The Best Fails


Shirtless guy running slips on blanket hurts hand

Guy pulls chair from girl sitting falls on floor backpack

A guy in a black jacket and black pants hits a golf ball and it bounces back and hits his legs.

This video happened just after the previous one I sent. Two guys skateboarding down a street the one in black shirt makes it all the way down and falls at the bottom

Black moving car night time dancing back flip face hits car fail

White Fox Luna gliding through the weekend in Daytona Beach Shores

Guy backwards lawnmower atv falls off onto grass reverse

Guy yellow beanie backflip fail sand

Mountain bike hill ramp fail falls off into grass hits branch

Shirtless guy front flip fail

Blue shorts guy tries to get on pier falls into water paddle board

A guy in a green shirt riding a black bike jumps over hedges face plants and crashes

Redbull Soapbox Races Cincinnati . Cart with watermelon flips forward and the driver is dragged on the ground

Water ski ramp boat fail face plant

White pants bike down stairs falls off fail

Grey sweater scooter grind skatepark fail

Kid motorcycle dirt bike hill jump fail falls

A man in army pants does pull ups on a door way and it breaks

A guy in a green sweater rides an orange motor bike, motorcycle. moped, and crashes it into a small brown wooden fence and falls off

Failing but not getting hurt! Lol her first time trying donuts on the RT90 woman on yellow dirt motor bike spins and falls

Guy passed out under white table drop table

Guy runs across colorful upside down canoes fail falls into lake

A woman plays golf. She swings the club and lets it go. the camera turns to the friends

grey cat jumps up trying to catch a toy a woman is swinging in front of it. when it jumps back the cat lands on a glass coffee table

two guys shoot a fake gun at a guy as he lays on a mattress. he turns over and falls off


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