to be honest with you this special was technically a blast to make

I was watching one of black scapes videos it got me thinking

bugsy prime vs wrath

well in this second part we befriend Kanaya Maryam in kind of in their own way have some Undead fun

stay tuned for a special message at the end of the video

in this one we don't really mess up the timeline too much got to say pretty good but in this first part we do pair her up with vriska and that goes as well as you'd expect

a lot of things are going to change for me but for you guys nothing really is going to change for you

I didn't say it in the video but happy Halloween

"The Final Battle for Her Throne" (🍉 HALLOWEEN ANIMATION 🍋):

"Dream A Little Dream of Me" | by The Red One | HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ğŸŽƒ:

I shattered my voice for you guys and I'm going to feel it in the morning

you know everybody would get excited for a new Harry Potter but it's about the same thing I feel right now


something I wanted to do for box Tober for a while and I finally got to do it in one take

I love this is glorified fanfiction but still it's pretty good

wish fulfillment that made me cry

the space-time Continuum gets ruptured more later

hello I am bugsy noname and welcome to Game-ami

let's read Homestuck (complete playlist) :


at first this is going to be a Bugsy editorial video but now it's more of a Bugsy's Corner video or maybe a little bit of both


"Rose's Little Message..." | Week 3 🔴:
the plot thickens


2 days condensed into one

well the whole map got sucked in a black hole weird

"A Fruity, Demon Fusion" | Week 2 🍋:

some personal stuff is happening tomorrow and I just don't have the time

tomorrow we're going to do more stuff


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