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You will now need a pass to grant you freedoms that you already had!

The CIA admits that remote viewing is real and reveals some cool stuff on the matter in declassified documents.

Blind obedience, willful ignorance or straight up mazkis, knock it off.


Our oceans are FILTHY, here's who's trying to fix that.

best way to fight back is to get involved. It's the little things that count

Toxic metals that make their way into our systems from sources all around us and how to get rid of them!

The war on fun continues. m4sks wOrk right? but... Only if you don't talk! Of cOurse yOu can ride the rides but, nO singing, shOuting, heavy breathing Or raising yOur vOice! AbsOlutely nO human emOtion Or the cOmmies will cancel yOu!

is Big Pharma's riding the Covie train and making money from American fear? Nah, they're our friends, they're just looking out for us, ha, ha, they're not interested in profit, they're curing us out of love and togetherness! You know, like cancer?

Lock downs are designed to destroy our lives, not save them.

our controllers wouldn't mind if a few billion of us kicked rocks


These restrictions make it difficult to make new friends. Good thing we have robots...

why hasnt covie gone through the homess?

does anyone have the right to force inject anything?

Individual freedoms and personal responsibility got you down? We've got a solution for you!

Microsoft has a controlling and invasive patent.


kids are now being taught to be ashamed of their race even though they've done nothing wrong...

the ROBIN HOOD App protected a few billionaires and stuck it to the little guy!

the Whole Tip Daily 31 ITALY RESISTS

CHI-COM SHUFFLE who's really using the CCP as global bully boys and patsy for the NWO or the Great Reset? Not sure why this post has a Qanon context fact check? this video has nothing to do with Qanon, its does not mention Q in any way, this video is about the CCP puppets of the NWO or Great Reset!

Politicians and military personnel up to their usual dirty tricks playing with the hearts and minds of the people they're supposed to represent and protect. PYSOP SHENANIGANS

Looking into The "great" reset and what it's really about.

billy boy Gates not at all bothered by climate change with his six hundred million dollar yacht, coastal mansions and more American farmland than god, he cornered computers, vaccines and now hes ready to kill the fake meat market, what could go wrong?


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