Unboxing the parts and upcoming videos

Cleaning and putting the carb back together.

Future plans for the 77 and what type of videos to expect in the future.

Time to get started on the 74 1/2...............FINALLY.

Sanding up the passenger side dog leg.

Time for more work on the 74 1/2

These are the mistakes that I have made. I make the mistakes so that you do not have to.

Unboxing the parts and upcoming videos

Cleaning up the carb for the 77 MGB

Took a stab at rebuilding the brakes. Make sure that you put the grooved rubber ring on the top and the flat sided ring on the bottom, which I did not do and had to redo them. I made a video of the errors made.

This is the first start, and my first start, video in I do not know how many years.

Writing down a list of parts that we will need.

Got a new battery to put in, it took some time for the electrical to come back and it looks like we have a few switches that we need.

Check out what we got!!!! We will do a garden update soon.

Cleaning up the door with a little vinegar water.

This is my first shot at doing this with the camera going, not too bad but I think I should set it up in different angles next time. Took out the rear engine mount to replace the worn out mounts. I did break the bushing trying to get that in so I drilled a little bit of the metal away and got the other one in. I do not think it will take away from its stability, however, I am going to try to get another one in without having to drill. If it does do something with its stability I can always order that piece again it is $48.00 from VB. I did notice that the bottom 2 holes were for bolts and they had been taken out so I now have those things on order. Going to do a video on the dashboard. I got it back and put the gauges in and it looks nice.


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Working on my 1974 1/2 MG MGB, going to different places out and about in Colorado, showing off our wonderful corgi's Ozzie and Abbie, and hopefully we can learn a thing or two.