The Best Fails


a woman in a blue shirt and dark blue sweater falls when stepping up to front door, front door security camera

Guys block friend behind door arm punches hole through door

man in yellow kayak falls into icy snow water

kid in grey pants jumps over ruins and falls other side

When piggy tries to escape ūüź∑ girl toe sticking out of black shoe

three girls back flip one in the middle falls

Full Send ūü§ėūüŹĽ , pink shirt black helmet guy on bike, a guy on a mountain bike in the forest falls crashes

New combos can be dangerous , ponytail man back flip off pole yellow mat

cheer practice pyramid girl on top wearing a black cut off shirt falls and the rest of the girls fall on the left

Shooting for a parody meant to slide down the stairs , guy in black sweater slides down stairs

guy back flip bike on beach pier , slow motion recap

black and white cat on chair

a guy in a sleeveless shirt kicks a table another guy kicks the table it breaks he falls off

A little boy in a blue shirt with blanket, he tries to run away and hits his face on the doorway

big guy black shirt flips in park

Guy spray lighter fire wakes up sleeping friend

girl blue shirt pink pants back flip fail

We were in Denver for a UFC event and were touring on birds. We convinced our friend to try to ride down , guy on scooter goes down large ramp next to freeway falls back

Guy goes for dunk off of chair and falls on back basketball court

sneaking out, girl in white jumping off second story

Grey white cat in cone flips over after being vacuumed

Went to jump my Polaris Ace and when i landed i applied the front breaks which was a bad idea. Broken plastics but wasn’t hurt

Saved a deer on Houston county lake. Snap is kylegrossman34

Longboarding fail, Broken back and pelvis, safe for work, no gore

Duck takes bread out of little boys hand ow


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