The Best Fails


two guys in grey shirts do back flips together and land on their back

Back flip whist drunk. A guy in white does a back flip off a brick wall and falls. on his face

Guy green shorts slips on DIY slip and slide outside hits head

Guy black shirt pretending to play guitar to music

Guy red sweater jacket tries to do wheelie on atv falls on butt

NSFW Guy tries to ride skateboard on fire

guy sliding down ice falling into bushes

Guy red shorts misses trapeze front flip falls on blue floor

man in black shorts legs up at gym, wait what

BMW bike black shirt guy back flip epic fail

You Lot i am shocked. Girl in a striped shirt, distorted face using snap chat filter. A pigeon lands on her shoulder then jumps on her head.

Toddler boys playing indoor soccer. A kid in yellow kicks and trips another boy in blue.

I'm okayūüėĀguy in red hat jumps off roof lands on dirt

Girl falls off stage blue soccer uniform

Guy trying to slowly climb over fence face plant

man in red and white sweater scared by scream in hallway

a man in grey chased by giant bird

Guy drives through trailer park and sees giant leg sculptures heels wooden

Guys go off of waterslide ramp last guy bellyflops into water

Do you even lift bro? Split screen video . A man in pink shorts and blue shorts funny gym work out

woman in grey doing yoga falls off white bed

Little boy in red orange hat falls

Anna Sestule
Elńęza Sestule, woman in colorful jacket jumps in puddle and falls back on cobble stone floor

Guy does flip dancing to music and lands on couch falls to floor friend smoking

Guys jumping off chair to rebound basketball off of backboard second guy falls and chair falls over


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