The Best Fails

The Best Fails



Guy in gray shirt and black stripe shorts does flips on gymnastics tumbling mat, falls, and lands on shoulder

Guy in blue shirt slides off ramp on soap water slide with friends, red tube

pirate show man launches into air face plant into water

Auburn hills Michigan. A sledding experience that didn't go quite as planned. Mom didn't find out about the house skirt until after I moved a year later. All I did to hide it was lean the sled against the house. Still got grounded. guy on blue sled crashes into house snow

tiktok girl get some bangs looks like cartoon characters, mogli, tina.

Man in black swimming trunks jumps into pool, kicks football, and flips over inflatable toucan floaty

A kid in a grey sweater runs towards a high school gym basketball net jumps and holds on, he loses his grip and lands on his back. he crawls away towards his friends.

two kids going towards camera, mom, one kid is riding on a scooter, the other kid in a blue jacket is running. the little kid in the blue jacket falls and the kid in the scooter falls over him too.

Snowboarder neon yellow pants jumps off ramp and lands on knees

Guy yellow gloves tries to grind over orange chairs, crashes into and knocks down chairs

Skier in beige helmet tries to do a jump over pool, trips over ramp and falls into the water, blue pool

Guy in blue long sleeve leans back on his office chair and falls back against door, security camera

Little boy snowboards down small slope and falls on knees, colorful Burton snowboard

Guy says there's a bee on little girl wearing blue shirt, paper with letter B taped to her back

Kid does a backflip off small wooden ramp on his red bike, lands on front wheel and face plants into the grass

Two guys have a stand off with beer bottles in a garage, the good the bad and the ugly song, pile of broken beer bottles on the floor

Two guys do a backflip at school dance, left one nails it, right one fails and lands on head, woman in neon green dress

Kid in blue shirt on trampoline does a double backflip and lands directly on head, inside trampoline park

Skier with red backpack jumps off hill and tumbles down forward

Skier backflips off small ramp, ski flies off right foot, blue goggles

Guy skis off ramp and lands on his back, teal skis

Guy in black and white pattern shirt tries to drop into skateboard bowl on a skateboard, slips off, and falls down

Guy spikes a volleyball and hits opponent in the face in school gym, CV Family

Skier jumps off big ramp and lands on front of skis, falls down slope, red flags

Pt. 2 Skier jumps off big ramp and lands on front of skis, falls down slope


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