The Best Fails

The Best Fails



Guy in blue and black jacket practices his discus throw and runs face first into staircase, backyard

Guy falls down his front porch steps and says Ow, front security camera, black and white

Guy does a jump on his bike in the desert and lands on his crotch, slow motion video

Guy climbs on top of shelf at toy store and jumps into Barbie doll display, throws gray bean bag on floor

Girl in blue shirt runs on vert fast treadmill and flies off, friends laugh

Kid wearing green jacket staples his thigh in classroom, friend staples it for him

Guy wear glasses and H shirt tries to backflip in trampoline and lands on head, holds head in shame

Guy wearing cleats slips on floor during football practice, Sicko Mode song

Kid blue tank top does back flip spin on blue safety mat and lands on face

Guy drives motorcycle up ramp onto pick up truck, tips over and falls, storage garage

Guy back flips off small ledge on skis and lands face first into snow

Skier in blue pants trips off ledge and falls into pile of snow, friends cheer her on

Guy in orange outfit skis off snow onto concrete parking lot and falls, friend laughs

Guy does double front flip off diving board and belly flops into pool

Girl white tube top yellow shorts jumps over her leg dance and falls down

Girl does handstand, friend in PINK sweatpants piggybacks her and drops her on couch

Black truck tries to pull stuck yellow car out of ditch with ratchet tie, tie snaps

Drunk guy runs his head into blue arrow sign and falls down

Guy orange and blue backpack ridings bike jumps on top of ledge and falls forward into wall, freight truck loading dock

Son wrestles with his mom in green outfit, brother tells him to let go, mom slaps him in the face hard

Woman in pink sports bra dancing outside on driveway falls on platform

Skier orange pants does backflip over hill and lands sideways into snow

Two girls black outfit and pink sweater try to ride a skateboard together and fall off

Security camera, woman with brown purse walks inside convenience store, trips on floor and falls

Guy in green shirt pushed back onto friend kneeling on the ground and falls over


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