Why did I do this?

My original plan was to make this a musical video but because health and time issues I could only make a photoshoped version of the original Rabi-Ribi soundtrack cover, but i might do it the next week.

Obviously i don't make any money from this video and all the credits belongs to Kevin Shih (3R2) for the soundtrack from Rabi-Ribi, the entire death grips band for the acapellas and me for the edit.

Also if you are watching for some miracle on bitchute, i'm sorry that i am disconnected of that platform, but I would try to create som edgier memes that aren't allowed on youtube. Because, muh racist, copyright and sexual content jokes not allowed on my christian google webside.

This video was planned to go up at the end of May, but given that I have been on final exams at my university and some personal commitments have made this video almost finished late.

Also in my opinion everything about this video is disappointing because I did not went as I expected, given the poor quality of the idubbbz green screen and some special effects have gone wrong and I think I expect dislike for it. But next time I'll learn to use it the right way.

In a nutshell: Ambitious project goes wrong for lack of time and dedication.

Meanwhile I will make tomorrow a video of the current state of the channel and what videos I have planned.

So stay tuned

PS: The Autistic Arpy Noices Part is from Супер Сус and here it is the original video:

basically EAR RAPE

I'm out of ideas, fuck.

друг Monsters inc edition

Nothing here fuck off

Too late for the trend but i'm ok. But I have an idea that might do it in a video, but it will be for the future.

I had this song, since I was a mic spammer on Csgo. When I stop doing this, it was not until today that I remembered this song and the possibility that these videos are in limited state on youtube, is the reason I upload this video on this platform. One of the many songs from the Yugoslav Wars.

This is not related to the music video I'm going to do, but I've seen this commercial and had to do this.

Another mashup like in the good days. It has been too long that I have not made a video of this type and this is noticeable too, but at the same time I am happy to do this again. This is not my only music video, still missing one more than I have pending. But it won't be from this video game ost. I just need to refresh my memory and have some free time as I'm in college.

Just a test of bitchute algorithms and how it sees in this platform. A Bitchute reupload of this existen video on my youtube channel.


Just keemstar reacting to this trap masterpiece.

Just a brief description of what happened to me.

1. Get hit by a category five huricane
2. 40 days without electricity
3. 2 entire months without internet service in my home
4. I am on college
5. Not having to much ideas.

Now im planing to do and unusual mashup with big shaq (even if i am too late) and a posible unusual Christmas mashup (but i don't know that to choose


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