We have to stand strong on this. It's only going to get worse.

It will be here. They just have to do a soft rollout for Americans...

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It's been over a year of lockdowns, mask mandates, curfews, police state-style authoritarianism, and now moving onto the next phase: coerced (j)abs and two-tiered society for the obedient and disobedient.

The World Wide Rallies are a way for the world to stand together and resist this new system they are trying to force us into. Almost every country has experienced some level of new tyranny that in most cases break their constitutions and civil rights.

There is no regard for people's individual liberties and they have openly attacked religious freedoms, speech, movement, and the ability to function as an autonomous society.

#wewilLALLbethere #pledgetheline

This is a group that is "reviewing" and calling businesses that mandate the papers to enter or employees. If you want to get active, come join.

We have to pushback against businesses and voice our stances and that they will be boycotted.

SUBSCRIBE: We are an active group based out of Maine, but expanding to help pushback against this non-sense.

Interesting. Michigan now is closing a pipeline from Canada.
California now experiencing shortages and lines.
Biden shutdown the Keystone Pipeline.

Over a year of protests and riots. They are beginning to escalate again. This time we have a new administration, one that looks the other way. If you try to defend yourself or property, you will be arrested.

We live in a new era. It's time to rethink how to pushback in these situations. The police will not help you, cops that might are being pushed out or quitting.

It will only be a matter of time before this spreads further than the northwest and New York area.

We're all in this together.
How quickly the past can be erased...

Shane Drake speaks truth to power here in Maine. He is a local that sees the world as we do. I full support this guy.

The future of Maine is up to all of us.

....Authoritarianism is a boulder, we move like water.

Much of Canada has fallen into a new lockdown and further restrictions. Quebec has extended the curfew hours, not allowing people to leave their homes after 8 p.m. Ontario has expanded police powers and added more fines and penalties.

This is not going to end.


Alaska Industrial Hardware Store (Bering Straits Native Corporation)

It took me quite some time to be able to reach the corporate level on this. I spent endless hours making calls to store locations, HR, general managers, and finally got here.

This call was originally very long, I cut out the beginning, but I can post it if anyone wants to hear it. There were talks of protests, boycotts, and strikes from workers/community in Alaska. I told them I had knowledge of this and it was able to get me in the door (a conversation).

The reason this is very important is that they are the first major corporation to mandate the vaccine for all workers.


We've been making hundreds of calls throughout the Country. It's amazing what a little bit of social media and "rumors" can do to disrupt the mandating of the 'prick'.
AIH Hardware in Alaska has been temporarily forced to put this mandates on hold. In the letter they sent to employees, there were absolutely no exemptions to the 'prick'.
This call is a blend of seriousness and fun. Smiling will keep you going through these dark times.

*Use #pledgetheline​ to link together movements, social media, and content. We are 'shadowed' instantly due to the content.

Many people are still in denial or refuse to see the truth. Vaccine passports will become a way of life shortly. The Government will use businesses as a proxy to push this through. States will pass mandates stating that owners will not be able to reopen to full capacity unless their staff and patrons have been vaccinated.

To me, it doesn't matter what is in the vaccine. The Government is about to have unfettered access to our bodies, able to inject us with whatever they want for the rest of our lives. This is not temporary. The loss of physical autonomy IS the last wall of freedom. Lose that and you lose it all.


I made a call as a restaurant owner, and stated that I was going to mandate the vaccine at my business and some employees had some questions. She references Fauci often, and states that we might have to vaccinate yearly, there is talks of a third shot, AND a booster shot in the that could make 4?

CDC recorded call asking why it is their stance to vaccinate everyone, even those who already had covid. This call was done through the medical line for medical personnel who need to speak to the CDC.

We feel it down to our core. It compels us to do something. Since the beginning, your instincts has screamed at you, warning that something was not right.

We must find our own way and connect with 'like-minded' individuals. Use the hashtag to link yourself to the movement.


All Black Lives Matter, that is why we push back against groups like BLM that use disenfranchised youth as human shields to further their political agendas.

Do not be angry with the looters. They are being manipulated and conditioned to do this. They are being tricked into crossing a line that is difficult to come back from.

The internet has shined light on problems with the police over the years. They are using this 'truth' as a way to offer their solution. It will open the doors to further 'Democratic Socialism' and Marxist ideologies.

You must tune out the noise and focus.

Sheriffs assist social workers as they hold down and force people with disabilities to vaccinate. This is called Operation Homebound :-( :-( :-(

Old lady stumbles around trying to navigate the vaccine passport system implemented at her local grocery store. Chile is one of the leading countries for installing these systems.

Watch this woman own the floor as she pushes back against Orange County after they try to sidestep parent's consent to vaccinate their children. Youtube instantly removed this video the moment I posted it.

Crazed obedient male karen refuses to hear the truth. Goes insane and smashed the window of a car, because the passenger is thanking everyone for their obedience to the narrative.

They can't stand it when you mock their obedience.

03/20/2021 - Augusta, Maine Walmart - Anti Mask Shopping Police Addition

Walmart failed to provide proof that they asked the shoppers to leave. Police tried to give trespassing to the entire group, but were unable to do so.

First call is to Renys! Watch out for the dirty thongs!!! Second call is to Walmart! Both Karens call up to complain about shoppers with underwear on their faces!!!

03/20/2021 - World Wide Freedom March - Augusta, Maine

We heard the calling. There were cries all across the world demanding the end of lockdowns, masks, mandatory vaccination, and to restore freedom. Maine united and stood together with the other nations and states.

It was a beautiful moment and a turning point in the movement.

3/20/2021 - Augusta Maine Walmart - Anti Mask Shopping

After the Maine World Wide Freedom Rally/March, a bunch of the members went out to the local Walmart to shop freely. Police were called. Do not treat businesses like some holy temple. They are compliant and part of the problem. They deserve pushback too.


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Authoritarianism is a boulder. Move like water.