That is a lot of water. Flood advisory until 9 pm and we got hit hard. I hope InSightFreedom is dry!!!

Got the pan, surround, and doors installed and ready. Now it is time to start on getting the cement board mortared and screwed down so we can lay the tile down.

If you are laying any type of tile down take the old tile off and then replace it. DO IT RIGHT. It was disgusting.

The guest bathroom is all set up and ready to go. Had another tile that started to come up, I fixed it and the wife and I completed it. I think it came out very good considering it was my first time

#100Subs #MGB #DIY

This is not going to be the giveaway video. I have a couple ideas on what I am going to do. This is a thank you and an update on the future videos. Thank you for being patient on the MGB, hopefully we can visit it again here pretty soon at least get it here to the house.

Got the tiles that came loose reset and it set for 24. Time for a first time grout experience.

Tile set for over 24 hours and now it is time to have a little fun and kick them off.

ok 4 tiles came up really easy. I know what I did wrong. I thought the mortar was going to dry quick, like bondo would. This was an incorrect assumption and I did not coat the back of the tile before I laid it down. I thought it was the 1/4 trowel I was using that I could not get the rigid underneath the tile, but when I fixed the tiles that cam up, when I coated the back, I was able to get them under the tile. The next trowel up is 3/8 not 5/8. Now I get to do it again

#censorship #rights #4thofJuly
I have been thinking about making this video for awhile now. After watching ThecrazyScotsman's video rant and with the 4th of July tomorrow it felt right to do this video. Censorship is not good at all in any form, neither is taking away someones to make you feel better. If you feel that censorship and taking someone's right away you should not celebrate the 4th of July. If you do not like what I say then change the channel.

I got all the tiles cut and down with the Rigid spacers and leveling system. The knee pads are really nice. I hope it works out.

The "tile guys" put the backerboard and the 4 tiles over rotted underlay. Not good practice at all. So I went out and got some underlay to replace the rotted with some good wood. John Goodman Arachnophobia "Take out bad wood, put in good wood."

It looks like I get to do the tile. The contractors are a no show, laid 4 tiles and that was the end if it. They did not lay thin set for the backer board so I get to demo what they did. Which is fine now I get to do it and do it right.

#voltage #Vanguard

I thought I would show how the detector works really quick

Sorry about the first video, I watched it and even confused myself to what I was saying, this is a better video, especially the quality. I think New Texican and others, especially ShootinWithUncleDan will get a kick out of this.

My first VR, it was an open general on the future of gun and reloading creators on YT. It is also a 600 sub giveaway, I do not want to be entered I am new sub, I will enter the future one's. I do not do gun videos, but as a veteran I felt it needed a response.

It has been awhile since I saw a good storm in the distance. Do not forget Colorado has over 300 days of the sun.

Had some fool cut me off while traveling to the storage unit. I have a couple of nephews getting ready to drive so I thought this needed to be said.

Updates on the house and soon we will be back to making MGB videos. I cannot wait to get back to doing cars.

I am not trying to show off, but I do think it is important to mention. I finally got my big purchase, now it is time to slowly add to it. This will be the only video I will do on silver. Channels I watch for silver
Another OverTaxed TaxPayer
Silver Dragons
Clever Coin

We had a family emergency and we are in Ohio, but I want to give advice to people that are selling their home. HAVE THE COMMON COURTESY OF CLEANING YOUR OLD HOME!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVING YOUR OLD HOME LIKE A PIGSTY IS A REFLECTION UPON WHO YOU ARE. IF YOU BUY A HOUSE TAKE CARE IF IT, YOU DO NOT BUY IT AND LIVE IN IT AND DO NOTHING. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO THE BASIC HOUSE CARE DO NOT OWN A HOME. Going into a place that you just bought and you see what you are now dealing with, it was disgusting. We have not been able to move into the house because they did not fix any of the holes in the wall or take out any anchors, so now we have to spend money that we were not planning on spending early. We have to paint the whole house there is a nasty smell from the bathroom where the kids were, so now we have to get a plumber. There is something in the ducts so now we have to clean that out. I am getting tired of cleaning other peoples mess.

Unboxing the parts and upcoming videos

Cleaning and putting the carb back together.

Future plans for the 77 and what type of videos to expect in the future.

Time to get started on the 74 1/2...............FINALLY.

Sanding up the passenger side dog leg.


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Working on my 1974 1/2 MG MGB, going to different places out and about in Colorado, showing off our wonderful corgi's Ozzie and Abbie, and hopefully we can learn a thing or two.