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Pivos Vue was a backlight for PC monitors that was run via usb control box. This is somewhat of a old video and im not sure if these are still available. Overall it works fairly well for live capture but its better just as a static backlight.

Start to finish lapping job on a Core i7 4790K. This method will work for any LGA style socket.

Full removal of the cpu lid and reinstall using the rockitcool tool on a older i7 4790k. This method works on all 115x cpus and 20xx possibly 1366 as well. This video was kind of butchered in editing. This was recorded on a very hectic day and i wasn't happy with the footage. Did what i could to try and save the video but i had never planned on releasing this one.

This is why you eat up so many cpu cycles.........

Video showing how you can actually mount one of these Viotek budget gaming monitors on a wallmount with a little creative work and a nice thicc plate.

Just another old video from 2016 I hope helped someone along the way since the EK block for this board was discontinued. There was a HW revision that moved a cap on the board and caused interference with the Northbridge sink. I briefly show how this was modded to fit.

This is how broke dudes make a test bench.


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