Normally these are a beautiful falls but in this video you see just what Texas heat is capable of!!!

Watch the last of this painting as it becomes a completely cool building!!

Watch the ceremic continue to come to life as I paint it!

Watch a plaster ceremic come to life as I paint it.

A very interesting historical place of when the states were at peace with one another.

Are you living with hypothyroidism? Struggling with weight because of it? I am a hypo and I was getting desperate! I found hope!

A nice track to take a leisure walk!

Just as the title reads! Different colors and shapes. Real eye pleasures.

An old restored fort that had been used for protection against indian attacks.

See at least 2 dozen fledglings to 4 ducks! What a wonderful sight!!

Some very beautiful sights here at this park!!

A small park with very fascinating points of interest!!!

This challenge has been done over and over again on different animal videos and the results are different and funny everytime! See how my fur babies do on this challenge.

You enjoy beautiful waters and waterfalls then this is the video for you!!!

Another beautiful but strangely mapped trail!

It was a pleasant evening to walk with my husband and dog. I am still training her to heel so pardon my small tug of war with my dog. She IS getting better!!

Need to relax or have a soft ambience to get to sleep? Here you go. Relax and enjoy. (REAL SOUND AND VISUAL)

I had done a "GREAT WALKS" video on this place in 2018 and I got lost and had to be rescued. In this video, I tell you the story and show you the areas plus show you some gorgeous scenery!!!

I am so glad I switched to back to the Weigh Down Diet. It payed off!!!

I am having to change my diet plan in order to keep up with it!

Working hard on transforming my body.

I love painting!

I marvel at my own history sometimes.

It is time to start showing what I do!


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I do vlogs of various subjects and also review and checkout parks and attractions.