"There is a little-known but deeply rooted history of virulent Jеwish antagonism and violence against Gentiles (Christians in particular) . . .

Purim is the Jеwish holiday spawned by the Old Testament’s Book of Esther, a holiday based on a tale most Jеwish and Christian theologians say is apocryphal. Esther of legend was the Jеwish maiden who—upon being married to the Persian king, who had no idea his bride was Jеwish—saved the Js from destruction at the hands of the king’s advisor, Haman, who was then executed, along with 75,000 other Persians. This, of course, was mass slaughter, genocide, and this early anti-Gentile Shoah is proudly commemorated at Purim. Today again, the Jеwish people and Israel target the Persian people—the modern republic of Iran—for destruction.

. . . Js have a record of comparing their arch-enemy Haman to Jesus Christ, hardly grounds for promoting“interfaith discourse,” or the concept of “Judeo-Christianity,” two trumpet calls which (when coming from Jеwish sources) mean Christians must amend their teachings to accord with what Js want Christians to believe."

(Adapted from an abridged version of the review of Elliot Horowitz's 'Reckless Rites' that appears in the The Barnes Review's "Revenge of the Neanderthal" issue.)

The Piper Report - August 15/16, 2007

Jack Blood's touching Eulogy to Michael Collins Piper from 2015, followed by a 2004, post-election (2 days later) show where Jack and Mike discuss 'The High Priests of War' and talk to callers.


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