The Best Fails


Hi I was wondering if I could submit this funny video of a Massachusetts state trooper pulling that hose off lmao could yall post this? Thanks silver, car with gas hose fuel pump stuck

firework lit in street pops on people

compilation of snow board fails guy blue pants

man red shirt drinking alcohol from bottle

guy drops giant rock on frozen lake falls

Well i tried to do a double front flip and landed straight on my head. guy in black shirt and black shorts front flips on trampoline falls off

little boy drops red bowling ball gutter

Coming into Monday’s like..! #mondays#fail#cramping#longchair
gymnastics routine guy in black and white checkered pants falls while doing a back flip routine

man grey shorts gymnastics trick face plant, flip, spin, purple mat, orange cones

My son is trying to play keyboard and falls, little boy in red sweater falls playing toy piano

boy on sled ramps into pile of blue orange objects

guy grey shirt slips in front of door house, security camera

guy red jacket flips on swing lands in snow

man red shirt runs into room slips

boy in red dirt bike over hill falls off

When you think the doors locked , guy green shirts slams into door breaks through he falls through the door and tv fall on him, his friend runs out of the room

man blue pants jumping on black ledge

woman in grey rock climbing indoors falls off

Tried a double backflip in the snow, kid back flips in snowy black trampoline lands on neck

Had the bright idea to jump the pond... While my jump was decent, the landing was less than acceptable! man in blue shirt jumps over stream and slips on grass

guy grey shirt back flipping on pole forest

Back full to back out attempt #1 guy black wetsuit back flip into lake

guy being dragged through snow by black car

Argentina, Mendoza 2017 ATR @gerardo.lopez19 boy black outfit lands on tree stump on stomach

man on roof climbs off and falls down slowly


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