but, met with him a number of times, oopsie!

King Klaus and the WEF are telling us there will be a major cyber attack that will make the sickness look like cracker jacks, They are telling us that they are going to destroy the dollar.

The reality of cobalt mining and true cost of our devices...

JFK calls out the money printers and their MIC bully boys a few weeks before he was silenced

NO PLACE TO HIDE part 05 - ONE TACTIC TOO MANY - terrorists themselves are dispensable players in this deadly game because, when the target governments are finally toppled, it will not be the terrorists who come to power, but the international Marxist apparatus that trained and supplied them.

Written and hosted by G. Edward Griffin in 1982, this film is every bit as relevant today as it was then.

Nu Prop, Don't be easily fooled, if it is too good to be true, then it's not gonna happen to you, don't be a sucker!

JP... Where is the patriarchy?

Mother hires a deprogrammer for her daughter who indoctrinated in all girls college

Kevin Samuels the GOAT! RIP!!! calls it like he sees it! many modern women rate themselves as 10's and don't believe they should settle, does that mean that there is no room for improvement?

Kevin Samuels the GOAT! RIP!!! calls it like he sees it! what's it gonna take?

Kevin Samuels the GOAT! RIP!!! calls it like he sees it! a woman only attracts weak men and can't figure out why? women always believe they will get their way.

Feminism is code word for special treatment

Reading Forbes propaganda piece from 2016 trying to sell us the (not so) great reset and the systematic destruction of western civilization by our money printing masters and their billionaire bully boys. demoralization and destabilization by globalist goons and not so federal reserve making us poorer and encouraging illegal immigration to bring down wages.

Kevin Samuels the GOAT! RIP!!! calls it like he sees it! a low value woman only attracts weak men and can't figure out why? she uses insults to shame into compliance

A tampon dispenser is placed in a high schools boys bathroom, so the students respond correctly. They took it off of the wall and put it in a toilet.

interview in 1985 with Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. Destabilization is step two of four basic steps of socially engineering an entire population.

Kevin Samuel's the GOAT! RIP!!! calls it like he sees it! Shaming tactics the first arrow in a low value woman's quiver


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